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  1. rand0mname

    Sentient mother ship is fking sick!

    Yep, looks epic. Not sure if there is a bigger picture, I would check wallpapers in media if I were you. They said that Lotus Mom is even bigger, no? So that’s a Sentient, but not a Space Grandma?
  2. rand0mname

    Stalker: Space Papa

    Will Stalker and Operator (along with Wally, Phorid, Maroo, Umbra, Tyl, Hunhow, Alad and every other named NPC) notice that they all have a unique birthmark? Will everyone stop fighting after finding out that they are long lost relatives? Can Keith Power write a suitably touching soundtrack for the Reunion? Some things, no matter how funny they are, will not make the game better.
  3. There are other useful Arcanes out there. You can use Elevate and Repair... or you can have more Operator health and armor, or CC, or stun, or different damage types? Choices are good.
  4. rand0mname

    Where is ma dex furis? :O

    Stalker stole the Hallowing of 24/01/2019. Never forget.
  5. rand0mname


    There is another Warframe trading site?
  6. rand0mname

    Who’s the most attractive looking boss ever??

    I think that Eidolons and the Orb are the most interesting to fight with. They last longer, need a little bit of situational awareness and the rewards are not that bad.... Waaaait..... This topic is not about game mechanics... Oh. Ermm. Stalker? If only he would last longer... Edit: Silver Grove Specters, do they count?
  7. rand0mname

    funny video about warframe...

    I would post a link to videos about how to summon Void demons, the consquences of summoning Void demons or Stalker and his Akolytes, but I think you found the channel already ;).
  8. rand0mname

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    Arghhh, don't be a mood killing pessimist, grrrrrr, no-no-no, don't do that, I CANNOT RESIST! Like that Quarian Arc DLC for Andromeda? Ahem. Of course, I can be wrong. I wish to be wrong, Anthem can be fun, story can be interesting and logical, there may be no transactions, BioWare may not be closed and will make more good games. Time will tell.
  9. rand0mname

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    Anthem? Ehhh. 1. EA. 2. BioWare “storytelling”. I have certain standards then it comes to writing. 3. Sequels that may never come. Even if writers of a third game will remember what happened in the previous games, will not forget about fundamental rules of the setting, think a little before doing “the Twist” and will tell a story instead of preaching, it is EA. Last part of a trilogy can be cancelled. 4. Origin. Bugs. EA. Lootboxes. Yeh, they said that lootboxes will be cosmetics only. Suuuuuuure. I swear, this days most AAA games are released for YouTubers to rant about: “Greedy publishers: murdering the games, slapping players in the face and milking players hard earned money”. It is all true... but I can not help but notice that some of this YouTubers do not play games they talk about. Or mostly retell stories written by a certain game journalist. While calling out said journalist for lack of integrity. Ehhh?
  10. rand0mname

    We all know what it says, dont we?

    Is it Vor copypasta?
  11. rand0mname

    Do the devs really listen to their community?

    Oh, look, a weekly "I want Devs to reply to a topic in a forum they do not respond in." thread! Edit: They do listen. But they listen to all of “us” and thus they can not make everyone happy.
  12. rand0mname

    Standing in Solidarity with space mom

    Translation: "I, for one, welcome our new Sentient overlords."
  13. Ouch. Warframe is not made with endurance runs in mind, I am afraid. No ability to take a break, no boss fights with different mechanics, no variety, no rotation, no achievements, no unique and cool loot, no competition... No consequences for leaving - like not being invited next time because you are unreliable and not getting BiS gear or a cool mount as a result. Then (if) raids will return, maybe you will get your long, team coordinated and challenging fix OP. Maybe. But yeh, I dislike those who waste my time by not understanding what they are getting into too.
  14. rand0mname

    Planes of Duviri Speculation

    Well... Then you get into a Void extermination, Lotus says that the defense system in Void towers called “Neural Centry” brainwashes intruders and turn them into Corrupted. So they guard the tower. Seen that weird face decorations? This masks are control devices. Creepy awesome so far. And then WF comic had to show the process -.-. Masks fly in (?!) and latch on the heads of intruders. Sorta lame. Anyway, anyone that walks into a tower uninvited can be “corrupted”. I an not sure if Warframes are considered “friendly” by default or if we use some sort of protection. For Orokin themselves: small pieces of lore are sprinkled all over the game. It forms a picture. With a lot of missing pieces. Not a pretty one. You probably already stumbled into most of it, but just in case: 1. Symaris research (not the daily task, the console on the left). 2. If you scan Kurias, you can get some poetry that will give you more insight on them. 3. Voice transmissions, especially in Cephalon fragments. 4. Rhino Prime, Mag Prime, Ember Prime Codex entries. And Stalker. 5. Prime trailers are narrated by Ballas. If you do not like scanning, everything can be found on Wiki.
  15. rand0mname

    Planes of Duviri Speculation

    On Ballas looks: standards of beauty change over time (and how!). Orokin elite life span was very long... I guess after a millennia you stop caring about latest trends and go for what you personally like? IIRC, Ballas concept artist used Hindu deities (skin), Greek statues (proportions, face, clothes) and Japan origami (for the cloak) as reference. Oh, and Ballas had black teeth in concept too (Japan onaguro). Variety! The arm however was never explained. This is the only thing that I just do not get. Was it ever considered beautiful in our history somewhere?