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  1. Just a thought here, do you have an active lich? I was flummoxed after doing the Dev Stream alert and never got my catalyst. Turns out my lich stole the BP.
  2. @Dualice I agree with all your 'Pros'. I have 4 forma into Shadow and 4 forma into Claws, debating putting a fifth, though it REALLY doesn't need it. Two of the forma I put into Claws were Umbral Forma for that guaranteed crit. In the simulacrum, it can oneshot level 180 heavy gunners. Haven't tried on anythign else in simulacrum, but just played a 30 minute disruption corpus arbitration, and I was 2-shotting nearly everything (one for shields, one for health). And that was without optimizing for corpus, just using the corrosive I had on from simulacrum. As for the scaling AOE from
  3. TYPE: In-Game - Affinity Gain / Focus Gain / Standing Gain DESCRIPTION: Sevagoth Affinity Gain Bugged - 0 Affinity Gain while in Shadow Form = 0 Focus Gained in ESO REPRODUCTION: Play Sevagoth in Solo ESO to test. Solo mode will prevent gaining affinity by proxy from other player kills, making it very easy to demonstrate the issue. EXPECTED RESULT: Entering conduit in either Shadow form or Sevagoth form should provide focus gain buff Shadow Form + Claws contributes 100% of affinity gain to Sevagoth OBSERVED RESULT: Entering the Cond
  4. Thanks, I put some thought into some of those lol. The several changes they made to Sev made him much more fun and playable IMO. Those items I wrote down were Day 1 first thoughts. After installing 2 forma into Sev, 4 into Shadow, and 4 into claws, I think he is in a pretty good state, with the exception of Consume, which I think still should be a leap or buff as you suggest, instead of an uncontrolled slingshot at all times. Of the two, I would prefer a targeted leap, similar to garuda. But the rest of the kit feels pretty balanced. The claws with 4 forma in them and Sev @ anythin
  5. I'm not a fan of the passive. I think that it feels absolutely awful to use, and is useless in anything above level 30 missions. The reason for this is that the dash ability that shadow has doesn't do enough damage to higher level enemies to revive you, and it also essentially just flings you across the map uncontrollably past the enemies, meaning you are wasting precious time simply getting your bearings. I can understand not allowing the 1 and 3 to be used in passive mode, but you should atleast be able to use your melee attacks alongside your 2. Also, if you are using
  6. I wish Shadow could use the weapons picked up, that would be neat. Alas, he can not, and I don't disagree with it. The real reason this is a huge bug though is that the weapon becomes lost to the void. Here is how to reproduce: - Play sevagoth - Get ranged weapon pulled out of your hands. (Various enemies do this) - Activate Shadow - Pick up weapon off ground using Shadow - Reunite - Weapon not available for Sevagoth to use. Ideally, if Shadow picks up the weapon, it should return back to Sevagoth when they Reunite. But this doesn't happen. The w
  7. I was going to make my own feedback thread, but I think this one sums up my thoughts so far on him. Here is what I have problems with, and possible solutions: Main Form: Casting for 1-3 times are too slow for how weak the abilities are. GLOOM is a STRONG ability, but you need to specialize for it for it to be worth while at all, because otherwise the drain is crazy high. Half your energy could be gone by the time the animation is done playing. More on this later. Passive Great idea, poor execution. My only problem with it is that I can
  8. @[DE]Danielle& @[DE]Corey - I see that this title was changed to a 'Bug Reporting Megathread', but the link in the first post is referring to it as a 'Sevagoth + Weapons' feedback thread, of which I see little to none (so I totally understand the title change) Is there a main feedback thread though? And if so, maybe have the text on the link updated to reflect the actual thread use, since this appears to not be a sevagoth thread as the hyperlink suggests. Thanks! EDIT: Since I wanted to provide Sevagoth feedback, I wrote up a detailed post of my thoughts and re
  9. So I wanted to see if I could archwing slingshot myself into the Tempestarii, because why not. I thought I locked onto it, but apparently I locked onto the corpus ship that hadn't beamed in yet. When I launched, i naturally hit the wall of the map, but it gave me the ability to enter the ship anyway. I couldn't leave without completing the ship objective of destroy the beam weapon. SO I did that. THEN I flew into the Tempestarii, triggered the whole sequence for the corpus, and was re-given the objective to destroy the ship. Except when I arrived onto the ship, it was already complete, so
  10. As with many of the other posters, I feel as though the updated combo-missions in RJ are somewhat disappointing. I’m also disappointed in Gian Point being removed. I did a few RJ missions, starting with the exterminate. And thought that some missions like this could make some sense. But I’d much rather be playing RJ in a RJ mission than something I can do all over the starchart. There are a few things that really irk me here: - the missions requires all people to participate. This boots you out of railjack essentially. I don’t want to play defense if I’m in a RJ mission.
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