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  1. Hey Apoll0! I'm sure you know who i am by know as we're often in the same forum pages. I'll read through this once I start to use my Octavia. Just thought I'd drop by and see what your saying. :)
  2. I understand what you are saying and I somewhat agree. However I think its now far too late for Warframe to make these changes - think of how many primes have been released. The idea of building a prime upon and existing regular frame would've been really cool - but again it may be too late for that.
  3. Can we have more creds in Nightwave? Could you make it so that we get 15 creds alongside each tier up reward?
  4. Could you please please consider and address this I'm sure the community would be very grateful. Thank you.
  5. You have the same thread THREE times. Please delete the others. Thank You
  6. I'm sorry, I don't understand much of what you are saying. However if you would like to share ideas about trading you may be interested in looking here:
  7. It would be great if you copy and pasted your ideas into the page linked above by Apoll0666 - that way everyone's ideas would be in one place and the more attraction that page gets, the more likely our ideas will be brought to DE's attention. Thank you.
  8. This is true. I was blessed yesterday and had no idea until I pressed options and saw the little icon in the top right of my screen. I feel like the notification is biggest the problem, or the lack of it I should say.
  9. I never thought having less shields is a good thing in any way. But doesn't it increase your chances of dying as you are then taking more health damage more often too?
  10. If you want to know what my MAIN issue is, have a look at this:
  11. All veterans seem to have the exact same problem. And its horrible especially when you guys are the ones that have put the most time/effort/energy/love into the game. Something definitely needs to be done.
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