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  1. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in What is the best way too farm vega toroids? was marked as the answer   
    Were you using a loot frame??   Loot frame, smeeta, more people, and a drop booster can all help gets tons of roids..  Like this one time I got like 80+ from a full squad.   Solo or in pairs its really low amount but you should be able to get some.   The enemy spawns are the hard part because they break.  The alert banners have never worked well and do a crappy job of spawning enemies.  
    Fight outside until enemies stop... then go inside and fight until enemies stop...then go back outside.. etc... 
    Exploiter fight takes diluted thermia.... if you wanna go through the awesome and totally fun process of grinding fractures so you can do Exploiter runs...    Same rules still appy.... if you want drops you need loot frame, smeeta, drop chance...     On a typical run I usually get 2-4 roids tho with none of that..  (which is like 1-2 drops).   NOT a great way to farm in my opinion.    There is also 3 green spiders out in the wild that can spawn, usually around the mushroom forests....  
    I would stick to the bases...  
    A fun thing you can do is use a Nekro.  Goto the base.... activate desocrate in the middle...  Then jump into a mech and fight with it.. make sure you dont have AoE weapons.  Nekro will continue to work while your fighting lol.   
  2. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in Railjack ai crew wont pilot my ship anymore. was marked as the answer   
    Are you solo or with other peeps??  Maybe your pilot was ejected to make room. 
    What is your crew compliment?  1 pilot, 1 gunner, 1 ???    
    Does your Pilot perform TWO roles?? if so what are they.
    This sounds like your pilot does two jobs and he starts out doing another job???  During missions you jump off the ship and try to make your pilot take over via the tactical menu??
    I have had AI crew get stuck down in engineering in the floor (because of the incredibly stupid layout/geometry of the ship).  So is that possible??  
    The next time your Pilot refuses to go pilot your ship open the tactical menu and click on the little eyeball by that guy down along the bottom of the screen so you can view what he is doing (I think that takes a certain tactical rank to do).  This should give you a realy good idea what the problem is...   
    I cant think of any other issue that could be stopping your pilot from piloting...        If your giving tactical orders to change jobs from OFF the ship I would try giving the order to change roles ON the ship and see if he listens. (or do you change his role before you jump off ship?)
    Another detail you have left out is when exactly is this happening.   Your first RJ mission launch from orbitor/dojo?  Or does it start happenning after you do RJ missions back to back???  Are you doing the same node back to back(probably yes which might play a part in things breaking)
    If you got youtube or twitter(2 min limit) make a video and post it.  
    (sorry havent started messing around with pilots yet)
  3. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in How do you get hound parts? was marked as the answer   
    You are given a Hound for defeating a sister + a box of junk parts lol.   
    You can use the Hound to master the head and the weapon it came with....
    Then you can go after a new sister and try to get a different HOUND.  (hopefully one with different head/weapon) AND more boxes of junk parts.
    Eventually you can use your junk parts to make the Hound of your dreams.  (The right precepts basically or the right visuals.  Also the right stats like armor/HP over shields)
    Dont build Hounds until you know exactly what kinda hound/precepts you want!!!   Just slap some sisters around and keep taking theirs.  
  4. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in Where do I even find Arcana Isolation Vaults? was marked as the answer   
    Iso = mech bounties/vault popping = 2-3 rolls at loot
    Arcane = non mech bounties  = 4-5 rolls at loot.  
    Only Iso Vaults are available from the Necralisk.  NOT arcana....
    You CAN drop directly into the Cambion Drift and start Arcana bounties if you go to the correct mothers (the same as the iso moms).   This part....if you have NEVER done an arcana you probably have to do the normal Iso vault to first unlock them.   After you unlock and run an Arcana bounty it will ALWAYS be available (when your out in Cambion Drift).
    -There are 3 tiers of iso/arcana bounties.  (They have different reward pools which you can see whenever you are at a mother and looking at her bounty board, they also rotate the mods inside every 2.5 hours).
    -Each tier of Iso Vault can only be ran ONCE while you are in the Drift.   After that you have to extract and re-enter if you want to do more.   Some people run all 3, some people only do tier 2-3 or tier 3.   The ONLY reason to run iso vaults are for mech parts (not mech weapons),  and matrix's.   (In MY opinion iso vaults have a way higher chance of dropping matrix than arcana).   (ps:  there are 3 type of matrix, they all drop in all three tiers of iso/arcana.   Tier 3 is suppose to give x4 matrix.   I often get less matrix than they say you should...)
    -Arcana bounties(once unlocked) can be ran ENDLESSLY while in the Drift.   You can do any tier, any order, as many times as you want.
    -Arcana have 4-5 loot rolls is THE best place to farm mech mods, mech weapon parts,  Arum Spinosa(tier 2),  Sporothrix(tier 3), SCINTILLANT, You do get a few matrix but like I said Iso Vaults are better for that i think........         As far as the scintillant.....whenever you underground no matter what type of bounty your in,  when you get to the "rooms" take the time to look UP.   Look for bright blue thing floating around in the air.   Those are free scintillant.  (You might need a mech to grab them??).   I see them in Isol Vault bounties... but I see them even more in arcanae.... maybe because I run those more...  
    -Tier 1 is the mom/tunnel closest to the necralisk
    -Tier 2 is under the cliff along the "gutter" on the far left of the map,  right under that starting point over there..
    -Tier 3 is over by "The Abcess" 
    You may have to unlock each tier.   Honestly I dont remember having to run arcana to unlock them.   Only the Iso bounties.   So finish Iso 1-3 and you should be good on arcana....
    What to look for when at a mother to find the arcana bounties.....  Mom have the normal bounties for mom tokens....  then you should see the bounty on its own called Isolation Vault....   If you have "unlocked" the arcana that bounty should be right next to the Isolation Vault bounty....  They have wierd names like Research or Delicacies.
    Once you run the iso vault for a tier while out in the drift, the iso bounty for that tier will no longer be in the list of bounties for mom.  So the arcana bounties are the only thing left, besides the normal mom token bounties....   
    I hate the fact DE made objectives scale with squad size...... Going in a squad is suppose to make things easier.   Playing solo in the tunnels is boring,  but it beats having to pick 40+ flowers or kill a bazilion more infested to collect things.    Arcana begs to be played by warframes with killer movement abilties like Wukong.   
    But enjoy the bazillion infested arcanes you will get down there lol.....       Arcana + Orphix literally made me super rich.  I made 3k plat selling mech mods, mech weapons, Arum/Sporo weapons..  I spent ALOT of time down there.   I love those tunnels, but man they need more objective types and some of them need to die horribly in a fire like flower picking.......
  5. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in What happens with my Warframe account if I change my PS4 username? was marked as the answer   
    I changed my name.  Abbandon_ign -> Abbandon_ 
    It didnt affect any of the games I play.
    There is like a grace period where ps4 holds onto your old name for x amount of time before it fully converts...  
    On the forums it treats you like you are an entirely new person,  you lose your post count and forum post history.  I dont think this happens until your ps4 grace period is over?? Or maybe it happened as soon as I logged out of forums and back in...   That was the worse thing that happened but oh well..
  6. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in Update Trumna riven was marked as the answer   
    Show us pics of ur trumna without riven...
    Just with point strike it only gets to 60% cc???   So crit damage is nice but that isnt going to happen alot....  And  Hammershot gives u crit damage and status chance.
    I would keep rolling...   A trum riven has to help it hit 100% cc/sc or have 90-120% multi.    Otherwise you can just get the same performance from regular mods....
  7. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in Trumna riven was marked as the answer   
    It would have to beat 60% multi to replace vigilante aramaments....   
    So I would personally keep rolling it.  
    The trumna is a very cool gun.  Its like a heavy version of the Battacor.  Kind of a energy projectile machine gun,  but your kills build up charges and when its maxed out you can release a devestating blast.  (thats also how the mausolin works?).  Cant remember the stats offhand.  I think its got decent crit chance and status chance but doesnt max either very easily....   So it is riven thirsty...  
  8. (PSN)AbBaNdOn_'s post in Unable to access sub-gear menu (eg. pheromones/bait)? was marked as the answer   
    Hold your ability menu button to bring up sub menu.  Warframe really doesnt like it when you have custom bindings though.
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