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  1. If anything, Coptering is more comparable to Quickscoping from Call of Duty in my opinion.
  2. I agree that Warframes need an increase in sprint speed. When Steve from Minecraft is faster than all Warframes in game, thats when you know the Warframes need a big speed boost. Even Batman from the Arkham games is more faster and he's wearing heavy armour and if you say "Because it's Batman" I'll kill you.
  3. How? You still have abilities like Slash Dash, Super Jump, Tidel Surge, Speed, Tail Wind, Teleport, Bounce, Rhino Charge, Switch Teleport, Worm Hole and Rip Line that can be used as effective mobility tools and I heard that DE are going to make some of those abilities avalable for all Warframes in the future so if coptering was removed, why don't you use those abilities as mobility tools?
  4. 1. What I ment with rush builds is a build that focuses on sprint speed not coptering (I named it after the mod Rush so I wasn't clear what I was saying and as so I apologise) and I don't need mods like Rush and Maglev to increase my copter speed. Swords, Whips and staffs for example usually have high enough attack speed to copter effectiveley and they can be futher amplified with a maxed Fury mod, Volt's Speed and Valkyr's Warcry. 2. I will agree that Stamina is not good right now but that's only because most Warframes have only 100 Stamina (Valkyr and Hydroid have 150 stamina) but with that
  5. I only use coptering when I am surrounded by enemies so I zip between them and kill them one by one. I think coptering should be nerfed because: 1. It makes Rush builds pointless. 2. Coptering does not comsume Stamina. 3. It makes getting to the boss in Assassination missions a nightmare to do if you have copter rushers in your team because they can copter to the boss room and kill the boss before you can get there. 4. It's too easy to do (come on, sliding and then pressing the melee key is not hard) compared to something like wallrun slingshotting. Wallrun slingshottin
  6. Yeah this is happening with me too. It's a shame since the Karyst has big crit damage but low crit chance so it was built for finisher attacks with Teleport, Paralyze, Radical Blind and Parrying. Until DE fixes this, the best way to do finisher attack with a dagger now is to attack an enemy's front.
  7. Try to make a Gimmick build for your weapons and Warframes and test it out.
  8. I have killed Ambulas in the Hades node about 15 times and I keep getting Excalibur helmets as a mission reward. Is this happening to anyone else or am I just unlucky? EDIT: Nevermind it was just RNG.
  9. The Water colouring is bugged. I have seen greenish-gray Water in Earth, Dojo and the Orokin Derelict.
  10. In Eris missions, when a large group of infested are too close to you, the game will crash.
  11. Two bugs I've found: 1. Arc traps are spawning in Mercury. 2. Leaders are not spawning in Survival missions.
  12. Everytime I complete a mission, my chat is automacticly set to Trade chat.
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