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  1. What a great self-insulating conspiracy theory. You place the burden of disproving your wild claims on others, but frame it such that them disagreeing with you ostensibly proves your point. That's exactly the sort of thing a lizardperson would do. They'd also deny being a lizardperson. Or admit to it, because it wouldn't be believed. Or ignore the implication.
  2. If that .jpg is all you have, removing the white to make it transparent would take some skill and time. Mostly time. You could do it pixel by pixel in Paint, with wands in Photoshop, or trace the image out and redo it in Inkscape. As examples. But, as that image is... similar to a myriad of others, i'd expect you could find a .png version with transparency fairly easily. However, the terms you agree to in the uploading process prohibit uploading copyrighted material where the copyright is not held by you or Digital Extremes. So if the copyrighter holder is the Rolling Stones, unless
  3. Next step on the corporate tie-ins road: you get half of a promo code when you buy a two-liter Mountain Dew, and the other half with a bag of Doritos!
  4. The unoriginal apathy of posting nothing more than "K"; of contributing nothing but that; contrasts hilariously to me with the extra effort of uploading a gif. Wouldn't the truly 'too-cool-to-care' thing be to just literally type 'K'?
  5. Did not know that was/think of it as a viable thing. Whatever, the addressing to new players in a similar situation/state of mind stands. Hm. Wonder if i should send a message here with that apparently an option. If they blocked me, it may well be unwelcome. But... so might this. My head hurts.
  6. IE, it is related to their name, but not their name. Seemed my best course, as a private person who might well take issue with being named even without shaming, even if it is rules-compliant. I admit, it's a confused post. Addressed to someone quite specific, directed toward a broad class. Ah well. Hopefully it has some utility.
  7. Title is... best attempt at getting them to see it without naming them, and knowing the odds are low. Someone just tried to trade with me, realized their plat was the starting plat, bounced, and blocked me. I've no ill will to them whatsoever, and, heck, letting me know what was up while presumably embarrassed is classy. That's the point, really. Maybe i'm projecting, but i can see being embarrassed over doing that, so peacing out to avoid some potential edgelord exerting their magnificent virtual power by punishing me for my noobitude with their scorn. But it's okay. I truly believe
  8. Oi. I didn't mean to reply to this due to the continued misrepresentation, such as this. But it popped into my head sudenly, based on how i realised something i said could be interpreted as me calling people stupid when i meant only that I'm autistic (and if that wasn't clear enough: I AM AUTISTIC!). So i thought hey, maybe that was the case here. Maybe i was wrong. But rereading my words: no, i don't see a reasonable way to misinterpret them here. So yeah: that's not what i meant to do. It hits you wrong because you're wrong. To a degree it boggles the mind to try to believe you weren't delib
  9. I don't like haggling. I recognise there are cultural differences. And... neurological differences. But what really bothers me is when people send the pre-made Market message including, 'for X platinum' and then go back on it. Like, you made the offer; to go back on it means you were lying. Though stealth-editing it can come off as trying to trick you, so I like adding, "offering Y platinum." Then alright, fair enough. Anyway! I think I've found a solution.
  10. Go back to the first screen after you hit 'Appearance' for your melee weapon and make sure the option to show when holstered is toggled to a green checkmark.
  11. Making the assumption that ease/cost of acquisition is a factor and you're fairly new: Mesa is an excellent and cheap to acquire DPS. Slap a lens on her and she's a good way to grind focus in Sanctuary Onslaught. Equinox isn't as versatile a DPS but is better for focus farming, if that's a... focus for you. Limbo can cheese most content. His normal version has no grind past finishing his quest to get. You can solo anything without many nullifiers with him easily, including the Index. Rhino and Inaros can survive anything and are very easy to get. Especially Rhino. Rhino als
  12. Yeah, I don't see sentinel fragility as necessary for game balance (particularly for quality-of-life ones purposes like them just being there for vacuum, but that's another issue). Taxon especially could have some cool utility, but really needs a ratcheting up unless Inaros Prime is going to come with Taxon Prime. Variety's always good. Making it viable would be nice.
  13. And foreign powers never do anything illegal in other nations. And Tencent has never done anything to aid distributors of malware. EDIT: By the way, as this was quite facetious, which isn't terribly nice or helpful: I do agree with the point, to a point. A lot of the concerns are overblown. But there are legitimate ones. Any data passing through a server in China is obviously more vulnerable to a government known to be willing to exploit those vulnerabilities. Any (closed-source) code contributed by a company controlled by that government should be suspect (not that that's likely to happe
  14. There are legitimate data security/privacy concerns to the Tencent thing, but it's not happened yet, so if you wanna, get in some time while you can if you care that much about exactly who your data's being sold to (though the war for privacy was lost long, long ago). Railjack has become far less buggy. If you didn't like it before due to the bugs, you will probably like it now (though it's still at levels of polish... just North of Bethesda). If you didn't like it for any other reason, you still won't. There's still just skirmishes. I really like it, myself. The partner program didn
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