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  1. One reason why valkyr exalted blades doing so low damage is., those doesnt share combo multiplier With other melee weaapons. Valkyrs exalted blades starting 0 multiplier even when we have regular melee multiplier 12. Then if we get compo multi plier ~12 with exalted blades,, then hysteria starting to cost so much energy which forcing us to which back to regular melee weapon. Shared combo multi plier with exalted and regular melee correct that damage issue, what we have currently.
  2. I thinking same as you +1 to you
  3. I think valkyr need little bit more max hp first than anything, because other tank classes can have pretty much same amount of damage reduction,because they have so much armor and even more hp than Valkyr ever get. Good example is Lavos. I can get him ~2100 armor with 2600 hp. Same goest to Atlas for example. Those guys can use their abilities quite easily also. Valkyr skills 1. Ripline It is mostly only for parkour. 2. Warcry It is nice armor buff defence mission for exampe. Also we can buff own pets too and so on... 3. Paralysis It is little
  4. Every new weapon have just 1 disporsion on purposedly. Devs saying it is better that way than giving over power stat to new weapon when those come to game.
  5. First what coming to my mind is how you soak swarm of enemies on your Grendels belly and keep them there. That is mistake what many players do. I mean they dont control energy consumption at all that way. If i want to use meatball mode i nick picking enemies first and trying checking what i want to eat. For example ancient healers and noxes are good option to eat. Why? Because 1 enemy hanging looong time Grendels belly before they die in there. It is quite pointless soak enemy. Group in your belly, because that armor buff is practical useless. If you have already armor ~2100, then you hav
  6. Indeed. Healing weapons with HP and armor + rage mod is exellent choice for tank classes. ✌️😁👍 .
  7. I changed Grendel meatball mode to blood altar and that working well with rage mod. Ihave armor about 1600 plus arcane grace and arcane guardian both max. Hitpoints i have 4600 and if i need more healing power then i using melee weapons which healing.
  8. Actual medjay predasite stunning everything enemies and team members, even it make stun effect to itself.
  9. I actual saw that neo survival couple days ago, but it is still very rare.
  10. We can use manual block if we want in consoles. Only what we need to do is hold y (weapons which button on xbox). That allowing us using melee only, even when carrying guns.
  11. Where is NEO survival? I have seen many times other survivals like lith, axi and so on but not neo survival itself. If it removed should we ask that back to game?
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