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  1. Build 1 in my OP only uses one Umbra Forma, which is used by Umbral Intensify, with Fiber and Vitality in the build's two un-polarized slots, while Build 2 doesn't use Umbra Forma at all, with the majority of its other slots polarized for their particular mods and the Umbral Mods+Phoenix Renewal in the three un-polarized ones. While I appreciate the other suggested builds, I don't know if they really answer the initial question, which is how the two builds I'm currently looking at work differently from each other, apart from Taiiat's brief explanation that Adaptation is a better tradeoff than Umbral Fiber, and that Primed Flow is apparently redundant with Hunter Adrenaline.
  2. Oberon has quickly become one of my all-time favorite frames, and so far my Oberon Prime is the only Warframe I've actually forma'd, but now I'm struggling to figure out what my final build will be. I'm mainly concerned with being versatile enough to synergize well with a group while still being able to solo things if need be, and I've found a couple of builds that appear to do that, but I'm a little unsure as to the nuances of them as I'm still relatively new and my grasp on the meta is shaky. While I'm aware that both of these setups share many of the same mods, I'm curious as to what the ones that ARE different add to their respective builds. What are the finer details of these builds that make them unique, and which one should I ultimately commit to?
  3. Yeah, but the Orokin are dead now, and really aren't going to abuse the environment the way they planned to which started the Old War. The Sentients invading for this New War aren't motivated by the desire to stop an enemy they've already beaten. They're invading as revenge for the abuse they as a whole and Natah's family in specific suffered during the War. They aren't thinking in terms of tactics or goals beyond just lashing out until we find some way...to take away their pain.
  4. Oh, I plan on doing a LOT of hunting, not just for Standing, but also for the sake of...well...roleplaying for lack of a better term. Studies show that to repopulate a species, you need at least 50 individuals to combat inbreeding, 500 to reduce genetic drift. If my Operator is SERIOUS about saving the cute and cuddly critters of both the Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon, they'll want to ensure they hit those numbers! :)
  5. Thank you all for that last crucial bit of information about moving AWAY from the call point and watching it. I also discovered that I can "piggyback" off the captures of other players in the squad I'm assigned (playing on Public), which not only helped me get the Perfect Captures I needed for this week's Nightwave challenge, but also showed me a bit more on how it's done. Still, I really need to get my hands on a stealth frame sometime soon...
  6. So I have to move away from the place I used the lure at after I use it to make sure I'm not spotted when it starts making its way there?
  7. I'm trying to do Orb Vallis conservation, and I have the basics down, but the execution is getting frustrating. Once I call the animal, I spend a few minutes frantically spinning around with my tranq rifle to see where it spawned, and then running out of time to shoot it because I couldn't figure out where it was to shoot at it. How am I supposed to know where the critter is once I use the echo lure? I'm a decently good shot with my tranq rifle, even if I'm not using a stealth frame, but that's useless if I don't know where my gun's supposed to be pointing!
  8. The song that inspired me to give Warframe a try, and subsequently changed my life!
  9. I did as was suggested and just focused on killing a few enemies while on each platform and managed to pass the test! Thank you all for the advice! ☺️
  10. Well, not ENTIRELY without a problem. Even with Banshee it took a few tries and more than a few failed attempts before I learned I had to be more aggressive and go after the enemies with a regular melee weapon instead of trying to find one ideal hiding spot and sniping them with the Redeemer. 😑
  11. Having passed Mastery Rank 8, which I asked my last question on, I've gotten through 9 and am now on MR 10's test with the disappearing platforms. The test itself is straightfoward: I have Zephyr and a Braton Prime, so in theory I should be fine, but in PRACTICE I find myself not having enough hang-time in the air before landing on another platform and starting its disappearing sequence, or bullet-jumping horizontally instead of vertically, resulting in me diving off the platforms entirely and wasting an attempt. I have seen the tricks other players use to cheese this test: using Ivara or Titania renders the test basically unfailable, but I'm nowhere near able to access those two frames yet, Titania because I'd need to complete several quests to even get to the quest you obtain her blueprints at, and Ivara because some of her blueprints are only rewarded at higher tier spy missions than I have access to at the moment (kind of stuck at Europa and Jupiter until I can level up my mods enough to allow my frames to survive the sudden spike in difficulty I encountered there), or to try bashing my head against the RNG until I have her Prime Parts, some of which I believe are in relics that are ALSO out of my reach. So, what are the best options for completing this test when I'm basically an incurable klutz at game movement? 🙃
  12. Thank you! I'll get an extra slot and pay my clan's dojo a visit!
  13. I've been struggling a bit with the Mastery Rank 8 test. I know WHAT I'm supposed to do, it's a pretty straightforward test. The problem is that I jump like a klutz! 😬 I have a tendency to overshoot the platforms with a bullet jump, and a regular jump obviously won't get me far enough. Does anyone have any tips on how to better control my jumps and landings so I can, as Samurai Jack put it so eloquently, "no fly, jump good!"? 😁
  14. I'm new here, and this is my first post! Better make it special, then. Here's a picture of me in awe of the Library at Trinity College in Dublin!
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