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  1. I stopped playing mostly because of the season pass style content that instead of giving me more things to do I actually like, just gives me a list of chores to do instead of going after other things, then makes me feel frustrated when I havent got the time or will to play it enough to get the shiny stuff it teases me with. Give me lots of optional stuff to do and im happy. Write a list of stuff to do with a time limit and im out. Especially when its mostly uninteresting stuff to do, and requires more time than im willing to gjve. Its daft I know, I could just ignore it, but it irks me. So I go play other games that I can be a filthy casual and relax on. Just like the grand prix events on Crash nitro fueled, it became a second job and I found myself getting annoyed in real life when I couldnt get online to unlock new stuff before the event ended..so I didnt play the second event and played another game instead.
  2. I would buy it, then use a different helmet, maybe the loxley one. The helmet is my only bug-bear. I dont want to stop using my obsidian asura skin for her though - way cool. https://images.app.goo.gl/eMkCqh5LY3KkWKZAA
  3. Latron Prime Prime! The Latron Prime needs priming with a built in hush mod to boot. I would love Daikyu Prime as its always been a favourite aesthetically, and Zhuge Prime as Ive a riven with around 100% toxin, 100% electricity and 100% heat damage on it soo.. Attica was a huge favourite before I got the Zhuge though. Baza is incredibly powerful too and fun to use, if a prime version had a bigger clip it would be amazing. I wouldnt mind a hunting rifle type too, Grinlock Prime or Argonak Prime while not thematically correct because they are Grineer would nevertheless be very fun. Especially with a crit boost on Grinlock as the syndicate mod adds crit, but could do with a much higher base stat to make it godly. Plus I have a riven for it for further crit damage and crit chance so im biased lol.
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