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  1. I have in my possession a couple of Relics that have since been vaulted, and I've refined them to Radiant in the hopes of getting the better prizes from them, but I'm concerned because I only really have one shot at each, and I worry that if I just go into a Public Void Fissure mission where people bring along whatever Relics they have the most of, RNG will not be kind to me and I'll end up wasting the Relics and my shot at getting the specific Prime parts I need. I figure the best way to mitigate this risk is to recruit players with the same Relics, all of us bringing the same Relic refined the same way to maximize the chances of getting the gold-tier rewards all around, but I don't want to just go into Recruitment Chat and shout "HEY ANYBODY GOT RELIC X AND WANNA TEAM UP TO HOPEFULLY GET SPECIFIC PRIME PARTS?!" What's the best way to phrase my request so I'm not being rude in the chat? I'm not sure what the "do's and don'ts" of Recruitment Chat are, especially when soliciting strangers to form a team for a specific mission.
  2. Ah, you're right. S6 is the one I'm looking for. Today's the last day, and Bounties I CAN do! EDIT: I DID IT! I have 2 S6's now! Now I just have to get enough Void Traces to refine them all and then I can find other players who also have them so we can increase our chances of getting the right stuff!
  3. I have a life outside Warframe, you know. 😑 I do have some good news. It appears on closer examination of the relics I do have that I already have everything for the Galatine Prime, along with the majority of the relics needed for both Nekros Prime and Silva and Aegis Prime. All that's missing is the Axi A6. The one type of relic I can't easily farm as the Luna Disruption mission isn't accessible until I complete War Within. The obvious solution seems to be trying to taxi with someone in the next two days and hoping to RNG that I can get two or three Axi A6s before time runs out, but I really REALLY don't want to be rude, and I'm scared going up to a bunch of strangers and demanding to be taxi'd to a specific node is THE PEAK of rudeness.
  4. In less than a week, Oberon and Necros Primes will be vaulted along with their respective weapons to make way for Nova and Trinity Primes' unvaulting. This is kind of making me panic as I desperately want the Silva and Aegis and Galatine Primes, but lack the ability to farm certain types of relics due to where I am in the plot (I'm between The Second Dream and The War Within), and I obviously can't farm relics and advance the plot at the same time. What do I do? I took a break from Warframe for over a week, but I'm still not enjoying playing because I'm afraid I'm going to miss my opportunity to secure some of the weapons I've wanted most in the game since I started playing.
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