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  1. its like the mods that are 14 increasing size had so much more work and scraficing for other mods to use in a build. when people using steel charge or powerdonation have that 4 mod slot that makes there builds able to do what it needs to do with just those 4 slots. maybe increasing mods to 10 normal and 20 matching polarity would help out people to make aura mods equal and not the use of having to cripple builds cause you have to use steel charge and even then you have to only still use weaker mods to build the build your making. example for my wisp i have all 3 umbrals on my wisp but i have 1
  2. like with certain mods i have to scrafice certain mods to make fit around this limited aura mod when just the 4 more sizes from steel charge makes the build so easy to manage.
  3. im probally not the only one that is having these issues when making builds when aura mods have 14 size to 18. most of the time the 18 size is used more than the 14 with certain builds limits every possible build from being made. why not make all the aura mods the same size of 18 so steel charge and powerdonation dont sit at 18 while all the others fall short.
  4. the trumna weapon is having issues if it touches the water geomatry on earth. truma is also not working properly with mirage hall of mirrors when using the alternate fire with a multishot of 2.5 i only throw 6-7 gernades not 10-15 like it should if hall of mirrors with my build of the trumna idk if it was intentional or if its a bug with the gun. mirage hall of mirrors is suppose to copy what the main is doing so it should throw 2 gernades as does the main entity would.
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