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  1. Yes please that american dot need to go... It just causing issues to rest of world if they doesnt use those odd dots on their numbers. For example europe doesnt use that way their dots if they showing some items prices. Example If i making 2,500 damage. How much that is in europe and then how much it is in america? They are actual different numbers in different places. europeans give us only 2,5 damage, but american want to use 2500 damage if it seeing such number. Why we need to use dot to tell 2,500 damage if 2500 is enough. Lol that logi
  2. I am xbox player and i notice how some players want to use PC prices only if they trying to buy something. Then they quite often complain my prices some reasons if i asking xbox average prices.
  3. Frost doesnt need high energy pool if it use effiency mods. Plus we can use thosekind weapons too which bring energy too... My frost use effiency mods + weapons which brings energy and i dont have issue with.my energy pool. Snow globe is powerful in defence missions and it give nice cover. We can make even 200 snow globe in one place if we wanted, because they stack. So long as enemies frozen they lose armors.
  4. Valkyr prime base armor is 700, but you have good point. We can also use syndicate explosion (new loka) which bring 300 armor also...
  5. I trying to get my valkyr max amount of armor, but then few problems hit... First issue is % armor, how we know how much it add armor after all? Same goes to valkyr skills too because game dont show that. It just say 50%-80% and that is it. Second thing armor aura( stand unired) doesnt add any armor to top left corner at all some reason same goes to coaction drift which buffs aura little bit. Third thing is damage reduction to health. How we know how much damage reduction we have currently in match, if we use buffs and arcanes too. Those things bring armors too but only short
  6. Arbitration revive should spend revive targets vitus first than those who trying to save his fellow tenno. If i am totally wrong correct me.
  7. You can use your 3rd skill and you lose hp use that if you want damage buff. It also give you energy too, so you can use your skills if needed....
  8. I wish same too. It id dumb to paying twice some specific stuff if we can hold it once.
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