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  1. Yes, Rebecca talked about Wukong rework, but IIRC she hinted more subtly on next Prime frames before. Like “drag on”. Ok, that one was not exactly subtle... Still, I would not discount Atlas. He is huge, he is connected to Archwing and he is next in line along with Wukong. Wukong has a rework going for him (Atlas was reworked too by Pablo though), a direct mention by Rebecca and China release. By the way, what about Nezha? As for Archwing, seems legit (as long as Empyrian comes out in next ~two months). Not sure about Imperator - we already have Vandal and there are other guns out where. Hek, Odonata came out wihout Primed Archguns. Anyway, I equally anticipate Atlas or Wukong. I have not used any of them before and they seem like fun now. My Forma (and Gravimag) is ready! Have you tried logging out and in your forum account? Worked for me.
  2. I hope it is a long ways off. Somewhere along the road someone in development team will put a “.” in a wrong place and AI will: - find a wrong-speak in a dogs barking; - decide that “flesh is weak”; - view all organic matter as a viable energy source.
  3. I heard that Prime trailers are on the same priority list as Zephyr Deluxe. A fun diversion, but more important stuff gets in the way all the damn time. I would love to see Chroma trailer. Hek, I would love to see all frames.
  4. If you hit “tab” it will show if Relic is Vaulted or places it drops from. Not ideal, but better then before.
  5. I would not call a Lone Wolf bleeding out in the middle of Nullifiers convention “the best”. And let’s not forget, sometimes a player doing the objective can be as obnoxious as a halfway hero. Take certain type of Mesa on PoE, for example. Or Limbo with eye-bleeding energy color. I would not blame if people wonder away to not be bored or avoid seizures. I would not dispute a nuker preventing corrupted spawns in endless mission being a major annoyance, though.
  6. Ohhh... like the opposite of parallel? I guess I got it. Thank you. As for anti-parallel old ladies - that one is on iPhone autocorrector. Never trust a useful gadget with a manual heavier then said gadget. Depends on how they intersect. If they crossed each other paths and had a snide passive-aggressive remarks contest - it can be amusing to watch. From a safe distance. If you mean something else... well, spent enough time on internet and you will learn to not go down certain roads and avoid thinking about certain things. Sanity is precious finite resource. On topic - Nanak has yellow eyes, is she an Orokin descendant? Have Tenno missed some during the purge?! Edit: I just noticed OP nickname. Fitting.
  7. Shhh. You have no idea how that post looked before The Editing. “Leaves” is nothing compared to “intersecting old ladies”. That one is on autocorrector btw. I don’t even know what “intersection” means. Revelation number 4: revelation is not spelled as “relevation”. So... the usual stuff for “Last post wins”? Hey, that’s “vine googles”! Beer is not tasty. Hmm. Looks like mods are away.
  8. You forgot the short lesson on how to determine the difference btw man and woman by approximately measuring their hip bones. Using your eyes. Revelation 3: apparently, some people get paid for doing it. And you do not need to be drunk to post here.
  9. This topic is full of relec.. сюрпризов... revelations. I was thinking that ChaoticEdge is an AI spontaneously born on a meme and gifs site, trying to communicate with humans. But AI can not use a keyboard. Or get drunk. Renegade leaves in a country with interesting looking old ladies. Edit: and it is pretty hard to type without errors while drunk indeed.
  10. FThen life gives you Infested boils, nuke them and get free Forma. Oh, and happy anniversary! Edit: I am mildly envious actually. Yes, your frame relatives (whom we don’t talk about) shown up uninvited and started to act like a bunch of barely sentient all-devouring biomass. But! You get to kill them with fire!
  11. IIRC a dev teased script fragment for Ordis related quest? As for mission control... While I do like Ordis in all his brainwashed bipolar edgy obsessive murderous fussy politeness too, players who dislike or hate him exist. And let’s not forget about those who like Lotus. In an ideal world we would have several voice packs to choose from after Sacrifice or Ropalolyst fight. If Ordis can pretend to be Lotus, he can pretend to be Vay Hek or Suda. Or Phorid. Or just use his own voice. I would not mind Operators saying a couple of words at the start of the mission without detailed explanation every time. Giving hints like “need reactant” only if player have not cracked a relic in two minutes or something. And I would be happy if we had more unique handlers appropriate for the task at hand like Konzu, Eudico or Onnko. Not sure if it will be worth it to record all of it for DE though. But hey, Ordis already handles Disruption and Jupiter Sabotage. Maybe he will take over other missions after New War. Or a new handler will show up. Or Lotus will return. Edit: found the teaser. Spoliers?
  12. Lotus is Natah. Lotus is Margulis. Lotus is Ropalolyst. Lotus is that Corpus dude that tricked Alad. Lotus is Nora. What’s next? Lotus is Dr. Tengus, Amarin, Ticker, third Orb Mother, unnamed Cetus spice trader, Domestik drone, Cephalon Samodeus, Misery and Railjack? I am starting to understand why Tenno have not tried negotiating with Sentients.
  13. As tempting as it sounds, those memes will probably get you banned from a region chat for a month and generate clickbait titles for certain “gaming” sites. I will stick to my Tarot cards ;). Paper cuts!
  14. Operators have no choice in the matter. As far as I know, they said nothing after Ropalolyst fight. Yes, WF is not an RPG and writers probably want to avoid story branches, but a couple of lines from Operator being in confused denial and anger and Wally pointing finger and laughing would be welcome. The way things are, it seems that Operators “will think about it tomorrow”or silently seethe. Lordis continued existence points at the former 😑. Edit: and don’t get me started on the constant retcons on Lotus! She is a mission handler and Space Mom from the olden days. Wait, she was an enemy spy, but gone native and turned on her own people. Wait, she was kidnapped by an ex. Wait, she left voluntarily. Wait, she was brainwashed and her ex saved her. Wait, she is judging Tenno for their crimes against her people. Or is she?
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