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  1. LPW lives! *Stomp, stomp! Other news: today is Friday 13th and salad looks extra fresh and lively.
  2. I do not need a way to remove lenses like Arcanes, but I was hoping that with each new tier of lenses, we will get all installed lenses refunded. One time, just like then Focus 2.0 was released. But the way things are now... I was like: New Lua lenses? Pros: Disruption and best available lens on my gear. Yes, it is not “needed”, but I like “best” stuff. Primes, Vandals, Wraiths, Umbra... Shiny! Cons: grinding for ~20 Eidolon lenses again. On good old PoE. Or I can buy them... No. Cosmetics only. Verdict: not worth it. Result: playing another game.
  3. Inaros? Coffee cup holder crotch, eternal hangover and sand is coarse and gets everywhere. Oh and all those health and armor? It makes his death to a bunch of Infested even more embarrassing. But seriously thought, I am waiting for Inaros Prime with great anticipation ;). I do not think it will happen. Excalibur Prime = Founders access. And you know how those “discussions” end.
  4. Why PvP bragging rights reward should be available via PvE? Why someone who won a marathon should get a fencing medal too?
  5. Any Excal Prime discussion will be buried in salt in a couple of hours and will never catch up to the Umbra appreciation juggernaut of a thread. Edit: on topic - Rhino codpiece alone needs a separate thread.
  6. I am not sure if it is time to run away (Red Kitchen, anyone) or admire how sweet and thoughtful this gift is.
  7. You and me both. But every time Nidus salad is left alone, something happens. Like Plague Star. Or Emissary.
  8. VIP question: does anyone remember how many Mortar Turrets are on PoE? I remember 7 on top of my head, but can not check now. Wait you read it all? You deserve more then a cookie... *Omnomnom.
  9. An Emissary. Not so long ago he was curing people of everything. By touching them. The only known side effect was becoming zealous and unhinged. Recently thought he is... well, I heard he bites. And you act a little bit weird.
  10. What is wrong with taking a break or playing another game? You either will find something that will suit your interests more or you will notice that Warframe actually is not that bad... for the price they ask for it.
  11. Why Arthur has red eyes? And what fate have in store for Sir Bakewell now? Now it have no place on the round table, but how a cake can fight evil and protect the innocent? Edit: Holy cow, what happened to that... bull? Cow? Stuffed toy?
  12. Maybe a side grade, like Opticor Vandal. Well... yes? Just wait till DE release Primary Kitguns. If they will follow the pattern, a hypothetical Arca Plasmor Vandal will be pretty tame compared to a bunch of salvaged Corpus gun components and random tool parts hold together with duct tape.
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