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  1. Okay, now that I've had time to play after a long week of work, so I can finally go to my DryDock and check, here's where my Intrinsics are at: Tactical 7, Piloting 4, Gunnery 6, Engineering 2. I followed Tactical Potato's advice in his Railjack video back when it was new to get Tactical and Gunnery to 5 first, and more recently spent my current stockpile on Piloting because now I have my own RJ to pilot. All the missions I've helped with have been around Earth, so I assume they're all MK 1 stuff? So should I go out into the higher level missions even though my stuff's all default a
  2. So now that I've completed the Rising Tide quest and gotten my own Railjack, I'm finding myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of STUFF that it's unlocked. I've done Railjack MISSIONS in the past, joining other people's crews, usually as a gunner, but I don't know the first thing about actually building up and improving my Railjack to make it the best it can be, what guns and other gear to equip on it, what research I should be beelining for (since I'm the most active member ATM of a very small, casual clan, the cost of researching components falls to me), and how to effectively perform in m
  3. I never changed the defaults, it's just that the alt-fire USED to work and now seemingly doesn't. I guess that means I busted the clicky part of my mouse wheel? The scroll function works fine, so I'm not sure. Should I switch the Alt-Fire button to something else? And if so, what one would you fine folks recommend for someone who's never assigned new hotkeys before? 😊
  4. Don't know if this is because of a patch or if I'm just being a blockhead, but lately I've found I'm not activating the Alt-Fire on weapons like the Cedo or Mausolon when I click the mouse wheel. Instead it seems to cycle through the powers of my Warframe or Necramech, and inadvertently activating or deactivating when that wasn't what I meant to do. So...yeah, did something change while I wasn't paying attention, or am I just butterfingers at alt-fire? 😅
  5. Then I'll do it again tonight and move on to HoD so I can get cracking on Orphix Venom. Thank you all for the encouragement to get past my anxieties.
  6. I decided to follow your advice but I did The Sacrifice first, and I completed it tonight, but I think Deadlock Protocol messed things up because I couldn't find the Somachord part in the Corpus segment of pursuing Umbra. If I redo the quest to try and find it, will I end up with multiple Umbras sitting in my inventory, or does it just skip that part if you've already done it? I want to scratch my obsessive completionist itch, but not if it's going to make even more of a narrative mess!
  7. Ropalolyst establishes the Sentients are in the process of invading, the narrative that Orphix Venom is part of, and Railjack reveals TMITW's finger in the Railjack, foreshadowing Heart of Deimos' other body-horror aspects, as well as giving you access to the Erra quest, which is the immediate predecessor to these New War operations.
  8. That's what I'll have to do, but it'll be missing all the context of The Sacrifice, the Ropalolyst battle, the Railjack quest and Erra, etc. Part of me actively WANTS content draught just so I can get caught up and do the story in the correct order with some halfway-decent-looking FashionFrame!
  9. Should I just bite the bullet and do Heart of Deimos so I can participate in Orphix Venom even though I haven't done The Sacrifice yet, meaning the Lotus hasn't gone rogue yet, or should I sit this one out like I did Scarlet Spear because I hadn't completed War Within by that point, a decision that haunts me to this day?
  10. I always need more Cells, and I do have a few frames that'll need levelling in a day or two. I'll try this method. Thank you!
  11. I am only one Prime Part away from completing Inaros Prime, so I'm attempting to farm the Meso I1 relic in specific, and I'm having some difficulty parsing what the most efficient method would be to get lots of Meso I1s so I can just farm Void Traces and make a bunch of them radiant, then start cracking them until I get the Neuroptics. From what I'm seeing on the wiki here, the higest drop chance is in the third phase of Profit-Taker, but that'd require me farming more rep with Solaris United to qualify for that bounty in the first place. The next appears to be in Tier 2 Defense missions,
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