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  1. I see your point and to answer you question no I wouldn't haggle for a t-shirt a car probably depending on iterm and condition and value I just feel like that could of done better that's all with the decoration
  2. I see your point it is a very nice design and it dose make a nice decoration piece but I really think they could of done something better with it or its just me overtaking as I do aways and expecting more for something so simple
  3. First of all I'm mean no offence or disrespect to DE I appreciate you time and effort it a nice thought to add it to game thank you DE but it's pointless waste of 50k standing should be like 15k to 25k and for this reason that we can't even add the wepon to it as a decoration or be able to buy a fake model version to add it makes it absolutely pointless If I was makeing that decoration id of made a animated design where the warframe or tenno operator sheaths the wepon into the sheath and for this reason a overpriced pointless 50k gold decoration that should be orokin themed not entrati should be reduced or redone and redesigned a kid with crayons could do better put some effort it in also doesn't even sit on walls correctly your welcome have a nice day all
  4. http://imgur.com/gallery/fUElEPs As It happens found the original message I received in game from DE warframe community team 😏 it dose state all dojos who submit thier dojos for consideration will receive clan tier display decoration I'm sure it won't take them long shall see when it turns up I guess
  5. Ingore tag thier isn't one for my topic but has anyone who submitted thier dojo to the tennoCon21 show case received thier decoration as of yet ??
  6. If can't get in want refund on ticket
  7. TYPE: in game can't spawn courps lich DESCRIPTION: Pluto Hydra I've tried 3 frames wukong,volt,saryn I have completed all quests needed I don't not have a current lich and have run the mission about 17 times VISUAL: N/AREPRODUCTION: the cause is unknown working on other platforms and for other people on xbox haven't seen anyone els have a issue EXPECTED RESULT: after completion on the void challenge is should spawn a sister not a treasurer that drops zenith crownsOBSERVED RESULT: it only spawns the courpus treasure that drops zenith coins REPRODUCTION RATE: every single time wasted 17 coins
  8. Lol wait for day before to announce nerfs and more changes 😅 looking forward to update and going to be fun reading all the rants wounder how many people with rant and uninstall lol
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