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  1. I don't know if anyone has said this, but it would also be nice if the helminth economy could be tweaked a bit. Especially for the railjack resources, the amount it requires for some of them is very high compared to what you could feasibly get in a few hours of grinding (notably the rare resources). They just seem a bit skewed as compared to planet wide resources. I think this is the only thing I've found to be a bit wonky that hasn't been dealt with yet, so thank you a lot for all the work you've done!
  2. Ditto, have done everything and still no frame. At this point I won't be super upset - I was going to just use the khora instead for my pilfering needs - but hearing about the script confused me since I still haven't gotten it. I wonder if the fact we were pulled from the relay to go to the showcase affected it somehow? I had gotten every other drop but Hydroid the day of. I am not going to be angry if I don't, though I suspect my boyfriend will if he doesn't haha Edit: as of 10am EST, 7 Aug I got my hydroid, which also was added directly to my inventory via the script. Thanks guys
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