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  1. Thanks very much for the reply, I'll do exactly that! 🙂
  2. Hey there, Not really a "Mission" issue per se, but I can't see a more relevant place to put this issue. Put simply, the Debt-Bonds I'm getting are vanishing from my inventory at an alarming frequency. They're behaving similar to Argon Crystals in their decaying but at what seems to be a faster rate. To give an example. I went to Fortuna not even an hour ago to purchase enough Medical Debt Bonds to rank up from Rapscallion to Doer. After ranking up, I checked how many bonds I needed and what kind for the next rank to see which were safe to sell. It said that I had 5 Advances, 17 Medical, 15 Shelter against the necessary ones to rank up. Which led me to think that I can go turn in 7 Medical and 3 Shelter to Ticker for some standing. Only when I get there, according to him I only have 5 Advances, 7 Medical, 0 Shelter, and 21 Training bonds. Going back to Eudico confirms these amounts. This isn't an isolated incident as there have been a number of times I've only needed 2 debt bonds to satisfy a rank-up requirement, so I've gone to do a Bounty in Orb Vallis gotten the needed 2 bonds, only to come back to Fortuna and find that now I need an addition 3 debt bonds, as if three of them had decayed while I was on a Bounty. Please let me know if there is in-fact a hidden decay timer on these bonds because everywhere I've read seems to suggest these have no expiry on them and I should be able to stockpile them and turn them in for standing as I would any other Syndicate. Thanks in advance!
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