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  1. Problem is that I want it to make the smoke ephemera...
  2. This is a joke I made a post about this a while ago saying I wouldn't rant but at this rate I am actually femming from the mouth I am that angry I have done Falling glory to try to get the Ash Systems a whopping 13 times and still have not gotten JUST THE SYSTEMS on average it takes 35-50 mins per run so we'll do the average time for that which is 42.5 minutes which means that in hours it has taken me 9 hours and 10 minutes just to get one component WHICH I STILL DON'T HAVE. This is insane and ridiculous this isn't just a situation of "grind more for it" because I have just given up at the rate I was going just for one component NEED I REMIND YOU THAT I STILL HAVE TO GET THE OTHER COMPONENTS. DE this a plee for you to fix his drop rates or make the mission to get him less braindead boring sitting in my room for 40 minutes watching a show while having to fight sometimes is starting to become stupid Something of note this has been spread over multiple days and it has been my 6th day trying to get Ash's Systems
  3. It's insane how long it's been this is my 3rd day just trying to get his systems it is currently my 9th run and still nothing
  4. I have an issue here, I need the systems for the Smoke Epherma
  5. This is a discussion not a rant whilst I am annoyed at how hard it is and that's why I'm posting I am only here to see if people are having the same issue as me. Just wondering if people have been struggling to get the ash components like i have it has been 2 days and have repeated the same mission around 7th run on falling glory just to get the systems and it is way to hard at least for me it's not difficult it just takes an overly long time to do which is what is getting to me. For anyone wondering the drop chances are: Chassis: 10.26% on Rotation C of Obal crossing Neuroptics: 10.26% on Rotation C of Avar Vector Systems: 10.58% on Rotation C of Falling Glory
  6. I personally got them from doing bounties on Cetus but that's just me
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