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  1. Orphix Venom its not fun with bug and slow score Last Event is batter Scarlet spare Space and Eerth mission to much cool!!!
  2. i have same proplem when you die you lose all experiences
  3. to much bug if you out on Oberrtor cant go to Necro need die ?
  4. necramech warframe Lost all xp on Orphix Venom Edit the topic when you die you lose all experiences plese fix theses Bug : ( ineed play and leveing my Bonewudow !~! 55m? 36 kill max and ext game get 0 xp?? and thnx
  5. loast all Xp on Orphix Venom plese fix these necramech and warframe lost all xp on event :(
  6. i leveling Old NM on Furtona Bunty solo :\ but new on no im not level up solo need do iso Vuit to get werpon part btw damge part is 150p now !!
  7. i have problem necramech Lost Xp When it happens Host Magration the host left after 1h farm iso Vult :( and get necramech level 25 i lost all levels xp and rest to 0 :( fix these and Diamos Cambion Drift Bug all time see Host Magration :(
  8. Unstall and Re install the game i do these !!
  9. ok iThnk i get Resolve my self delete and anstall agin :\ ty DE ! 🙃 ...
  10. i See Update To Luncher Hope Get Fix :( 2 days not play warframe :(
  11. hi i hv bad Conncotion on my Contry and PC Launcher Downloading Issues Download update Its Reset over and over not save the Download progrees !! i download 8GB and i lost my conncotion get 0% and 9500GB :( plese help fix these bug
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