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  1. This perfectly sums it up. Especially for players who have time constraints - work, family etc. Going through all the "rank rewards" that you don't need/want to get to the ones you actually do is only overshadowed by the fact that there is a seasonal time limit to do so. Just have a pool of resources you can purchase with Wolf credits with limited stocks - IE, 1 Umbral Forma, 2x 20,000 Kuva etc. Treat Nightwave as an alert system and Nora as a vendor. Edit: To be clear the Challenges are Not the problem. They are fun for the most part and let you do missions and gameplay you otherwise wouldn't. If there's a challenge you don't like or find too tedious atm, do another.
  2. Highly doubt but it'll definitely get nerfed. Maybe the range will be significantly reduced, maybe the amount of times you can spin consecutively, maybe it'll only do good damage in channeling mood.
  3. why it's everyone saying channeling is going away? iirc they said it's gonna be rolled into the new "devil trigger" mode and still gonna be called channeling
  4. we don't really have a lot of unique build options right now. It's either crit or status builds with slight variations. You can build differently but it isn't optimal. I would compare it guns, in that we have a lot more viable options since they were revisited but the best mods will remain the best mods probably until dmg 3.0. I also wouldn't call it arcade gameplay. I think it will be fairly similar to god of war combat, albeit more simplistic. Think of it as a foundation, with melee 3.0 there's a lot of room for more flashy combos in stances, more variation in inputs, more fluidity. in the current system you have 3 combo string options in a stance typically. Those are set and there's no breakage in the combo or the input. However, with the new system i think it would be possible to have essentially the same strings with breaks in between animations, allowing for more combo options with more inputs while allowing you to transition without having to wait for a string to end. Functions more like a fighting style than a choreography imo.
  5. i don't build for channeling, beyond the lifestrike mod, that's true. I do however like using it. I'm not a fan of spin to win either, based on the weapons I like not being very good at it, although i personally prefer to build focused on status, condition overload and blood rush. Getting the damage increase from those instead of the trade off from channeling mods, and still being able to use channeling unmodded to buff that. that said I'm not for channeling being removed, I prefer it to be revamped in order to be a more worthwhile use of mod space. i think an interesting way to do it is have a channeling mode, like the "devil trigger" animations shown on the devstream. Have that mode require a cost, whether its duration based, energy drain or even utilizing the focus bar instead of energy. Then have appropriate channeling mods for it. The mode would essentially work as a "secondary fire" for melee, altering stats like status, crit and even damage types based on the weapon and mods equipped. The result would be weapons with varied channeling benefits allowing for diverse builds.
  6. last input, I think @mogamu(is this the right mogamu?) mentioned in one of his videos that finding a use for the reload button while in full melee mode would be really neat. I'd love to see it be used as a grab input, that could possibly allow you to stun a single target and open it to finishers for example, with variations between stances and whatever wild stuff they can come up with. Would make stealth gameplay pretty interesting too.
  7. I think the issue, at least IMO, is that "combos" in warframe aren't exactly "combos" - from a fighting game perspective anyway. I think combining directional inputs and more than one attack option (heavy + light) in combos is definitely the way to go and will remove the need to memorise every stance's button press and instead allow players to experiment with inputs and memorise the results. A lot more fun imo. Melee combos right now are so thoughtless and easy that it doesn't present an incentive to use variations in combos. It's simply memorising the best combo string in a stance, then repeat. Having to craft your own combos by directional input, plus knowing when to use heavy attacks, launchers, dash attacks etc. is much more interesting. Even more so if there's a large variation in different stances. Also, visually it really shows off the individual animations which is something you don't really get to enjoy enough I think. The difference being that in a game like mortal you have tons of different input options. The way I see combos with WF is just a directional input + light attack (which you are typically going to use more) and then heavy attack. Which is really pretty simple. Channeling is pretty much only used for lifestrike right now and it would be great if they could revamp that and make it extremely useful, add additional mods to increase range/damage/speed while channeling.
  8. That's a good point but I assume when the stats are changed the MR requirement will be as well and like how it is with guns right now there will be viable weapons in each category and it will come down to slight stat differences and personal preferences whether you go with the War or the Gram for instance.
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