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  1. Tested again claiming the twitch drop after the stream ends. Same issue as before: shows up in my twitch inventory as earned, but it can't be claimed because the drop campaign ended the minute the stream ended (8PM CST). Report from before: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1251042-umbra-drop-cannot-be-claimed/?do=findComment&comment=12054374 Today's example: I still think that if DE wants drops to be claimable for 24 hours after a stream ends (as was stated), then the drop's campaign needs to last 24 hours after the stream ends. "Campaign" means "how long is the
  2. Drop finally arrived. Strange that on twitch's site it throws up errors like its not working, and still shows up as a claimable item in my twitch inventory, even though I now have it in-game. I kinda wonder if someone "nudged it along" behind the scenes.
  3. OP here. I think maybe I see where there's a disconnect between what Warframe/DE is telling everyone for how the new Twitch Drops 2.0 works, and how they actually work. If I go to twitch help ( https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/mission-based-drops ) and read, it says: "... For time-based Drops, if you are unable to claim the Drop in time, you will be able to claim it from the inventory page until the Drops campaign ends." [emphasis mine] So that brings up the question: when did the drop's campaign end? This is a picture of the Campaign on twitch, its time frame being only 1
  4. Since Twitch 2.0 relinking, I have received other drops, so please dont stop reading when I say today's drop had issues. But today's drop is having issues. On the previous streams, I've hit the "Claim now" popup while the stream is still going on, and its worked. I've successfully gotten the other 3 items above in-game. On today's dev stream, I got a phone call and had to step away. So I did not claim the drop until after the stream had finished and completely stopped. When I went later to claim the Umbra Forma, I got the red message at the top saying "Error Occurred, drop w
  5. I hope some day DE will look into the interception bugs. These aren't easily reproducible, so I get that its hard to fix, but it still happens fairly regular. This was a 2-player Xini mission. Things wrong here: - The upper left only shows one objective, A, and it stays Red (never transitions to white/blue, even after capture) - All the objectives except 1 had no floating objective capture point things, as seen in this picture of point A. Normally there'd be a round capture point to stand under. - Standing at the unmarked objectives still works if you stand there long enough,
  6. I should probably add, I didn't do anything special or unusual here. I was doing public void trace farming until I remembered I needed to do fishing in PoE in daytime. So from my orbiter I hit solo mode and went straight to plains. I was shocked when 10 or so seconds into the plains Konzu started talking about Sentient Energy spikes. I started flying around, and yup, there was Terry, in the daytime. After taking the screenshot, I flew on and did other stuff. I never started an actual bounty, just tried to fish for nightwave. When a Tusk Thumper spawned, I thought it would be a rare opp
  7. Whats this new craziness?
  8. When it comes to the Corpus Queenpins being added to railjack, and Liches being moved there, can we drop the Lich/Queenpin name from the weapon name, and just have Kuva Bramma / Kuva Nukor / etc, instead of the long name? I think 99% of the time people only care about the Lich Name the first time they see him/her, after that no one really cares if the weapon is named after some long-dead/converted personal Lich, and its just something you have to mentally filter out. Plus the long names often don't fit into a lot of places weapon names are displayed.
  9. If it can be done more than once, that sounds like a relatively fast riven farm.
  10. I used to own both Mirage and Nekros (the plain, non-Prime frames). But they are no longer in my inventory. The only trace I have of them now are in my profile's completion data. Can a DE staffer please see why they are missing from my inventory?
  11. I claimed mine while the stream was in progress, and it was delivered in-game.
  12. Looks like they've made a change related to this in 29.8.0: Fixed cases of constantly failing ‘Area Control’ Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon due to required enemies being spawned on the other side of the Plains.
  13. I've always had problems with Warframe if I let the Switch go to sleep and resume it. To pause, I always use the + button to bring up the menu and leave it there.
  14. I've seen drones get hung recently, but didn't see the cause. In my cases (twice), I was following it in my mech (voidrig). Both times, it got hung for several minutes, then eventually started moving again. I don't remember transferring out of the mech while escorting the drone, but I might have.
  15. OP again. I don't recall seeing this issue for the last few days. Since the Nightwave update in fact. Maybe fixed?
  16. Doing a riven challenge, "Kill 5 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground". I've noticed the Kuva Ayanga can kill them just fine, but doesn't register on the challenge. Tried it in both mech mode, as well as a Heavy Weapon on my warframe. I also tried Proboscis Cernos, its very hard to land the hit, but when you do, the explosion shows 2 sets of affinity numbers (you know it killed both), but doesn't register. Had to resort to Mesa's aim-bot mode.
  17. Playing solo as Ivara, doing stealth finishers for extra affinity. I was playing with nearly full energy, with Prowl going (drains energy over time), but needed to pause a few minutes, so I did. When I unpaused, all my energy was gone. I don't think this is normal, pausing is supposed to halt the game state, not continue to drain energy over time the whole while. So I decided to experiment. I did an Energizing Dash, started charging energy, and hit pause/menu. A minute or two later, I unpause and my energy is fully charged. Nice ;) So pausing seems to not stop any energy drain/g
  18. Playing Orphix Venom in squads, I notice sometimes the Nechramech gets stuck in slow movement sleed. Seen with both Voidrig and Bonewidow. It seems like the speed of the mech gets linked to either the speed of the operator, or the speed of the warframe. I've been playing the event as Hildryn. So often between Orphixes I'm doing Hildryn things (mech -> operator -> Hildryn -> activate 4th -> mech). Sometimes when you get back in the mech, its moving very slowly, feels like the movement speed of Hildryn's 4th. Popping out of the mech (to operator) and back in usually
  19. Another example of Waypoint frustration. Doing a Deimos bounty, the stage 1 objective was in a cave, waypointed just like the first picture (though tbh, the screenshot was snapped later). After completing stage 1, the stage 2 waypoint is on the cave entrance I came in through. So I go out through it. Once outside, the waypoint still shows to go inside. Inside shows going outside. Then I snapped this screenshot from outside: Realizing the waypoint is probably false, I start backing up and flying around randomly looking for where to go. Finally, I hit a spot th
  20. Attached are two screenshots from the same tile. At one end of the tile, the extraction location is at an 11 oclock angle from me on the map If I go to a different corner of that tile, extraction is somewhere else entirely, at about 2 oclock angle.
  21. In Orb Vallis, some bounties have a "Spy" challenge in a base's garage. This works fine the first time it comes up. But after that, any later bounty that re-uses this objective cannot be completed. The objective's terminal will not be interactive in order to hack it. First visit: Second visit: I have not re-tested this since the Orphix Venom update. Forgive me if its fixed already.
  22. I've found that if the timing is right/wrong, you can launch the Teralyst bounty from Cetus, complete it perfectly, but at the end its always "Bounty Failed". I've been able to successfully reproduce this 3 Cetus nights in a row after figuring out how. If you start the bounty with just a few seconds left (I waited until the countdown timer reached 3 seconds) and start the bounty, it acts like everything is good and lucky you, you get to squeeze in one last Teralyst capture before night ends. But if it takes longer than 3 seconds to get into the tunnel to the plains, that seems to be
  23. The bounty's area is so large, that enemies are spread very thin. Finding enough enemies to kill is sometimes like a find-the-caches challenge, and often you cant find them fast enough, so the bounty fails. Sometimes you get lucky, but often times you don't. I'm sure if DE looked into the stats at how often this particular objective fails, it wound stand out.
  24. Remove the railjack's interior doors. Or just leave them permanently open. Ive been on many laggy squad missions, where I approach the door and wait while it takes multiple seconds to open. The only purpose they seem to serve is the extremely rare frozen over effect, and I think losing that is a fair trade for this QOL improvement.
  25. Only the host should be able to launch a mission. Don't let others hijack the railjack (force-launching the squad into another mission). Let squad members freely extract at any time after a mission's objective are met, in case they don't want to do another mission or stick around for looting.
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