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  1. No your all wrong. The consoles in deadlock maps just randomly bug out now. Doesnt matter which tier your doing, which mission types. All the consoles on the map can just be broken. You can run the same node and get different results. People said consoles in orb vallis are also broken but I dont do missions there so I dont know.
  2. You either bring a Defensive/CC frame. Or you have Defensive/CC spectres. --------------------------------------------- I like gara for spectrorage (which is like the most under appreciated skill in the game according to helminth data. Nobody even trys to use anything other than splinter lol) Wisp for Lantern. Nova for slow
  3. If you wanna go status you should make a new katana with status build parts(or half/half). You used crit parts. Quickening > Berzerker if you care about crits.
  4. My Gara is like the only one I have ever used War with.... now you are releasing another greatsword that actually glasses enemies.... its soooo perfect for my Gara but I dont really wanna give up war =/ I wish the glassmaker sword was actually made of glass... then I might have gone for it.... I mean if I was going to switch I would switch to her glass hammer. We need fish changes and more importantly a crapton of isolation vault bugs fixed asap =/
  5. If you get code wrong or you wait to long your lich will level up and take over more turf. When the lich levels up so do the guys in the Lich turf. If you know you dont have the right mods you do not have to try to stab him, just beat him down 3 times and he should run away. As you fight in your own Lich turf your Lich has an aggression meter that grows (you can see in lich screen). This affects how easily he can show up. When you fail to sta your lich and he levels up his aggression meter also resets. Unless your lich is maxed out at Lv5. Keep this in mind when you start try
  6. Kavat imprints jumped to 3 as a band-aid to help people get Vasca kavats from their old kavats. Otherwise we would have had to make new cats and waste their imprints to get infected with the vasca desease
  7. Mag is currently my #3 most used. 1 - is worthless to me 2 - Magnetize is useful but it being single target makes it hard to use, so I dont unless its a boss/lich or heavy. 3 - Pulse - This peels armor and shields? restores massive amounts of your shield, and debuffs enemies to make them take more damage. 4 - Crush - this does some flat damage that doesnt scale... It can restore a tiny amount of shields. But its true purpose is to build up the entire squads OVERSHIELDS (purple). I "think" overshields make you immune to status ??. ------------------- In my
  8. You have a dog named Ralph. You make two imprints of Ralph. Sure you can use those imprints to make a clone of Ralph and then make two imprints of the clone. But OP asked if you can reset the number of imprints you can do and the answer to that is no.
  9. Nova is beast. You just have to learn when to use her speed loadout and when to use slow. Learning to keep track of her Damage Reduction. I think Nova is a great candidate for injecting abilities. I never use her 2 or 3. Could easily replace either.
  10. I use Ember because I LIKE Ember. She has always been my favorite frame. I would never say someone should use Ember over Mesa or vice versa. Use what you enjoy. If we are comparing the two though I would say Ember's only advantage is she is more mobile? She can drop nukes and keep moving with no problems. If mesa wants to nuke she either has to come to a stand still or walk? with mesa waltz? Building up Ember's DR is a pain in the ass. But her energy mechanics are kind of cool because if you arent using damage reduction you can pretty much spam 4 all day long. You only
  11. Iso Vaults are fun when they work. But more often than not they break and I never get to tier 3. So I cant even get to the stupid 5% drop chance for cortege parts =/. I been trying several times per day. All day yesterday was broken vault progressions.
  12. dont know about Kuaka but you could prob definately spear some cambion drift fish lol. Might be spoiled by the time you get back to Konzu tho.
  13. Let him spear up to 3 guys. Flinging guys off your spike/fist should be automatically followed up with a shot from your gun.
  14. -Primed Continuity(max duration) is a huge mod to have that will benefit tons of warframes. Thats about it in my opinion. There is Prime Vigor(hp/shields) and Primed Flow(max energy) but personally I never use these, Far to many other choices/options. -The Umbra mods you get from "The Sacrifice" quest are super important and helpful. -Vault/Dragon/Corupted +/- mods are super important. -They usually get eclipsed by the above but Gladiator and Augur mods can be good for frames. (especially Augur Reach, Augur Secrets, Augur Message...... range/strength/duration) ---
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