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  1. Hildryn won't stand a chance compared to other frames, if the health value is low (since its a shield based frame, this is just my assumption) and slash / toxin does proc and stay as they are. Hildryn needs at least a passive or active skill avoiding those status procs by a great or 100% chance.
  2. Dude ... they had about 10:00 am while pushing that hotfix. What are you talking about? They don't live in Europe or nearby. OT: Remove the rushing completely and tune down the build time. These mobile-game mechanics shouldn't have had taken place in a PC online game anyways.
  3. I play solo and sometimes with a random squad. The posted screenshots were made during a public run, while no host migration occurring. I mostly also prefer hosting, since facing more often (than I like) those +900ms players is totally ruining this game for me currently despite having the limit being set to 100ms. No one has yet complained about a laggy session while me being the host (150mbits connection). I am also facing some heavy issues with spawn mechanics during exterminate missions where half of the enemy is literally missing and spawning only if player/s enter the trigger area near the exit - that will force spawn another 5-20-ish enemies 50-200m away ... This needs to be fixed immediately. It took more than 9 minutes for a 1-3 minute exterminate missions.
  4. Where to begin with? The AI totally ignores my presence and just keeps aiming at me (Corpus and Grineer), the infested won't even look at me with their butts. If an enemy fires at me, the rest of the cluster will look at the point of interest (my location) and keep watching, till I get too close, so the Grineer can say "Tenno scuum, baak uff!" Why did DE tweaked the AI in the first place? This issue was common back in 2013. Why "fixing" something which was not broken at all? Now they cannot navigate properly and finally started to ... do nothing at all. Notice the second stage of cognition. The are paying attention, but not getting alerted even on short visible distance.
  5. Arbitration +300% Power Strength for Loki... Rrrrright ...
  6. You actually get 90% DR on Baruuk. And iHeuksal is right, there is no meaning or right combination in the synergy of Baruuk's first and third ability. You need to get your aggro-volume down, having enemies getting disarmed at sight by literally the entire area you cover when synergizing renders the method of building off your potential Serene Storm timer useless and makes Baruuk not efficient anymore. Don't forget the other players like Saryn, Volt and Co. hindering more and more your mechanics working properly. About cast and forget: Mesa has a 95% DR with a timer -> I would even prefer the same mechanic on Baruuk's 3rd ability. Nova + MP Augment -> has even to use duration for max amount of orbs orbiting her and a narrow minded comes here very handy rendering her 1 having the tiniest range and not shooting off any orbs + molecular prime refreshing those 2 at a time = a real "use and forget it" skill for sustaining 90 DR, a much better thought-out skill mechanic. Inaros + ulti + adaption -> nothing much to say here, gets him near the same invincibility sector, cast and forget for ever. Nezha/Rhino -> cast on enemy approach, accumulate the damage, play till you/your teammates want to extract. and so on ... Baruuk needs changes, and those listed by TC are more than plausible.
  7. Trying it for days, and no success yet. Atmo Systems obviously need a buff. This gets annoying! I am stuck on "Agent"-Standing due to Atmo being rare AF. More rare than the rare Repeller. C'mon DE, you cannot be serious.
  8. Yea, that one is to blame on DE developers. They even sneaked in an accuracy nerf. Since the latest hotfix, I am able to see my multishot projectiles separate from each other (they were alike the arca plasmor, now they are more like ogris), and true, the weapon has an awful scripted hitbox on the projectile. There are weapons with same scaled projectiles but yet passing through entire corridors without colliding anywhere near the chance of a bugmoon. I even noticed on my last sanctuary run (testing my riven) that the projectile is even hitting the ground while straight forward aiming towards the end of the room, it simply won't even travel 1 meter, it simply bursts away immediately. I spoke about this few months ago. Not only Catchmoon being miserable scripted, but also warframe meshes getting stuck almost everywhere, at every inch of a pixel hinders the player moving fluently forward. DE gives zeros about it. But as I said, the weapon itself has an insane satisfying range, approx 37 meters on lowest-range weapon part, but it just does not justifies the uselessness of the weapon due to projectiles becoming obsolete at 70% of the cases. I would even swap the projectile range for the hitbox it deserves - as tiny as the arca plasmor one.
  9. What are you talking about? Even with the part for the lowest range but max damage, you still can hit enemies away 30meters and more. Reload is somewhat medium, compared to Soma, Arca and co. Slow rate of fire isn't even that bad, if you think about the infinite punch through. And tbh, I can literally hit 3 times 55k and more with my catchmoon (without my riven).
  10. We don't need any bloody skins. We need content in this game! Gah.
  11. Did you ever ... had this occurrence at the beginning of your mission?
  12. Revert this please. I don't need a tranq-rifle, since Equinox and Ivara are way better making targets fall asleep than that cheap sleep-dart rifle! I just need to equip my lure, that is it, and now this ain't working anymore.
  13. Download takes ages, keeps wrecking itself, "will restart shortly" and freezes there perm, download stops and reattempts just for stopping again, download speed is below 500kb/s (owning a 150mbit/s connection ... cmon DE). and still no Fortune update on my rig.
  14. Still no fixes for favorite color savings and the resulting warframe-color-setup mess?
  15. The quest is not working for me anymore! The client crashed inside the PoE area, while I was trying to get to the second cycle. Restarted the game, got into the plains and now nothing seems to trigger anymore. No searching areas, no talk of Nakak, nothing at all! I love this game ... seems like no one kinda codes a recheck-loop function on their added game content ... nice one.
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