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  1. Dunno how many times this bloody mess interrupted me today, but running 50 capture missions a la 27~45 seconds ending up in being exterminate missions for more than 4 minutes RIGHT BEFORE I HIT THE EXTRACTION ROOM is annoying me (and probably not only me), lets not forget that the Mission/Extraction Marker goes haywire and pointing into the Void. 8~15 of my runs turning into exterminate missions, because this mission gets interrupted by Holo-Lotus for "I have more bloodlust! Tenno kyll hem!". I just want to farm my Relics, for god's sake, not to bash around and waste more time for the same reward value with a frame, which is not build for room-clearing. - Wukong Cloud Rusher This mechanic is obsolete and should be removed. It was fun back in 2013/14 but not now anymore. And it happened right after writing this post ... once again. ... and again ... My first mission today ... and right away, exterminate switch. ... CHANGE OF PLANS, TENNO
  2. Well, I don't know how to put this, but this seems to be very odd. Given the fact, that all the mods are the very same, by just switching 2 specific mods ... the ability duration overall increases (and it seems like also the range, probably by 0.1 - 0.4)... while no new mods being added at all.
  3. Happens since 2013. Soon­™
  4. I am facing this issue for years with e.g. Loki. Aside of being hit by individuals locating the player instantly without any real visual possibilites (even those pesky little grineer-electric-arc traps), there is an instagib if you lose your invisibility (duration over) and the enemy doesn't even require a split second to locate and shoot at you. The stealth system is way too unforgiven, given the conditions that almost no invisible warframe (except Ash) will survive a single lv 60+ hit.
  5. It is just a simple disconnect and the system not recognizing that one user has been removed from the squad, which equals into a frozen user-score. The "4th" guy, who joined as the 5th one for the replacement of the disconnected one, will also be shown at the scores. This bug happens since 2013, and there seems to be no fix from sides of DE, since most of the bugs from then are still persistent (Spawning bug, where exterminate enemies are still spawning at the back, instead in between you and the extraction point. Missing enemy spawn, so you end up with 20-50 enemies missing for the extraction on exterminate missions. Enemy AI is frozen and not reacting (got even worse with the newer awareness-level of the AI). That you are still able to hit an edge of a mesh/model by moving near it. And the list goes on).
  6. This definitely needs tweaking. Mirroring meshes ain't that hard. Infact, Blender does even offer a 3-click system to mirror meshes at the X and Y axis. Either this or let us also switch harkonar wraith arm armor parts (I want the bulky left shoulder model to be available on both shoulders ... not on just one). Would make a perfect fit for my Inaros.
  7. This game's engine needs fixing, since its broke af. Running on an i7-8700K (boosted), 2080 RTX (boosted), 32GB DDR4 RAM (boosted) and yet facing horrible frame drops down from 166 to 42 - 90. Noticing this effect even more often on PUBLIC sessions (doesn't matter if host or client). You might think "first world problems", but it is as noticable as people noticing the drop from 60 FPS down to 20-30, so don't start nitpicking.
  8. Fix the over 5 years occuring fullscreen-tab-out issue softlocking the entire game on loadingscreens!!
  9. Please consider either removing or adjusting the "slow down" animation on her first ability Balefire. I have to use a macro just for the split-second brief button press, so I fire an 0%-uncharged shot and prevent the "walking" animation afterwards. It slows down Hildryn for no good reason! Set the trigger for her "I charged something, have to deal with the recoil"-animation to at least 30% or 50% of the charge gauge, and not right after her very first few percentages.
  10. I don't get your quoting. You are literally showing off a screenshot with her link ability just causing 4 damage ticks.
  11. Make us able to buy those weapon skins (as well all other stuff ...) as a standalone. For example the syandana from the Nidus Deluxe skin, or the cheeky Nova syandana, or the cards from Limbo. I see no sense in buying the bundle if I just want 1-2 things from it.
  12. Hildryn won't stand a chance compared to other frames, if the health value is low (since its a shield based frame, this is just my assumption) and slash / toxin does proc and stay as they are. Hildryn needs at least a passive or active skill avoiding those status procs by a great or 100% chance.
  13. Dude ... they had about 10:00 am while pushing that hotfix. What are you talking about? They don't live in Europe or nearby. OT: Remove the rushing completely and tune down the build time. These mobile-game mechanics shouldn't have had taken place in a PC online game anyways.
  14. Arbitration +300% Power Strength for Loki... Rrrrright ...
  15. We don't need any bloody skins. We need content in this game! Gah.
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