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  1. I started Warframe a few days ago, and plan to make a you tube channel and upload videos for railjack from the point of view of a new player. I'm wondering if that's the kind of content players would like to see or if it could be useful to other new players? So am asking what are some do's and dont's with the Warframe community? Are there topics I should avoid or specific phrases that will trigger the audience away from my channel? Also what do Warframe players expect from a youtuber? Graphics/feel production style? I've seen a few popular ones use a vocoder, but I'm not sure if I should jump on that? THANKS for any advice you can give. Loves, Soupy! Oh I should say I've been really hyped to get into Warframe since I ran into SkillUp's channel and found the tenno con vids. OMG!
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