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  1. Cant wait to get my drydock built and start construction of my railjack !!
  2. I watched the game awards for Rebbeca's announcement. I dont know how the F you guys didnt even get nominated for best on-going game. You definately should have won that catagory hands down. The nominee's for those awards are a total joke. Shooters as "action games"? That fine I guess. Maybe devil may cry 5 could win best multiplayer shooter.... Twitch chat was pretty much DOMINATED by warframe fans spamming warframe nonsense into chat. A bad look for the community in my opinion but, hey atleast you guys had fans in chat. Its because of you buttholes at DE that I never even heard of or played most of those games that were nominated for various awards. So I just want to say thanx for that and keep up the great work!!. I would love for 2020 to be dedicated to squashing bugs and improving QoL issues, but after 2019 I wouldnt mind more giant game changing improvements. I know im the only one but bring on the next open world that totally HAS to be infested.
  3. People rushing through murmur nodes is something I have started to see. God these people are stupid. Your there to farm but you arent willing to actually stay there and fight lol. You just run to extract lmao??? I cant speak for others. I always help kill Lichs, thats a murmur boost even if its not mine so it must die. When I have a Lich I try to go solo but if he shows up while im still trying to get sequence right/farming murmur then people usually help me kill it (not that its needed lol) Node Types: Spy - dont run Excavation - dont run Interception - I just need 1 other person and if a Lich shows I need them to want to kill it (mostly people ignore because they are to distracted I guess by the mission) Capture - only run solo cuz its so short. If I try to random join a group Its ALWAYS after they have killed the objective and then they rush to the end so I never get murmurs. Solo fixes that. (great to face your lich) Exterminate - easy (great to face your lich) Sabotage - easy (great to face your lich) Mobile - easy (facing your Lich here is doable but someone has to guard terminal) Defense - easy (pretty easy to face Lich, just dont put defense objective between you and him lol. Just focus mostly on grunts and only worry about Lich if he presents himself. The rounds will advance if you ignore lich but you have to get rid of him before it lets you end the mission i think??? I dont know I kill mine asap) Hijack - Depends on your frame lol. Can be hard to solo. Open map Hijack is a hell of a lot easier than the grineer tiles with the doors you have to wait on (thralls can be behind the doors you cant open preventing more from showing up which makes you get very little.) Lich/thrall levels dont bother me. I come to ROCK. Last night I helped a dude kill his Lich with a Lv1 Valkyr lol. Got all the way up to Lv8 by the end!!(thats sarcasm for how pathetic the affinity is in murmur nodes).
  4. The halo has got to go. Trash like that can be seperate and optional like the stupid mustaches. Touching other frames would be problematic for a bazilion reasons....(unless thats like a ghost image of your mental powers that happens when you activate your buff/s. Cuz you said you were going to be miles from the action). Her massive range is a huge red flag. You basically want DE to make a frame you can AFK in?? Hmmmmm Technically you would probably never be in affinity range.... how the hell would you level up or gain affinity??? You would get some from using your powers but....and since you cant fight.... ------------------------------------------------- Im thinking of unqiue buffs a new frame could give. We have healing, armor, energy regen, overshields, attack speed..... we dont have one that can buff crit chance or crit damage or status chance. That could be hella cool. Especially crit damage buff lol. But I like the idea of your warframe being a mix of nyx and trinity. She could use one ability to put up a bubble around herself. This would attract all aggro. The damage done to her shield would get released as energy or healing AoE waves. Her ultimate would be to pop her bubble/shields and unleash an AoE wave of damage. Another ability would be to siphon energy to just herself.. she cant really get beat on to make rage/hunter adrenaline work. She would prob have crap armor. I think this would be really tough to choose strength/range/effeciency or duration which would be great. Im not sure what game you have been playing though. The best defense is offense. Instead of trying to stop damage or heal damage its faaaar better to insta-kill the things beating on you. This is really sad but true. Having someone in my group not fighting and helping to kill makes me block people and or quit the group. I have a huge problem with the AFK part of it. Even if you sat in a corner and got zero rewards I still have a problem with it because the more people there are the more enemies there are and they tougher they are. Thats great for low content, but when doing higher end stuff where I might be struggling that would be a really toxic problem.
  5. zaws were dope as is... dont know why you would want to reskin them =/
  6. Plague parts WERE used to make status builds for condition overload. I've never used CO effectively before so I can not speak to how it faired after phase 2. I read that they capped it at 3 status ailments which totally nerfed the damage.... but I think they raised the cap a little higher ?? No idea how it performs now. Crit build zaws are still very awesome. I dont use plague parts. There was only 1 plague strike so that limits you to only two weapon types.... For crit zaws anything works. Its all just a question of stance, speed, damage which all basiclly averages out. When your building there is one part that controls the amount of crit/status on your weapon. Max crit is ok and probably best. But the inbetween that gives bonus to both is pretty good to. I mean combo-crit builds dont really depend on a static crit chance anyway, it just builds and builds. You can use plague stuff to make a crit build, I just didnt like the strike/stance choice. I went with nikina stance. (sepfahn) As far as arcanes... -contagian sounds cool but it will kill you if you use it to close to yourself. -Force - I think is the one that deals damage to everything nearby if you inflict a status. That one sounds pretty awesome but I dont build for that so I dont use.. This is probably what people used in plague/status builds. -Hunt gathers up enemies when u ground slam. Not that helpful because it has just about the same range as what you would be killing with melee anyways. The stupid thing should go 15-20 meters. -Triumph this gives your zaw a 50% chance each hit to boost your hit streak. Makes building/maxing out your combo easier/faster. This is absolutely mandatory for my crit zaws.
  7. Middlefinger. Tombstone or Pile Driver or Undertaker could also work.
  8. No Rising Tide on console. Just Stagnant toxic swamp lol.
  9. I think he is just wanting advice so he can pick his next frame. Peoples favorite frame is usually the one that is most effecient at the content they like to run. So Death what kind of content do you like to run?? -------------------------------------------- I bounce around to whatever frame suits my needs for the mission/content im running. I have 4 utility frames that I put at the top of my list in loadouts. Nekro for loot which I hardly ever use anymore. Ivara for stealth/ceph scans/floof hunting. Oberon for Teralysts. Wukong for Profit Taker/Index/hard content. After that I am happy on anything. I love tanks the most. They are not the funnest ability wise but its how I enjoy playing. Valkyr/Garuda were my favs. I had never used atlas before his prime dropped and I loved the look of the warframe and tried him out and he is pretty fun. He has a little bit of crowd control with his wall, he gets to spam petrify, he has rumblers. I wanted to use his punch but its not very effective. Nidus is another fun tank. You get to suck all the enemies together and nuke them with guns or melee. Grendel is not very fun, eating enemies and not getting to beat on stuff is not that fun. But he is a great tank and his 4 is fun to unleash. If im not a tank then I enjoy anything. I like playing support frames alot but I also like Offense frames. Gara is pretty beast for general use. I love using max range Gara with augmented Spectrorage. It makes everything in her mirrors that die have a 50% chance to drop energy orbs. So basicly she can nuetralize all the enemies in an area and give everyone almost infinite energy. (magnetic enemies can still screw things up, but you can mitagate that with zenurik). Oberon is awesome for support because he has offense abilities to you can spam while your keeping everyone alive. Wisp is great, just learn WHEN to use shock and when not to. Harrow is awesome, you can reduce the damage on others with his thurble augment and give energy, think he has healing to lol. But harrow + guns = awesome. I always thought Ember was the sexiest warframe. I never really used her as much as I would have liked to. I got to use her with her awesome WoF range, I used her more after her rework and pretty much still loved her WoF but her defense is what kept me from really enjoying her, even with umbra mods she could not take a beating. Now with this latest rework... I miss WoF but i really love her with damage reduction, I hunted down tons of lich's with her. I wish she had a very small personal AoE incorporated into her damage reduction like a "Personal Space on Fire" lol. But spamming 4 and 3 is pretty fun. Managing her energy isnt that difficult. I expect she will sky rocket to the top of my usage boards by next year. Mag is who I started with in Warframe but I can not figure out how to make her work. IMO she DESPERATELY needs a Damage Reduction ability. Or she should have super powerful shields. Like her shields should have 95% damage reduction. Then you can focus everything on her shields and overshields and augur mods. Then she could probably excell is really hard content. But she is paper thin and no amount of mods can tank her up. I doubt adaption could even save her ass because any damage will punch right through her shields and insta-kill her before she can adapt lol. Now that Ember rocks Hard , Mag is my new #1 wishist rework for a female frame. Love that skin that actually gave her boobs. Valkyr is soooo jelly. ------------------------- My advice...the trade game is really trash right now but you its still possible to make plat. Get that plat and buy more slots. To bad you didnt run into me in-game. I just gave away 1k worth of slots and stuff to peeps on ps4. (and got 1 display screen back lol)
  10. *sigh* Wish I had a reason to go mining =/ *does daily and logs off*
  11. Longmire - lake hotspots- warm (can hunt Kriller at same time) Tromzyn - pond hot spots- cold (can hunt recasters at same time) Charamote/Synathid - cave hotspots - 24/7 (go mining since ur in a cave) I hit up everywhere lol.
  12. I think he is still screwed a little bit. You need to finish Vox Solaris noobie quest when you first enter Fortuna to get your k-drive Launcher. Equip that to your gear wheel so you can deploy it on open worlds. (alot of people dont figure this out for awhile lol) Newbie K-drive will not reveal the location of races. Have someone with a custom board take you to Orb Vallis and waypoint the races for you. Different races are worth different amounts of standing. Theres 4k races and 5k races that are the best to grind. There are always 5 races on the map. The races change every day at reset. (theres an achievement for hitting all 23 races in the game). With two players its kinda hell glitchy but in general you can replay races as much as you want. Once you have a custom K-drive, you can see where race points are on your map but you have to be ON your k-drive. If your on foot or archwing you cant see them ------------------------ If your in a clan or solo dojo there are these things in the Tenno Lab called Loc-Pins. Craft up about 10 of them. You can place them on open world maps and label and color them and they stay there forever or until you destroy. I use these to mark the exit to open world, the 4-5k races in Orb Vallis, The mission tents in PoE. Keep in mind PoE has two kind of tents.... ones that let you pick any tier bounty, and ones that give you the same tier as your previous mission but different objectives. (good to know for Nightwave).
  13. The only mission types where you need or want Defense/CC frames to do their crap is extractions and or if your doing some event where you only do 1-2 round of defense. I hate runnning into noobie gara, wisp, frost, limbo, khora, vauban users
  14. We need a maintenance room on our ship. It would have our archwing, k-drives, and have a wall that can display different weapons from our arsenal. As far as art..I dont find the scrawls or fan art to be very worthy of my orbiter. I wish we could use our own images. My ship would be covered in displays!
  15. Any frame with damage reduction abilities. Any frame that can reach 1500+ armor (as long as you have Magus Repair arcane lol) ------------- I really enjoy Ember and have used her the most. Valkyr is stupid easy mode. I've used atlas. Gara is pretty tricky but totally doable. Garuda i'd have to remod for more tank lol, at just 1k armor 1k hp she was really fragile and her abilities didnt help much. Havent really used many others to fight the Lich.
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