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  1. 1st use a kitgun with Pax Seeker = auto headshots. 2nd Moa/Sentinels have jump height/glide mods that are very nice Dont really need a zephyr frame but whatever. Definately dont do PoE or any open world. Do a defense mission. Jump, get one headshot, let pax seeker do its thing....
  2. Case closed ^ but there is another rule for railjack fusion I would just like to toss out there.... You can squish a T1 into a T3 item but you can not squish a T3 into a T1......for example.... Zekti engine 1 and a Zekti engine 3....
  3. Fire took me 40+ Tox is refusing to drop now. 5-6+
  4. Unless you wait for Dojo patch....where they are getting rid of child restrictions.....
  5. Steel Path is garbage content and Umbra Forma are bribes to inflate numbers/make people play longer than they would want to.
  6. First of all RJ parts can be improved through fusion just like Kuva weapons. RJ parts have a max stat limit and they also have abilities on them. You can move the abilities over to your good parts. Second of all I would keep 1 of each reactor. Besides their ability bonus, the difference between the 3 reactors is just how much Avionic and Flux they give. The more Avi the less Flux and vice versa. ----------------------------------------------- Personally I like Zekti. Right now there is no reason to have alot of tactical or battle mods on your RJ. Tacticals being to
  7. Cortege is like having Wisps Sol's gate lol. I love the gun. I use it on my mech. Honestly I havent tried the Lark on my mech...
  8. Deimos fishing SUCKS. -There is one massive cave system in middle of the map cut in half by "the gutter". The half on the NW side of gutter is BROKEN and does not spawn ANY FISH EVER!!!. -The hotspots OUTSIDE do NOT appear to be aligned properly at all lol. Where the hotspots are, are never where the fish show up. The fish usually spawn outside the hotspot. -When your running around you see 3-4 fish flying through the air in a spot so you may stop to do some fishing....When you start spearing fish though new fish only spawn one at a time... doesnt matter if your outside or
  9. Grab range is massive Shoot range is still short because they dont want you to afk. ---------------- Most people try to max shoot range which gets to around 22+ meters. Still pretty short. I take a little more armor and duration for a more balanced Xaku and only get about 14 meters shoot range lol. --------------------- Having a max range Xaku is also good for syndicate medallion/ayatan hunting. Your 4th's explosion is massive and can smash breakables and you dont have to be a STUPID EGG SUCKING LIMBO.
  10. Its very hard to notice and it might not even do anyting but I also use Mad Stack + Air time i think... One buffs speed as your fall, the other makes you fall slower. Vapor trail is a pretty huge improvement lol. I dont know how anyone uses Vapor or Magus Drive to great success, thats toooo fast to run races with... But thats how you set huge scores in the races. 5k races become 6k races lol. Vapor without its trick mod for refilling energy is pretty dumb cuz Vapor will drain the crap out of you lol. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Auto-Shut off of Boost when it runs out? YEEEEESSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!! omfg we have needed that. Now if you would please FIX/correct the boost/drift effeciency u guys completely wrecked. Improving base speed of RJ was not needed but welcome change. But you 'balanced' it by knee capping boost/drift effeciency. Boost works amazing, very quick/short hops. This would probably better be served by some kinda blink ability. Maybe not. But DRIFT was destroyed. It takes 33-55% of ur engine to start boost, by the time you activate drift you only have a few seconds. This WAS
  12. I have one for every frame I use. All my frames use different weapons and stuff. Being able to flip between them is very useful and I use quick changing almost daily. I just use the name of the frame for most of them, But I have like 4-5 or utility that I numbered so they are at the top of the list. Nekros (loot) Ivara (stealth) Wukong (index/pt) Atlas (railjack) Oberon (eidolon, cuz I suck...)
  13. Hmmmmm.......... I "thought" they were going to remove some garbage items from the reward pool and were going to make them all random and possible...........???????? Has that not happened even on PC?? Originally the common, uncommon, rare rewards for iso vault bounties were all seperated by tier. Tier 1 only gave common, tier 2 only gave uncommon, tier 3 only game rare....... I thought they messed with the reward pools so you could any rarity reward from any tier?? Im on console so I am really out of date on info lol. I would NOT want matrix to be random... It makes sens
  14. Im wary of any changes. Right now its incredibly easy to get what you want. The issue here seams to be that your not strong enough to solo?? If you dont want others screwing with your rotations then recruit a group or go solo................ Why are you rolling with randoms??? If its just about choosing what you get...good luck with that.
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