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  1. Yesssss. Toss in a sheild osprey... and clem, and you'll be set.
  2. There is no blue book. Just market precedence - whats for sale and what has sold. Its up to you to make it up. Dont be shy, worst case scenario is that it doesnt sell, and you can always lower the price. I would avoid powering rivens up, or rerolling them if you want to sell them though, save your resources for the rivens you want to keep.
  3. Best advice i can give is to pick your bounties. If you find a vault thats easy to navigate, and the bounties are manageable, and theres no mist that needs sealing; clear your schedule and grind it. If you find yourself frustrated, lost, and/or confused; just come back in a few hours. Besides that, a mech to fight the mechs, a tablespoon of survivability, and plenty of heat and corrosive should do ya.
  4. Limbo. Just sit in cataclysm and wait for the ambulas to get picked up. Tip your hat to Frohd when he fires the artillery.
  5. I just fast travel out once i get er parked.
  6. It seems that base movement speed is the stat to go for here. But the difference isnt much.
  7. Well you could buy neurodes for 10 platinum each, Or a neurode blueprint for 100 platinum, Or a 30 day resource booster for 200 platinum to make farming more profitable. But the general recommendation is to save your platinum until you get a 50 or 75% off coupon for your daily tribute. Then buy yourself something fun thats difficult to farm.
  8. The creatures hide during the day. Hit them with that sunshine!
  9. You can shoot them. It helps a little. Otherwise i just wear tank frames and/or my nechramech.
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