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  1. I still like this idea, why does it have so few upvotes?! (mine) XD
  2. Expected this to be a little whine-thread with someone not having a clue of how to use this gun. But, this is actually quite good. The high status chance of the Lanka is rather unique too though, what is your take on that? Leave as is? (which is fine by me).
  3. Sounds interesting :) But the "docking" ship might not be that large? How would it look/ be played?
  4. I've been waiting for news on this :)
  5. KOPPS! That and the "swinglish" in the forest XD
  6. Looks like a cross between Jason Segel (Marshall Eriksen - how i met your mother) and Laurence Fishbourne (Matrix - Morpheus, Csi)
  7. A city-tileset would be Killer-wait for it-karpfendary ;)
  8. Hehe, glad you liked it. T5 key - spawn in the Jackal boss room. Insted of mine ospreys there are now nervos...and alot of them. Survive as long as possible XD
  9. Can't you play around in the Dev-build thingy to try out stuff and let uss comment? Ie: Reb & Megan X and Y plays giant roller of death? R&M tries scaling with essential mods at 1/10 power (redirection/vitality/Serration/HS/ aso.) Enemy snipers with range and notewordy damage at vantage points. Enemy stealth units. Latchers with high damage. Nervos! No energy siphon aura. Enemies drop stamina orbs - would it matter - could it affect your gamestyle? Or what ever people can come up with.
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