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  1. *takes a sip from Palatino pipe of prophetic dreams Hmm. The winner will have green name, animated profile picture and will weld a hammer with pretty impressive stats. The winning post will contain the “thread closed” line. This will happen before 2035.
  2. Yes, about that. We need to talk. I always appreciated your creativity and lack of restraints then it came to cooking. All those poisonings, chemical burns, so called “taste” explosions and one re-enacting of that “birth” scene from Prometheus were entertaining and made me stronger. I only smiled then I found out what exactly “cheese” is made of. I thought that food that tries to run away, hides or fights back, is an interesting concept. But last night... it was too much. My salad called me “beautiful”. I am sorry, but there are lines that I refuse to cross. It is simply not polite to eat food that just complimented you!
  3. And no salad :(. What winner will get now?
  4. Is it not crazy that LPW is less crazy and not as repetitive as GD this days? For something conceived with desire to win in impossible to win game and nourished with pictures of cat-girls this is quite an achievement. Edit: one special salad, please!
  5. Great. Now I have “You can leave your hat on” on endless loop in my head.
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