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  1. Glaxion animation still bugged when using sinister reach for extra range. For well over a year now if you put sinister reach on the glaxion the animation for the beam stops short of its full length by about 15m or so. This bug problem was fixed on other beam weapons but still remains on the glaxion.
  2. SINISTER REACH -The glaxion Vandal has been bugged for well over a year if you're using the sinister reach range mod. This is my first post I really hope you guys take care of this. This is not a performance issue but it still makes it hard to tell if you're hitting the enemy. The extended range of sinister reach is absolutely great! But for colorblind folks like myself it's very hard to tell if the beam is actually contacting the enemy or if another player is killing them instead. The animation when using sinister reach seems to stop short by 12 meters or so...
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