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  1. I've just got some FOMO regarding the event: I completed The War Within over a week ago when I started a little 10-day staycation and had been planning on blasting through the rest of the main-stage quests before going to Heart of Deimos and unlocking Nights of Naberus. That...hasn't happened to say the least. After completing War Within, I found out from friends that my Mote Amp wasn't gonna cut it when dealing with Chains of Harrow, so I began trying to get standing with the Quills to build at least a basic new Amp. And then I found out that if I just try to hunt Vomvalysts to farm the co
  2. I won't lie either: I only got that pack for the speargun skin...I think I may have a problem. 😑
  3. Never. It's got the only skin for dual swords I like, allowing me to make my Prisma Dual Cleavers look halfway decent. I really, REALLY wish there were more Dual Sword skins.
  4. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Literature, I can't help it! 🙃
  5. I just don't wanna miss the event between doing those quests, farming syndicate rep so other quests make sense (Why would New Loka recruit me to find The Silver Grove if they hate me, for example?), and trying to farm Relics and Prime Parts for Inaros Prime before the 27th...
  6. Thank you, though my concern is less about spoilers than about "narrative flow," if that makes any sense. I already know the spoilers themselves, I don't mind that, but I want the story to flow as smoothly as possible (I already feel bad for playing Dog Days before actually getting to Sedna in game, my Operator shouldn't know who Kela deThayn and her Executioners ARE let alone their fearsome reputation that makes its juxtaposition with Dog Days' lightheartedness work)!
  7. Would there be any issues for doing quests like Heart of Deimos or Deadlock Protocol before major story beats like The War Within and The Sacrifice? Having heard there's going to be a Deimos Halloween event starting next week makes me want to at least do Deimos to get access to its rewards, but I haven't done War Within yet and it feels kinda wrong playing a quest all about the origins of Void powers and stuff before encountering "HEY KIDDO!" Or havin Nef use his nuclear option before his hand's been forced by repeated humiliations like The Glast Gambit or having his Orb Mothers blown up.
  8. Lately I've been struggling on one particular fight: The Jordas Golem. While I've got a decent handle on the mechanics, I'm finding that it becomes a battle of attrition between my Amesha's ability to protect me and the electric status procs it throws out burning through my revives. Since asking for help in Recruitment chat hasn't gone anywhere, I got to wondering if I used my Wukong Prime, would his immortality techniques effectively give me some more revives to work with? Or do those get disabled in Archwing?
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