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  1. I know this topic is old but , Full shield/health no real danger just instant death. Using Volt with capacitance 1650armor/shields with something like 800 health instantly dead. This isnt the first time this has happened. It has happened many times in the past few months. 82.649 Game [Info]: LordBepis was killed by 135 / 1 damage from a ELITE CREWMAN using a AICrpLaserRifle
  2. End of Feb 2019, and this is still a problem trying to complete a riven.
  3. Yeah they just screwed up my clan of 700+ by doing this.
  4. #1445352 Neptune - Yursa Impossible to complete, AI falls through the map upon crossing the doorway. Preventing map completion.
  5. Damn why is Jordas blinking again I did multiple runs of that hell already.
  6. Look, I'm all for supporting artists on steam and what not, but DE could we get some non tennogen skins for a change? Something that can be purchased with plat.
  7. I got nothing here as well. Watched the stream almost all day as soon as the page went live hours before 6pm EST for me.
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