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  1. No what I'm saying is that I want the option to remove the heavy attack from the button we have a button for that now and instead I want to hold it to rapidly attack and also mashing it rapidly attacks I want the same thing and I understand everyone else I'm just saying adding rapid to holding would be a good convenience
  2. This isn't sarcasm and there's a separate button for heavy attack it's just the same as turning heavy attack holding on and off but it also gets rid of mashing the button I don't see how you got confused just use the heavy button when you want a heavy. I'm literally saying the same thing but with an added convenience
  3. Oh my bad yes I definately agree you should be able to switch between hold to charge attack and hold to repeatedly attack that would make melee more fun
  4. Yes and DE are people too they work to get this stuff out while we play a game missing something they should get a bonus for getting something out I think talking like that you need to stop making such a big deal out of things and do your research. Everytime there's a wait they give a reason
  5. Press the right stick this been in the game for ages and you can remap the button too, dont blame the devs for that
  6. Why do people think they should get free stuff when waiting for an update. It's a game you're still able to play. They shouldn't have to give you boosters as a sorry. Especially this time it was Christmas break
  7. Its been 3 weeks since weve heard from the devs most likely we will get information tomorrow as megans comes off break then so maybe the other com department will have the same? i hope to get empyrean even if its buggy and a grind, i mean isnt that the gameplay of a looter shooter? im used to it now
  8. Hey i was just wondering if we would be getting empyrean January or december since my rail jack will be complete in an hour
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