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  1. Nyx? Very balanced frame. No matter how I mod her, the results are the same. Ideal for all those mod sets. And her second Deluxe, just wow. I like to use her for quick missions or just wondering around solo. Now, if only I could figure out what is the purpose of her 4... Edit: I am serious about Deluxe, don’t kill me.
  2. Oh. I guess I will see what I can do. Mag-senpai, please, tell me, does Counter Pulse works on Sentients and do they adapt to it? Can Magnetize be cast on Condrix?
  3. Don’t worry, it will not be a written test with trick questions. It will be worse. It will be like one of those anime plots. An ordinary human finds a remote control (with weird symbols) for a mysterious cyborg (with magic powers). Then aliens invade and clueless human and mysterious cyborg have to defend this little blue planet! Human be screaming in panic for a manual. And mysterious cyborg will be... idk, facepalming and wondering what she have done in her past life to deserve such a fate? By the way, how many forms do you have?
  4. Damn, I forgot to test Mag in SS again. I swear, my friends distract me with fashion frame and philosophical questions about life on purpose! Lazy bastards -_-.
  5. I swear, Grineer have very good chances at completing for the title of biggest Yandere for Tenno. “It is not like I am keeping a close eye on your movements or something, Tenno-Baka, I am just really concerned about this Sentient invasion! Now, accept your true masters or die!”
  6. 😞 Baking in this game is hard. It is practically impossible to keep the temperature consistent with Ember, never have been able to figure out how Gauss works (seriously a freezer and a stove, what) and Sargas Ruk is very uncooperative and says mean things.
  7. Do those ideas involve lots of sugar, mixer, an oven and whipped cream?
  8. Once upon a time, a Traveler met a strange tired man on the road. Traveler offered the Stranger a place near his fire and a meal. While they were eating, they talked. To the Travelers horror, the Stranger was really a Plague on a way to a big city. Traveler begged the Plague to spare the city. Plague said that it is not allowed to spare all, but to repay Travelers kindness, it will take 500 people instead of 5000. One year later they met again. Traveler said: “You promised to take no more then 500 lives, but 6000 died!” The Plague answered: “I took 500. Others died from fear and ignorance.” Edit: Yeh, I read a lot of strange stuff then I was a child.
  9. Sooo. Anyone heard anything about “become a real space ninja” contest?
  10. Oh my. I expect to meet my soulmate in 6 months (because quarantine). And I do hope that he will not die or something or broken console would be the least of your worries. And say hello to your new expensive paperweight (or whatever you do with bricked console). Efit: how about painting it pink and glueing seashells on it?
  11. In Mother Russia if you are unlucky in games, you are lucky in love. Bring. It. On. Edit: Oh, and next clever Tenno, who will try to jinx anyone like this? They will never own a video card or console (or any gaming device really, yes that includes phones and chess) that works for longer then a week! ❤️
  12. That moment then you walk into the LPW and see this... “They” work too? Does your country have a quarantine?
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