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  1. Any ideas how these ensmallening changes will impact consoles (particularly switch)? Do you think smaller meshes and audio sizes will improve load times? The audio section said there may be some performance improvements at least in synchronization. PS - the before and afters do look better ;)
  2. I think thematically it would make sense in Corpus railjack missions, but not in Grineer railjack.
  3. I'm hoping future Nightwave events are such that when we accomplish the final goal (like killing Nihil), the event stops effecting normal missions (no more glassed enemies spawning).
  4. TYPE: Weapon fire mode bug DESCRIPTION: Switching from normal fire mode (shotgun style) to machine gun mode, often times even though it switched to machine gun mode, holding the trigger fires one last shotgun blast. But releasing the trigger and holding it again will then fire machine gun mode. Like it still has one last shotgun blast queued up even though it went through the animations to switch modes, and subsequent firing works correctly. VISUAL: Pressing the "atl-fire" button (which on Fulmin switches modes) goes through the animation reliably REPRODUCTION: See Descripti
  5. Last night while opening relics, I had an odd issue on one mission where doors wouldn't open when I approached them. I'd run around confused in front of the door, but when a squadmate approached it would open. And no, it wasn't one of the sealed doors that you have to activate, these were all normal doors throughout the level. After a the 2nd or 3rd time, I found that if I went into operator mode, the door would open fine. So I finished the level doing that every time I approached a door. Then, at the end of mission extract area, all 4 of us were standing there, and the game still said
  6. Falling through elevators has been a long standing problem going back way before Deimos. I think everyone has simply gotten used to it, sadly. But about the relic, don't worry, you don't lose your relic if it doesn't get opened.
  7. I've seen this recently as well.
  8. To be honest, I'd like some more Scarlet Spear. Maybe a quick weekend event some time soon?
  9. Apparently they are aware of this:
  10. Started happening when the "switch hotfix #5" deployed yesterday, I believe. The first thing I noticed after starting the game, getting the daily login reward, then the inbox message for the Helminth resource refunds had a "/Lotus/Language/..." path for a title instead of normal verbiage. Then I keep seeing it in more and more places like others have said.
  11. Was doing Lua Captures as Titania Prime. Set as public but playing solo. Fairy mode's Dex Pixia were being completely ignored by the capture target. Couldn't harm him at all. Had to switch to a on-foot normal weapon to do the capture. Anyone else had this happen?
  12. Myself and others have reported the same issue. You're not alone.
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