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  1. Don't you think the players can use the practice option at vesper relay before taking the test. I personally went there to give it a go few times before I took the test. I did succeed few times with my ash and Dragon nikkana. To be fair, it takes a lot patience and time. But there is always the easy option of pairing a agile frame with skiajati, and string it's invisible passive. That's what I did to be safe, use Ash with skiajati. Just learn the routes though practice mod. Find a route you are comfortable with stringing the kills and repeat the same in real test.
  2. I moved to EU and had some squad join. I finished phobos and that side of the void
  3. Thanks that's helpful. I'll think about ember a bit more, if she fits my play style. I'm just on my 3rd day in, still a noob.
  4. Though I find it difficult to find players online in my region. I'm playing from the UAE and the game shows my best server to be ASIA. Can someone advice on me whether I have a better alternative for this. Soloing high level interception and defense missions are becoming really difficult now as I just finished my Phobos junction. Also if anyone has any good advice to someone who started Excalibur would be great, aand is ember any good, I have her as part of twitch prime.
  5. Glad to finally start playing this game.
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