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  1. I remember that back when I started, Higher MR usually meant people who were patient, well tempered, and mature. I know that now it's different, to be honest, I kinda miss the experiences I used to have in warframe. As the game has become more about killing and short-form content, communication has broken down. WAY back in 2014 when we had the hard CC Meta (pre-viver), I feel like the game was more difficult and players needed to communicate to understand how to do well in missions. We all wanted to do our best in things like prime farms because somebody was using a key to open the mission. The game's older community is burnt out and is trying other things. The newest wave of high MR players who learned the game after things like Zaws and Rivens were added kinda never got to experience the old players. I wonder if they just always played warframe in a selfish way and that's why they respond in toxic ways to general conversation.
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