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  1. Hello, DEvstreamers! I have a few questions that I would love to see answered in the Devstream: Any ETA on Syndicate melees? If yes, can we get a hint about the Cephalon melee weapon will look like? Many cool weapons (including, but not limited to my beloved AkLato) have been left to gather dust or simply used as mastery fodder. Are any changes planned to not leave those weapons in such a bad state? Perhaps more Syndicate augment mods or prisma versions to buff them up? There are two Vandal weapons that are legends among those of us, who joined a bit later after Warframe went out of closed beta. I am talking about Lato and Braton Vandal. Will they make a return through the sortie system or some tac. alert? What about another legend - the Snipetron Vandal?
  2. I have a few questions that I had in mind: Q1: Lately, I've seen people on the forums and in0game wanting another pair of dual prime pistols. Any plans for AkLex or AkVasto Prime? Q2: About the Rhino deluxe skin - will there be an option to keep some of the gold bits like the last time when Rebecca showed (not sure if it was on the last devstream) Q3: About the Rhino Hammer skin - is it possible for it to be applied to all the hammers and not to Jat Kitaag alone? Also Along with that are there any plans on buffing the Fragor and the Magistar? Q4: Scythes - are there any plans for Scythe buffs and/or adding more, longer scythes? Q5: After Rhino,Trinity, Banshee and Loki, which frame will be getting a deluxe skin? (I really hope for Frost to be next in line) Q6: We seem to have a lot of prisma melee and primaries, but what about secondaries? And if we're most likely not getting one this week, can I suggest a derserving candidate to become Prisma-ed at a later date? My suggestion is Prisma AkLato (since by my opinion people really should return to these aesthetically awesome looking weapons) Q7: TennoGen workshop skins - when will they be available on the market and how much will they cost?
  3. Slash resist proc can actually save it's uses on squishier frames, but I will agree for the others
  4. Let's have the same with 4 Ash's instead. The result will be just as hillarious, since Ash stun-locks his targets.
  5. I have a few questions that might appear interesting: 1. Syndicate melee weapons - when will they come and do you guys have some surprises on us on this front? 2. Syndicate cosmetics - Will there be anymore of them (and if yes, when?) and would it be possible to make those trade-able as well? 3. There are a few melee weapons that feel forgotten and quite lacking in damage and overall efectiveness. I am referring to the Fragor and the Magistar (I only see them being used by Tenno as mastery fodder) - will these hammers receive some (any?) changes in the near future? 4. Scythes - these once glorious weapons need some love too. Any plans for 'em? 5. It's nice that we have lore on Excalibur (Prime), Mag Prime, Ember Prime and Rhino Prime, however the rest of the primes lack this. Any plans to include more lore to them?
  6. I have a few questions I want to ask: 1. Will we be able to get more Clem Clone Blueprints in the future? 2. Will there ever be AkLex Prime? 3. Halloween is not far from now. Any plans for Halloween decorations for our lisets, similar to the Christmas ones? 4. Now that we have Primaries for the syndicates, when should we expect Melee weapons for them? How about other cosmetics? 5. Will Baro Ki'Teer bring us Prime (Ak)Lato this time? 6. Can we have a Catalyst for the alert?
  7. Question 1: Now that Dead eye has been buffed in bonus percent damage, can we please get a buff in 'frame energy points by 2 (4 with matching polarity) so that it could give 7/14 like the rest of the auras? And is yes, can the spring speed aura receive the same treatment? Question 2: Braton Prime - will it ever receive a slight buff so it could reflect the stats of the normal braton and not of the MK-1 version? Question 3: Focus system: can we have some info on it? Question 4: Proxy wars: well... any info on that? Question 5: The Void: are there going to be any T1-3 interception missions and will Gate crash mission remain?
  8. that looks like a tonfa to me
  9. 21 ammo cap for the Angstrum is pure butchering. even with the (common/uncommon) ammo mod we get max of 40 rockets. I am afraid to see what will happen if corrupted mods are put in the equation. (in other words - Angstrum will need more reserve ammo - maybe 40 basic?) for the rest of the Launchers I understand and approve, even though I am an Ogris user (in ODD), though increasing that cap to 30 will most likely satisfy most of the Launcher-using community (or at least those like me)
  10. Is that the stalker on the Bike?
  11. Q1: The next Prime Warframe(s) - would it(they) be female or male and which one will it be? Q2: Will you add lore to the rest of the Prime frames and is there any ETA on that? Q3: (S)Alad V's new "venture". What happened with that? Is Mr. V lost or something? Q4: Braton P damage rework: will the base damage will ever be balanced (to 7.5/7.5/9 for example)? Q5: Are there going to be any holodecks/shooting ranges/training rooms in the Dojo, where we can practice our weapons/builds/combos? Q6: Frost Prime - will he get a speed buff like Rhino did (he really needs it) Q7: The RNG in the void survival missions - it's currently nuts. Q8: The Void: how about including more missions like Interception (T1-3) and missions like rescue, spy and sabotage to be included? Q9: The Focus system, the player ships and the Kubrows - how are things going with them? Q10: Excalibur Proto-skin - any ETA on when it will come back?
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