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  1. I perfer the same, I feel that she needs a sword and shield instead of the vaykor sydon
  2. Hello, Ive been revisiting my old arts, and I re- do one of my fan concept for Cressa tal armor, Previously its called Paragon of Justice, now I made the armor a bit more bulkier and paladin like. Hope you enjoy and what do you think of the re draw from last view years ^^ And here is the one with background It is from this early concep I did view eons ago: Thanks for Coming, check out my instagram for more arts: https://www.instagram.com/tempuralicious/?hl=en
  3. quick concept art for Bastet Opera mask, Half blindfold and glowing eye and im still waiting on oriental operator suit, hesteg // when I mostly play valkyr so I want the full experience with valkyr
  4. I Drew all of the works here from the profile picture to sargas-er Template, Evidence of work as requested by DE competition judge. Symbols were taken from Internet and warframe forums and re PNG by me. All the process using Clip art Studio and Cintiq Wacom. enjoy ^^ : Instagream page: https://www.instagram.com/tempuralicious/?hl=en for shill and mostly proof of evidence >V> goodluck people / and stay angsty
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