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  1. Health orbs/health regenerating mods should have no affect on the consumables requirement. I recommend not doing it with others, as their kills count against your challenge. Having a pet present would also count against you provided your pet kills something. I'm not sure if it would make a difference, but if you have a syndicate weapon or a syndicate mod on a weapon, kills from the radial effect would also count against you. It would probably count on the progress screen, but might you have jump kicked or bullet jumped near something? My personal favorite way to do that challeng
  2. My recommendation would be rescue or capture. The tile is rare, but not so rare that it only shows up in a quest. It can spawn in any mission, but those two would likely be fastest for multiple runs.
  3. Would that need one of the skills from one of the trees or just dashing until they die? I didn't think about that, I'll have to keep it in mind though. it was actually a zaw riven, I ended up getting Dehtat so I might try that one out.
  4. I appreciate the suggestion, but there are a couple problems. Just for giggles, I tried to kill a couple of voms, but they didn't count since I wasn't invisible (you become visible upon using your amp). The second problem is that I acknowledged that there were better ways to complete the challenge than going after the gas city sentients. My question wasn't whether I should kill them or not, but rather why killing them didn't work.
  5. That hadn't occurred to me, thanks for the suggestion. The first comment really answered my question best, but it still doesn't make much sense why they wouldn't count.
  6. Limbo works great for two of the vaults, and nova could probably get through them easily enough with her portals. The third vault can be done with any frame really.
  7. Stealth frames definitely help. It might also be a good idea to run some solo and familiarize yourself with the various routes through the vaults. There's usually at least one stealthy way, and a way for you to barge through.
  8. Would the proc still count for the challenge if it's my weapon that inflicts it? I'm not entirely sure how that would work. Since the gas city isn't an option, lua is probably my best option.
  9. The riven is definitely equipped, made sure to double check. It doesn't specify undetected, although that could be the case.
  10. I have the challenge that asks me to kill 5 sentients while invisible, no other qualifiers. I've been trying to do the challenge in the gas city tileset (yes, I know there are other better places to do it), however, none of the sentients I kill (not the amalgams, the battalysts and conculysts) have counted for the challenge. I'm using Ivara and standing far enough back that my companion won't accidentally kill the sentient for me. I had this challenge a while back with the "take no damage" qualifier, and used limbo, even brought a clanmate along to kill things because I thought I was taking da
  11. afaik, loki and volt were unvaulted about a year ago so I doubt it would be them
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