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  1. Blink is more for battles... Enemies caught in the wake of a blink jump get slowed. Its totally unecessary and I never use it. There are enemies with heavy shields in both corp/grin sides... might be a good idea to blink through them so you can get behind them. (corpus crewships have the rotating shield but slowing it and then trying to get behind it would be a colossol waste of time You just pop his shield from shooting the little tech piece in center of shield. No need to try and slide behind/around it)
  2. Ooof I was struggling just to reach wave 4 apparently... I finally got past that only to discover one last wave lol. I totally cant do it with Mag lol...
  3. The nightwave stories were cool and brought really cool new decorations and skins and stuff. (Was totally missing nightmare mods tho that were in old alerts). I loved the concept of daily and weekly challenges to encourage people to play more. (Personally I could do without about 7x more challenges, Currently I can do a weeks worth in 1-2 days). Umbra, reactors, catalysts, kuva, are all great rewards for grinding credits. (Umbra is a rank reward and isnt consistantly available. Nitain Extract seems to be a huge issue with new players, its prob the most common question I see in Q&A, they have no idea what nightwave little lone access to enough of the star chart to do some of the challenges). I think nightwave needs reworked to make the challenges and credit store more standardized. Something thats always there and on a schedule. Then when you wanna do special stories and rewards you can mix them in whenever. Nihil is a good example of a story ran through the store.. You buy decorations and keys to have that final battle. You could just make each part of the story something you buy and available from the credit store.
  4. Correct he is only in the pit..... Once you go into the cambian drift the three iso tunnels are generated. If the pit is not in tier 1 iso it never will be until you exit the cambion drift and re-enter..... BUT you can still goto Tier 2 and Tier 3 (4 more chances at room). === "Waiting till next rotation" isnt a thing... not with iso tunnels.
  5. That was mostly a reply to the other people suggesting he use specific frames.
  6. Newbs are stupid. I get bailed on all the time in XP farm when I pull out stuff that can mass murder. They think its not fun if they dont actually get to whack something or shoot stuff and or have absolutely no damn clue how affinity sharing works. ---------- You didnt say WHERE you were using your Mech?? Railjack?? Open Worlds?? Lichs??? ISO vaults??? Which mech/weapon are you using??? Im sure in some situations/combinations it could be a visual fx nightmare for some. Like voidrigs+arqubex? Or ayanga, morgha/cortege(especially alt fire) ?? Or maybe if your bonewidow and spamming melee lol. I dont know.... I've never ran into an annoying mech user?? I've had a few peeps say how much easier having a mech for Lich's is (and I was like the only 1-2 using one). I've never seen anyone quit and go afk when i use my mech... ------ Now if your down in ISO Vaults and doing the non mech side bounties..... If your running around in a mech while your suppose to be picking flowers that would be a major no no.
  7. I guess I can answer this one more directly.... Yes.... AI Pilot can drive your ship, shoot the pilot turrets (and supposedly align you to critical shoot spot) AI gunner will mow down everything it can see with side turrets AI engineer runs around the ship repairing damage mostly. (losing your ship = mission failure) AI Defender just run around killing people who board your ship.... ---------------- Of those you technically only need the Engineer to keep the ship alive.... but if he is alone he might get ganked by boarders so you should probably pair him with a defender (Lich!!).
  8. hmmmmmm Are you trying to "earn" your way through RJ?? I get that desire but its a complete waste of time.... Nobody cares HOW you got to the end. My advice is get help, and get strong asap. Then you can have fun just doing whatever nodes you want or going after the stuff in RJ that is farmable. Also you talk about using Archwing to advance through RJ. AW pretty much sucks in Railjack... True it IS more powerful than newbie turrets and gear at the early levels lol. If I join pub matches in earth I will definately not think twice about jumping outside and fighting from AW rather than use junk RJ parts lol (actually thats not true anymore... My plexus should make junk guns still mow stuff down)... But my advice here is that it is NOT a good plan.... but if you are totally 100% commited to AW'ing your way through RJ then dont forget there are RJ mods that can help make your AW perform better. (They go in your plexus where you should be mostly focused on turret damage....) =============== But asking for help is soooooo much better... If you ask to be taught someone cool might let you use their maxed out RJ and teach you everything while in veil prox so your also earning Mk3 gear and also lots of intrinsics.... ================== EVEN complete RJ newbs can try to join public squads. You may not know how to do ANYTHING RJ, but you can still help by doing the enemy bases or defending the railjack and getting a little experience that way while getting some good gear. In Corpus side you get dragged kicking and screaming into the final enemy base. But I think learning HOW to RJ is way better than trying to farm your own gear. =================== If you want set yourself up to be good at Solo... You need Tactical 4 so you can warp back to ship. Gunnery 5-7 so you can slingshot. Piloting u need atleast BOOST but I highly recommend not stopping till you also have DRIFT. Engineering.. I dont even know... definately need to be able to make your own Artillery ammo (cuz the stupid ass AI wont). Command... you could get by with just 1 guy.. (Pilot would be best help for solo..., engineer keeps your ship from dieing/mission faiing...) =============================== Good Luck... maybe when xplay is here I could help lol.
  9. I feel you. My Vengeful Fire took 40-50+ liches. Vengeful tox was up to around 6-7(and didnt get it yet) before sisters came out. I've already done 3 trys at impact sister. ================== My advice.... do 4 trys at a specific ephemera and then change elements. Then you have less chance of burn out. ==================================== Altho with new lich system non ephemera lich's are NOT so bad if you wait for the right weapons. You get to CHOOSE which element your gun is during fusion now(between the two your fusing)..... So its easier than ever to get to 60% and have the element you want. (I've already maxed out some of my tenets)
  10. I think im sitting on around 500-600k endo. I do have stacks of ayatan lol. Kuva is what im short on. I hate farming it. NW intermission 3 was all towards kuva tho lol...
  11. I didnt see anyone say that your Frame is what determines the bonus damage element on Lich weapons.... so you cant just use Ember or mesa for getting a sister everytime unless your happy with only ever getting those damage types or ephemera lol. Make a strong Xoris and you can easily go after all 7 ephemera. (RNG willing.... screw you impact ephemera!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  12. You dont wanna replace that lol. Starting with a combo multi makes your explosions more powerful. (your not going to build combo in the void)
  13. Partialy true. If you throw and explode it tho thats a heavy attack and you lose your combo (if you dont have heavy attack effeciency).
  14. convert all duplicate mods to endo Do lots of veil prox RJ (each piece of rj wreckage is 225 endo) Take the time to check for ayatan sculptures in missions..(or do lots of arbitration/sorties) (fill em with stars and hand in to Maroo) --- Hard to wrap my head around an mr30 with no endo. ================== I royally screwed up lasts nights test lol. You need to have a good handle on where the air stations will spawn and fight around that area... I was fighting in different places than my first few times and I was out of position when the stations dropped. Also died and fell alot more lol.
  15. Your looking for Basmu, Ceti Lacera, and the Ballroom??? Yeah those are not anywhere in game right now.. Could be in the new Nightwave coming up... Needy Nora or whatever.... Im sure those will show up in other events even if SS doesnt come back. ================ The main thing Orphix brought was Lavos/Cedo and some mech mods.... Lavos and Cedo are at Father Entrati. The specific mech mods can now be farmed from Juggulas Rex down in isoltaion tunnels if you get the PIT room. (Rage and mech repair and maybe one other I always forget are the only good ones OH!! Deflection! Deflection is must have for Bone Widow along with Rage. Mech Repair is kind of worthless but can help out the worthless voidrig)
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