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  1. This game's engine needs fixing, since its broke af. Running on an i7-8700K (boosted), 2080 RTX (boosted), 32GB DDR4 RAM (boosted) and yet facing horrible frame drops down from 166 to 42 - 90. Noticing this effect even more often on PUBLIC sessions (doesn't matter if host or client). You might think "first world problems", but it is as noticable as people noticing the drop from 60 FPS down to 20-30, so don't start nitpicking.
  2. Bloom (intensity below 10) and Volumentric Light - those are THE 2 most annoying features in this game, due to high particles and sometimes pretty blinding static lights on LOD. Kuva fortress for example renders me completely unable to see through the light, since its ridiculously dense. About the brightness and contrast - they are standard, 50. Did you check your monitor's settings? And the GPU driver's separate Hue/Saturation settings?
  3. Focus on maximum range. You can even use overextended and null that negative strength with either transient fortitude or intensify. You won't need a large energy pool, so flow and primed flow ain't a must have, but you should use streamline + fleeting expertise (1 rank from top, for both, for the sweet 175% efficiency). Survivability combo: large healthpool (maxed vitality) and adaption (even unranked) + arcane guardian + steel fiber, will render you quite beefy against lv 80+ units. Do always use your spores prior or even instead of miasma. Keep the damage ticker on track, it shouldn't reach 0 enemies infected. Toxic lash also with +30s duration is a great bonus to this.
  4. This system needs to get more attention if you want us to actually use the other stuff instead of sentinels, which are fine and frankly conveniently hovering beside us without any stupid AI messing up the entire feel of the game and ruining the benefits a companion is bringing along us. No interaction, no possibility to revive. How does this even happen? I was approx 200m away, as I've noticed that my Kavat got dawned AGAIN, and yet it (as always!!!) managed to get stuck somewhere at the tileset, like we do get stuck on bloody invisible edgy pixels. Will there be any fixes to this or will this ignored for years like the Fullscreen-Tab-Out softlock issue? I am tired about this. The game doesn't really feel like its out of closed beta, its still at many aspects an alpha and very few in prototype stage.
  5. Fix the over 5 years occuring fullscreen-tab-out issue softlocking the entire game on loadingscreens!!
  6. Actually, I wouldn't even mind, if the first ability becomes an also self-targeting skill and refreshing one's own rift-duration, like it is with iron skin + augment. I don't see how this would ruin limbo's survivability, since he will be able to cast the thing as he demands it, like loki casting his invisibility, and I am doing that with him since 2013, forever, without even facing once an issue or problem with enemies (except those aimbot-ish 1ms targeting killer machines). I don't think, that limbo ever needs more survivability, as some other more squishier frames can handle being tough even without getting invincible after all. Most of us, who care about this game, asked for a kick-option in this game for years, just because of those players who are frankly stupidly leeching right in front of other players. People hiding in a corner, where the AI won't have its navmesh placed nor have any LoS, are more obvious to report and that hurts them even more as they do invest some time finding those spots and yet getting punished by a msg which offers 2 options for "keep doing it and get banned or be a proper part of the game". Sure "the kick-system can be abused", but can doesn't mean it will. People have a common sense. Most of the players ingame don't even care about doers and leechers, they simply play for 10 minutes and shut down the game. Done for them. People who do care about the community since bloody 2013 do want to moderate it properly, as the current game is lacking every kind of measurement against leechers and negative players (flamers, insulters, etc). Every other proper online game either offers a direct vote-to-kick function, an eye-bot which keeps track of behavior and kicking/suspending those activities right away (e.g. Rainbox Six, Black Desert, Aion, ...) and others do have ingame moderators, called GMs (Game Masters), which can be requested directly to the scene. But as long as we do have DE hosting Peer2Peer stuff in 2019 ... we won't get any "new" inventions to this game regarding QoL changes. So the only deal with this is limiting and purging the possibilities of leechers/afkers on every single inch of the game's gamelogic.
  7. Before you start, I am a Limbo main, I love utilizing my skills to benefit the entire team, having all the skills combined, building up a failsafe with cata+surge if a Nullifier appears, buffing beginner players so they can rescue safely, buffing the rescue target so that "well designed AI"-NPC won't die in seconds yadda yadda, but I am sick and tired of reporting players going full-afk on every bloody mission type just because they stay infinitely invincible and don't give a crap about the game over and afterall, especially in grineer / infested tiled missions where no nullifiers appear. I am not going discuss or say anything about his 1 to 4 abilities, as they can stay there as they are. They are impressive, since the last tweaking, kudos for that, DE. One tweaking/balancing that worked out... ehem. 😏 I am here to take your attention to the no-duration-based-dodge-rift-mode-"Ability". This passive is the worst you have had added to the game. I am not saying - nerf it away or remove it entirely - no, I am here to ask you to add a duration counter to it or a max damage absorbed gauge, which will deactivate the rift on itself after expiring/depleting. Or separate the feature from the dodge button and add it to his first ability, which does already affect enemies but also players in a radius. Make it like Gara's Splinter Storm. Make that Rift-Stuff a duration based ability. Disallow players for god's sake staying invincible forever and letting them get their sweet stuff without even cramping a damn finger for the mission's entire duration. Probably not the only one, but I ... am ... bloody ... sick of reporting them to the helpdesk over and over again. Period. 😑
  8. Are we now, officially, playing faster than time and space?
  9. Is it just intended that an regular Ancient Disruptor is able to drain energy on every single hit? I was wondering on an arbitration run how ridiculous my energy pool of 637 got sucked down to 0 without having any energy leechers around. How the bloody hell is this supposed to be fair, when an Ancient is able to aimbot you with its hook? Every single offensive contact will drain energy, even more when enemies passing lv 100. Tested it afterwards on Simu with a single Lv160 Disruptor ... gets my entire pool down with 3 hits, no magnetic proccing (even removed my Arcanes, still the same). Eitherway, this needs to be fixed or adjusted. Its enough having 3 disruptors, 2 of them attacking you and the last one dragging you towards the crowed to execute a fatality move, no matter what frame you use.
  10. Well, where to start at? I thought, Gara might be a bit annoying to play, too boring or whatever, but she is decently well formed, especially for buffing teammates, pets/sentinels and Co. with "don't get too close to me or I will wreck your toilet"-Splinter Storm (here an Information on how much damage will Mass Vitrify add to the accumulation of Splinter Storm would be great, plus what the range of the duration-reset is, too! And c'mon ... why do we have to stay outside of MV for the damage accumulation? The shards are flying everywhere. DE logic?). Her fourth is quite useless as a defense mechanism, but well, she is IMO more an offense frame anyways. The only thing which is wonky and kinda annoying to execute is her first ability. Not only the impulsive regular (aimable) hit, but also the charge lash (strict altitude, nonaimable). It is extremely delayed, feels not natural, often says "ability in usage" while nothing keeps running at all, like Nidus' stomping, when the wave animation/mesh is still present, you weren't able to cast the skill (got tweaked, afaik). And on top of it, the lash gets kinda useless, since its hitbox is so freaking narrative, that it reminds me of the old days where Melee were not able to hit a bloody crawler or osprey because too low/high, duh. The very same here is even worse. Downed enemies won't be hit at anytime, which renders the skill pretty much ineffective when people like Khora, Mag and Co. are either dragging or lifting up enemies. Or enemies being just a quarter step below surface level (2-3 levels downstairs), they won't register the hit of the lash at any time. This charge-option of her first ability needs a proper hitbox and/or aim-possibilities like her regular first ability form. More like a prisma hitbox, to compensate this messy approach. E.g. just wider, obviously, instead of this hitbox. Here a screen to actually and fundamentally rep up this topic: And the ASSets needs some "mesa priming", plox!
  11. Please consider either removing or adjusting the "slow down" animation on her first ability Balefire. I have to use a macro just for the split-second brief button press, so I fire an 0%-uncharged shot and prevent the "walking" animation afterwards. It slows down Hildryn for no good reason! Set the trigger for her "I charged something, have to deal with the recoil"-animation to at least 30% or 50% of the charge gauge, and not right after her very first few percentages.
  12. Have you guys removed the Zodian and Thyst gems from the loot map of Fortuna? I even got more than 20 of the rare PoE gems than ANY of those 2 respective from Fortuna in the meantime of the ongoing community event, and that even before the event and v24.4 update. Something is clearly wrong here. This cannot be true, if I literally trace and dig up the entire Fortuna-Veins one by one and not finding a single bloody Zodian or Thyst in this entire game for months! I am kinda sick of this. I cannot build my Amps, cannot build the new Archgun, and at high probability Hildryn will require them too. Raise the rates! Even the "Get 8 rare gems at X" challenge last time was a job of 5 minutes on PoE but took me more than 2 hours on Fortuna (and mostly because I dug up some hespazym). I start to hate the Fortuna content.
  13. Might be said here once from someone else, but I will point it out regardless: Beam/Mining Tool add-ons ARE NOT WORKING at all. I thought, that I am somekinda mistaking, being seen instead of heard and pulling aggro because of that reason, but no! The whole add-on stuff (and 60k standing) will be wasted for nothing! Since I cannot prove sound regarding stuff (and I am too lazy capturing, rendering and uploading for a game which I don't actively play that anymore), here the details on the beam "reach increase".
  14. I don't get your quoting. You are literally showing off a screenshot with her link ability just causing 4 damage ticks.
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