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  1. Nobody can answer this really lol. RJ wasnt around for most people. And since it has been out it keeps radically changing lol. ----------------- Most important part of RJ in my opinion is the new hull plating. Thats what controls HP/Armor and keeps your ship from constantly going into structural failure lol. Thats the biggest issue for newb RJ's. To get into RJ though you dont have to use your own. You can join other people with hopefully nicer ships. Random groups usually have crap ships because most people with good ships usually recruit or are in Veil Prox (the
  2. It is incredibly difficult to see what you got as mission rewards/special drops right now. Lets say you do a Sabotage mission and you find all 3 caches. Two might be a resource of mod and may indeed be marked as "Identified" but if you get a credit reward it just gets squished into the credits you earned normally. Another example is you are doing corpus railjack and do the bonus dungeon, you also get end of mission rewards. By the time you get to the end you have no idea what you got from the bonus dungeon unless its one of the more unique rewards (the stuff you really want)
  3. You gave us a new tactical map but it still is NOT centered =(. All I want is the damn warp points in the center of the screen so its easy to get around =/. Thats 95% the only reason im opening my tactical map. Cant use tactical warp to get to people inside corpus ship when they are waiting at friendship door.. ------------------ I forgot about the new Dojo room and sky boxes. Also havent tried the new conservation stuff...(wonder if thats what crashing xboxers in open worlds?) --------------------- Wanted to double check where new weapons and pets were..
  4. <3 Current Ember. She even has room to inject other abilities.
  5. Playstation 4 as of 5/1/2021: TYPE: RAILJACK (crippling to railjack) DESCRIPTION: Affinity Gained on Plexus by human squadmates gets taken away after a mission is over. REPRODUCTION: Do Railjack with human squadmates. Complete the mission and check your affinity/plex level before you head back to dock. Then check again when your back at your orbiter. EXPECTED RESULT: THey game tells you you earned X amount of affinity and your Plex hits a Certain level. I expect after i get back to my ship for my plexus to BE that level. OBSERVED RESULT: The mission r
  6. So I ran a few pugs yesterday all in veil prox.....it was odd because every group I was added to was doing the grineer side. Now there are atleast Two possabilities I can think of as to why that happened... People REALLY hate corpus crewships and would much rather face the grineer.... Grineer side is being viewed as more of the true Railjack and people dont wanna mess with forced ground mission style missions.... Im sure there is some percieved notion that grineer RJ is "more efficient". Honestly I dont even bother looking at mission times. I did do one Volatile mission w
  7. 1. That new Navigation UI looks pretty but you made all the text eye bleedingly small. On ps4 we still have the issue of the scrollbar snapping back to the top sometimes. 2. Please consider allowing the plexus console to handle ALL railjack menu's. AKA Make it the same as the RJ console in Dojo and add a tab for Plexus. If im messing with my Plexus I might wanna mess with my crew or my equipment also! 3. Orphix spawn mechanics are fubar 4. Those new Osprey in Corpus RJ with the lightning guns are insane. They stack status way to fast, way to much, and they can keep sh
  8. Hmmm you fixed wrecks??? Nice!! I will give this a whirl later. Got all the mk3 guns day 1 but those new Hull Plating parts totally evaded me. I did alot with no hull plating upgrades and survived pretty easily. Now I am using sigma mk3. I cant imagine how awesome name brand hull plates will be. ---------------------------- I have not seen any fixes for wierd Plexis affinity numbers... The game would tell me my plexus would level up to like 27 but then when I would get back to ship it would be much lower...... Havent seen anything about Weapon Fusions being messed
  9. if your PS+ you can also play Days Gone for free right now!!! HZD is amazeballs but I own that =P. Days Gone is very interesting... Tip the balance a little one way and the game would be insanely easy. Tip it the other and it would feel to restricted and difficult. Its right on the line where things feel survivalish/tactical.. OMG but all those dialogue scenes where you have to walk and listen, shoot me now. No Man's Sky is my fallback game though. They keep giving you reasons to go back and play for awhile.
  10. Not bothering with Warframe until you guys fix being able to pick up wrecks and you get Affinity gain on Plexus straightened out. Im willing to put up with constant host migrations/squad seperations that make multiplayer a nightmare but I cant even enjoy doing RJ solo right now.
  11. How is it that players can get seperated but not kicked from the mission?? It started a long time ago but its pretty freaking common to be in a small or full group and everything going fine one minute and the next you look up and you are alone. Most of the time I only group with people I have invited to I am able to ask them right away why they left the group and their answer is always the same. They say they didnt leave, they are still in the mission. =================== But I have a new problem I have been experiencing since update 29. I will be a client in a squad and w
  12. BUG: I was doing an Isolation Vault for nightwave as an oberon... I was host and had a full squad of randoms. I forget which part we were on exactly but I know we were all crammed in the tunnels looking for mechs, looking for Loid, or protecting Loid.... As we were all grouped up someone used an ability that froze the game and seperated me from the other players. The ability on my frozen screen was white/blue and wispy/ghosty so im thinking its Sevagoth.... ???
  13. TYPE: In-game, During Railjack / ps4 DESCRIPTION: Plexus not retaining affinity gains/levels. The game says my Plexus goes up to Lv26 but when I get back to dojo/ship its Lv23 VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Obviously my Plexus is gaining affinity. But this difference between End of Mission screen and my actual Plex level happens pretty often. EXPECTED RESULT: Last I checked my Plexus was Lv21. I went into a mission solo and finsihed and the game said I had gained 140k affinity on the plex and would be Lv26. After getting back to dojo/ship my plexus was listed at Lv23.
  14. Pilot - Unknown Gunner - Great Defender - Great Engineer = SUCKS First off there is a massive bug with crew mates. You customize them at a dry dock even assigning them ROLES. But every time you start a mission from scratch all the crew are set to DEFENDER. Which is super god damn annoying having to reset them. (Less painful if you run stuff back to back). In my experience the Engineer is garbage at using the FORGE. (Its super hard but im gonna start trusting the engineer to save the ship from death, and so far they have never failed...) BUT. My Engine
  15. TYPE: During Railjack Missions all tiers / Playstation 4 DESCRIPTION: Seem to be unable to pick up SOME wreckage during missions. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Most wrecks get picked up. But some can not be picked up??? I am unsure if they actually make it into your inventory as I was running several missions back to back and my end of mission rewards were a cumulation. Also I was playing solo with just my NPC crew.... EXPECTED RESULT: I expect to pick up wrecks as I approach and to see a pop up of what was obtained.... OBSERVED RESUL
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