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  1. Ditt Crato (converted and is part of Railjack Crew lol)
  2. I would put Frost in one of the possibilities for the next Umbral frame. Sure, they were released later, but did that stop them from becoming the second prime?
  3. I was using the Kronen, and I was on Hydron, ranking it up. I have the Gemini Cross Stance Mod equipped. Here's what happened: TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I was expiramenting with the stance mod, Gemini Cross, on the Kronen. I have Quickening and Fury equipped on it. When I am blocking with the right mouse button, and I spam the middle mouse button, the first heavy attack I do is normal, but every attack I do after that is very quick. They appear to be heavy attacks, and have the sound and animation of them. REPRODUCTION: Block, then spam the heavy attack button. EXPECTE
  4. I'd think the Blast or Mag damage would be worse than Gas. the Gas proc does a pretty good job with Crowd Control, particularly where it matters (I speak of infested cuz they wither away before Gas Damage)
  5. Ok? You can take this pessimistic view to every mission. Exterminate? You're just killing a bunch of enemies. Interception? You're standing in a place, and making sure nothing else is standing in the same place. Capture? You're hitting one thing then pressing a button then leaving. Mobile Defense? Same arguments as Defense. This view you take to defense missions is no different than any other mission you can do instead. Sanctuary Onslaught? You're killing everything as fast as possible. Survival? You're watching a dial and making sure it doesn't go down faster than you can get it up. I do ad
  6. I'd think if there were a hub it'd be a relay (for PC it's Kronia and Orcus that have Dry Docks) or clan dojo. Basically any place where you would access a railjack via dry dock.
  7. I have had a friend who was able to play on low graphics, and this is a computer from like 2005. Yea, it was a bit laggy, but it was certainly playable. The same could probably said for "Toasters"
  8. Gives you a +30 start combo, but it makes said combo last half as long (at max rank)
  9. I definitely agree with this. A lot of it is still grind too, just a different type of grind. You don't NEED to do Heart of Deimos or Vox Solaris in order to get to the New War (I left out PoE cuz of Star Chart limitations, though you can just be taxi-ed to the Eurasia node to bypass the PoE.) You can completely ignore the Cambion Drift, Orb Vallis, and Plains of Eidolon for the most part too. Sure, it limits you, but you can. Another annoying thing that I find with the Open World things (I've noticed this a LOT in the Orb Vallis) is that you are constantly interrupted by patrols of enemies th
  10. oh. we're talking about sending invites, not like asking if someone wants to join. yea you can only do that in game
  11. I'm honestly not sure. Personally I am like the only online person in my clan, cuz everyone else is a friend that fell out on Warframe, so I'm the only one that contributes anyways. I don't go around saying "Hey. Ya wanna join my clan?" to people. You're also not the only new one on the forums ;)
  12. Nope! There's a specific channel in the forums that is specifically there TO invite people to clans!
  13. This is why you research. I research. I know basically everything except for the nitpicky details.
  14. Now I'm gonna go off the rails with this idea. this is purely speculation and hypotheticals, and I very highly doubt that DE is actually going to do this, so don't criticize me, because I already know all the reasons that DE can't do this. but... imagine that it was all Railjack Free Roam, or at least an alternate game mode sort of thing. You can have like a railjack with your NPC crew, going around the system rather than staying in your orbiter waiting for your next Dragon key to be built. You can explore the Origin system in more depth. You can go to the different mission nodes from your r
  15. For real, I've noticed that warframes that become prime are often frames that were released in order. The one that came just before Gara was Harrow, so it's more likely that they would be the next prime. However... ...there's a certain non-primed infested warframe that came out before Harrow. I think Nidus is gonna be the next prime. (maybe. assuming they CAN even be primed, but I'm sure DE will find a way.)
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