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  1. you can always go to simaris directly from orbiter by goin to your syndicate console, select other(or misc, cant remember their category) select simaris, and click visit in a relay. cut down some time to go to him. but still tedious to check your color combinations tho
  2. the bonus hp only applies to base, not at max rank so base is 1800, mod apply bonus to this value : 2160 max rank, bonewidow has 3600, plus the 2160 from the mod = 5760. mod is working correctly
  3. for the first quote : YES PLEASE ! cause habing to launch another mission or return to dry dock to know what has been identified for the second quote : what you get is the extra reward yes. but not the derelict caches. Derelict caches now appears as identified on the reward list menu, but only after launching a new mission or returning to dry dock. i dont think rewards are messed up. you just dont have 2 bonus reward appearing, only the extra reward.
  4. you did not do everything for nothing. i agree with you, what you uncovered shold be labeled "identified". but when you finish the mission, the bonuses on the reward list 'wich appears on top fo your screen when back to RJ), are the things "identified". first is mission reward for completion, the 2 labeled "bonus" are first and second caches. you can tell by getting athodai, nautilus, carmine penta or spectra vandal parts. they'll appears as "bonus". but they were what was unidentified when hacking that console.
  5. do you know what's between elite taro basilik and elite taro harpi, same for vorac axio and i guess orm variant ? it looks like a ship (like a basilik or a harpi) but i guess a elite variant,n and since (when sorting by name) it appear inbetween them, the only one startin by elite taro ..... that would fit would be gox, but there is no elite version of it... or is there ? if someone has an actual scan of this, i'm glad to see what it is
  6. they are marked as BONUS when you finish the mission, the big pop up rewards on the top screen. they never showed as indentified in the reward screen menu
  7. i think OP dont talk about ppl who just randomly forma'd and did free flight once, but about ppl that knows about this issue and use it to forma weapons and stuff numerous time using this to skip lving stuff. A bug is not player's fault, you're absolutely right. Taking advantage of bugs to ease parts of the game that are not intented to be cheesed that way IS player's fault.
  8. it will be the same for everyone as far as i can read over the internet. a temp solution is to equip manually the echo lure in the wheel gear. however, you cant equip the pheromone the same way, as they only appear in the sub hunting menu (when equipping the tranq rifle in-mission). adn the pheromone does not appear as well in the wheel gear. therefore, you can still attract kubrodon, but not use any phgeromone
  9. i dont know if it's intended or not, but taro engineers appears in neptune proxima volatile missions, instead of what should be axio engineers (they seems to have they're entry in codex, but they do not spawn)
  10. for Gunnery, i guess the + acc % is based on the weapon the crewmate uses. dont know if it's multiplicative or additive, but let's say it's additive : the turret has 30% acc, gunnery give +15%, so crewmate has 45% acc when using it. same goes for heat accretion. for health, i think it's based on their own stat, when you hire them. and since they'll have or not some points in this stat when hired, a simple math can give you a rough idea of what their base is EDIT : typos
  11. Kurogane did the most dmg, using the primary weapon. therefore, he gain affinity divided between the killing weapons (the bow) and the frame. VincentDHD received shared affinity, split like this : 25% to the frame, 75% to the rest of the equipped weapons (evenly divided). therefore, kurgane gained less affinity on the secondary (mk1 kunai) due to the fact that the weapon only gained xp from VincentDHD kills (way less so)
  12. kuva ayanga is an archgun. did you look there?
  13. Ryukha

    Lost parts

    did you buy it from market ? or rush the craft at the foundry?
  14. check if you mastered khora or if you finished venari. Venari reward mastery, but do not appear in the codex. so i guess venari is rank 28 :). if not, then it's a bug
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