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  1. Maybe that can be a project for me. I need to get my harrow and oberon back into a general purpose loadout by default. Put the Eidolon fighting Loadouts as secondary. I cant use either one for normal gameplay. I was super interested in Harrow for his thurble augment and providing a huge AoE damage reduction buff. I used it a few times and I really liked the RoF buff it gave him as well both for guns and melee. Now with Exilus slots on guns which I usually use stabilizers on... I could prob empty an entire Prisma Gorgon in a second with pinpoint accuracy lol.
  2. Punch your friend in the face for me. I've popped 30+ liches with fire and no ephemera yet =/
  3. Idea for next devstreams: Pick a Warframe partner or ask for canidates who have the set up required to do streams. Let that person represent the community and ask questions directly to the developers. I understand it is time consuming and biased and stuff but I dont think anyone from DE visits the forums and reads through stuff to understand how Tenno feel about different parts of the game. You just respond to random stuff being spammed at you on the livestreams. I dont have alot of respect for streamers but they atleast play the game a little bit. ----------------- I want to be critical of the amount of iteration being done on different parts of the game but when I think about all the latest stuff, you guys have done a great job of not only bug fixing new stuff but also listening to some of the feedback and changing things. Thats kind of my problem though is how much iteration is enough. It seems like DE gets to a point and then just drops that part of the game and works on the next thing. When I watch console specific streams I wanna hear my Community Managers talking about the issues specific to consoles. When I watch Dev Streams I wanna hear you guys talk about the status of different parts of the game. Like specifically: How DE feels about the current version of Railjack, Lichs, Nightwave. The bugs your trying to squash. But more importantly the overall picture, what kind of feedback your hearing, why you cant or wont do certain things being suggested. Like Rebecca asked Steve directly about what he thought about Nightwave. Instead of talking about what his perception of our happiness with Nightwave over all was and what could be tweaked to make it better. He just talked about when the next wave is coming. He talked about how the next wave was going to be slightly different which was interesting. But what about the variety of chalenges, the amount of challenges, the rewards, the economy of the event, prestige ranks... Does he feel like everyone is happy with most of those things. Are you at DE happy with where those things are. ( I am not saying one word about the delays to the events. I totally understand even without the corona virus other parts of the game can take time away from things like nightwave.) I think a small part of the team should always be looking at older content, like ESO, open worlds, ------------------- I understand Developers do not want to feel obligated to make the game the way the players want. What I do not understand though is why wont Developers engage the community with Polls in the forums ??? If you are looking at something in the game and your not sure which way to go...why not just ask the players?? Make a poll, link it in game so EVERYONE sees it and boom you have a pretty decent indicator of what the majority wants or would like.... --------------------- If you wanna talk about difficulty... I think every mode of Warframe the enemies should cap at 30. ( I really hate having to be fully modded just to be equal to a challenge. I prefer Overkill.) In hard mode of warframe disable all mods like you did with the grendel pieces. Those were some hellish missions. The thing I like about this is two fold. All the people who cry because stuff is to easy do so with all their mods on. There is nothing stopping them from taking their mods off and making the game harder for THEMSELVES but do they do that?? Hell no. But if DE is a dumb and has hardmode only rewards then it lets newbies and casuals also have a shot at the stuff because they dont need fancy mods to play.
  4. errr sorry tried to make two seperate spoilers but they got squished together somehow lol.
  5. I really like the new Ember. It sucks losing her passive killing ability but she still rocks. I recently used an umbra forma on my ember. I was waiting to see if she is worth it after her change. I have a ton of fun with her and she easily handles Lv 5 liches and disruptions and the like. Railjack is iffy since your DR has to be recast and start at 50% everytime u board a ship. Doable but a bit of a hassle. Anyways so I commited to the new Ember and used a umbra. This is my most used build. Its focus is damage, and effeciency.
  6. My advice is to just read through patch notes, watch the dev streams Your going to want to definately hit up Venus - Fortuna (the 2nd open world spot) and start that grind process. It will unlock new amp parts and some cool boss fights and some ephemera's, your K-drive. Lich's (old blood) and Railjack (empyrean/new war) are the most current things going on in warframe. You will probably have to do a few quests to unlock some of that. The apostle, chimera, erra, maybe The sacrifice.
  7. My first 60% was a Kuva Hind also!!. I just bumped my Shideg up to 50+%. Then I rolled a Karak which I also love and it is a 59% fire....bad element (im trying, pointlessly, to get a fire ephemera grrrrrr) but 1% short of max without fusion. Dont know whether to try and sell it or just keep it lol. My Karak I think was in the 30's. I still dont know how to check the % on a kuva weapon.
  8. Couch - check Beer in scott's hand - check Hey its just like the real thing!!!!! PS: Please do not have any giant rats in your stream like Helen did =/. She even kissed it. So grossssss.
  9. Well go for Nezha then. Like the peeps above said it can help cancel out the speed nerf of hobble. Nezha is in your dojo. I built one for Wisp Hunting lol but I never got it working great. I wanted to blaze all over the plains of eidolon. Did anyone mention Wukong yet??? I have seen others do it but im not sure how many keys they had. But you can use your cloud walking to buzz around the maps. My Wukong is already overloaded with other game modes like PT and Index lol.
  10. That new gun is about the only thing im lookiing forward to in this patch.... From the sounds of it the event is a very bad grind fest.
  11. Just buying gravmags isnt enough to let you use archwings on the ground either. So really try hard to get your plat back. You cant use gravmags until you max out Solaris united and do the profit taker phase 1-3. 20p should be pretty easy to build back up though. Just refine a few relics and try to get a rare prime part...boom. Or 2 uncommons.
  12. Same process. You just click on a node that is unlocked and you can hold down triangle to feed focus into it. There is ever increasing cost to upgrade nodes. You can stick in partial amounts but they dont upgrade until you reach specific number which you will see as you begin to add(on ps4 they dont show the stats for the upgraded node until you try to add to it). Upgrading nodes ALSO makes them cost more PP. So you may have to dump focus into your PP BEFORE you can actually upgrade nodes. Once you upgrade nodes there is no downgrading them. They will either cost 0 PP when they are off or whatever they cost at your highest upgrade. So be damn sure you want those active and passives pumped up before you upgrade them. Cuz like I said you want like 68PP just to use the waybounds from all schools on all schools. -------------- Before you ask.... upgrading your PP in one focus school applies to ALL schools lol. So you can use whatever school you want to farm focus on to pay for PP.
  13. Fun story...... The other day I was looking at nightwave challenges and I had a brain fart. It wanted me to go after drift mods but instead I thought it wanted vault runs lol. So I decided to try the solo thing as I had built up 5 of each dragon key. I have been using Rhino alot to farm focus. I normally use a Roar loadout to play as support. But right before the NW challenges I had been tinkering with Iron Skin build to make him viable for Lich/RJ missions. So I slapped on 4 keys and used my iron skin build(which is nothing special except alot of str mods). It was super easy................. Didnt take an ounce of actual damage lol. Your DPS is the hardest part of going solo. If you dont have a weapon that can overcome the nerf then just try your operator??? I didnt need to...Jat Kittag is awesome. I was like 3 vaults in before I figured out I was doing wrong challenge lol. But now I have a good plan when I do need vaults. There are prob tons of other possabilities but Rhino you get super early and could be a little bit hard to mod. All the strength mods are either super rare (augur secret) or vault mods (Blind Rage, Trans Fortitude). You could buy the vault ones or just go in groups to the vault until you get.
  14. Umbra Excal was never needed for anything.... His mods on the other hand..... wish they would make some more umbra mods for shields or other stats like range/duration/efficiency lol. I dont really like to use dude frames but Im holding onto Excal. He is pretty tanky and definately fun to use....
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