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  1. What do you want, OP? If you do not get it in WF, it is better to leave ASAP. You are not married with children to this game, it is not a contract, your future does not depend on it. Your friends will understand sooner or later. Go, try out something else. You may find something better or you may find out that WF is the best of the worst, but whatever happens, your account will not be erased for quite some time. The only things you may “loose forever” are clan related and they are not worth the misery. Just sort out leadership if you are a Warlord.
  2. While stroking a cat? It would be terrible to disappoint. Smart and sane people are working on math, I have no degree in military cooking and no idea how to mod Nyx. Soooo... damn. Poetry. Okeeey. “One of my favorite frames is a mountain in the see of blood and chaos. He holds the sky on his shoulders. Behold, he is standing firm on the ground, nothing can shake him. Behold, his gaze petrifies enemies and he shatters them with his hands. Behold, he builds walls and summons golems. Look, his Prime actually has a neck!” That will do for now.
  3. Imagine OP returning to check on this lovely topic and finding: - an cheap and efficient way to achieve the satisfying balance between what majority of the players want and what developers can do; - a recipe to delicious military ration that can be preserved for a century (without any negative effects); - a love poem dedicated to Atlas; - Nyx build that can put Saryn to shame. A pity. I like that GIF, but I swore not to use it for... reasons.
  4. WF community - we can derail anything. Upside down, sideways, backwards, spinning in one place or crushing down - no challenge is too great! And no one posted Emperor GIF yet. What is happening with this forums?!
  5. 1. Nidus Pryke 2. Nyx Pacithea 3. Excalibur Proto Honestly, it is easier to list skins I do not like.
  6. Like Forums, only bigger, with posters actually reading guidelines, posting in correct sections, checking if there is no similar thread on the first page already before starting a new one and actually reading all previous posts before replying? I am not sure that human civilization would be able to develop to such heights before 2035. Edit: Or Human Hive Mind Project has a lot to explain. Tests on living subjects were not supposed to start yet!
  7. My sarcasm meter almost broke. It was like taking stairs to 15th floor after years of not doing so. P.S. Who is Robert? One of those people who left a year ago because of content drought?
  8. Can I have your stuff? On a serious note, I bet someone in DE office monitors... what is the correct term for mass exodus off players? “Player retention”? So no need to announce your departure on forums like this. Edit: LPW is the biggest thread in this forums! Hisss!
  9. Nyx? Very balanced frame. No matter how I mod her, the results are the same. Ideal for all those mod sets. And her second Deluxe, just wow. I like to use her for quick missions or just wondering around solo. Now, if only I could figure out what is the purpose of her 4... Edit: I am serious about Deluxe, don’t kill me.
  10. If you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. Especially in the long run. I hope that those who deal with forum feedback are not affected by it and regularly see good ideas. Certain posters act like... IDK, a company of old ladies having a week long tea party in a all-you-can-eat-bakery and entertaining themselves by providing constructive feedback for the cake. Everything is good for a while and then suddenly polite conversation takes a sharp turn and becomes a Walpurgis Nights of Cake Bashing (while ladies eat said cake, ask for a clean plate for every piece, sweetly remind the waiter to refill tea pot every minute and passively-aggressively wonder if it is so hard to decorate the table with wild flowers in the middle of nowhere during winter). Oh, and of course each of esteemed guests have their own idea of the perfect cake (and a set of allergies and dietary preferences). And a strong opinion about establishment inability to keep the house clean - will you look at all those crumbs! Yeh. This can be fun to watch from a safe distance, but working in that buffet? Hope the pay is good and coworkers are awesome.
  11. Oh. I guess I will see what I can do. Mag-senpai, please, tell me, does Counter Pulse works on Sentients and do they adapt to it? Can Magnetize be cast on Condrix?
  12. Don’t worry, it will not be a written test with trick questions. It will be worse. It will be like one of those anime plots. An ordinary human finds a remote control (with weird symbols) for a mysterious cyborg (with magic powers). Then aliens invade and clueless human and mysterious cyborg have to defend this little blue planet! Human be screaming in panic for a manual. And mysterious cyborg will be... idk, facepalming and wondering what she have done in her past life to deserve such a fate? By the way, how many forms do you have?
  13. Damn, I forgot to test Mag in SS again. I swear, my friends distract me with fashion frame and philosophical questions about life on purpose! Lazy bastards -_-.
  14. I swear, Grineer have very good chances at completing for the title of biggest Yandere for Tenno. “It is not like I am keeping a close eye on your movements or something, Tenno-Baka, I am just really concerned about this Sentient invasion! Now, accept your true masters or die!”
  15. To be honest, I can not remember an update without someone being upset over something. We just more readily complain about something we do not like. And sadly, we do tend to take good things for granted after a while.
  16. 😞 Baking in this game is hard. It is practically impossible to keep the temperature consistent with Ember, never have been able to figure out how Gauss works (seriously a freezer and a stove, what) and Sargas Ruk is very uncooperative and says mean things.
  17. Do those ideas involve lots of sugar, mixer, an oven and whipped cream?
  18. I blame Limbo. All those dimension rifts, something is bound to go wrong. On a serious note - I run into some strange thing today: we were on for ground in Flotilla 32, there were not enough codes. And one space team was saying they are from Flotilla 18. Is it even possible? Or people just lost track in instance hopping, idk.
  19. Yes, please. Death was always the best solution for any problem in this game.
  20. If Operators were needed for SS, this thread would be called: “Why DE forces us to use Operators?”
  21. What a blast from the past. This days, if you want to lament that DE took away your source of highly desirable RNG gated goods, you talk about Eidolons and SS this days.
  22. I think you make a lot of good points. Still, I disagree. I guess it all boils down to how one interpret the lore of this game. And if you see a frame as a vaguely human shaped weapon or think that a frame may be more then golem/puppet/organic copy of a long dead human. And if you attach any value to the memory of a human this golem is based on. In my books, one of the important reasons for Tenno rebellion was Orokin utter disregard for others. “Breeding for purpose”, brainwashing, body modifications, infecting people with Infestation, bodysurfing, genetically dumbed down slave work force of clones... Would it not be a little hypocritical for Tenno to do similar things? For aesthetic reasons? Tenno already crossed a lot of lines with good intentions of protecting others, should they cross this one? Gender change (especially if you read a lot of science fiction and cyberpunk) of a (probably) brain dead clone may seem like a small thing compared to armor fused to a body or killing your own son - but does it make it ok? It may seem silly to even think about gender swap as something more then a change of clothes in a world so advanced as Warframe. Just look at Fortuna - body modification all around (and that is without going into Zuude network). And yet it seems all those people are very much would like to be able to decide what to do with their body parts themselves. Enough to risk their life for it. As for your points about Rhino with Mirage stance - I never done it. As for Mag Deluxe and Trinity feet - touché. I guess it never bothered me because I always thought that Warframes are partially mechanical (think Fortuna again) and “cut” parts have been prosthetics from the beginning. Headcannon again. Touché indeed :).
  23. You can do it to Operator. But would Umbra like to have 2 Infested lumps of flesh slapped on his chest to make Operator happy? Especially after everything Ballas done to him?
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