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  1. Also, Amalgam Organ Shatter on a Glaive? Does the Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed do anything? If I'm not mistaken regular melee Attack Speed affects the speed at which you "wind-up" to throw the Glaive (which isn't a heavy attack) and the heavy attack itself is used to detonate the Glaive once thrown and would not benefit from an increase in speed. If I'm wrong please someone let me know.
  2. Not on the exact topic raised but don't Volatile Quick Return and Power Throw sort of cancel each other? Volatile Quick Return disables punch-through yet Power Throw adds it?
  3. I am really, really digging the new Dex Rhino Skin - except for the Iron Skin - which looks like a beaten up foil-wrapped discount chocolate Easter Egg that was forgotten in the yard for a few weeks. Would it be possible to change the Dex Rhino Iron Skin to an effect such as the one that the Paladin Skin has for Iron Skin? The Paladin shimmer-Iron Skin is much more subtle and wouldn't mar the aesthetic of the wonderful skin you've gifted us.
  4. I always thought that the silver Forma Relic Drop should be a "x2 Forma". Having a silver tier drop just one Forma doesn't make any sense.
  5. Got all five of my drops for the week. I did not know that these Rush Repair Drones eliminated the Resource needs for the build as well as the build time; that is very cool. I'm saving them for the most resource hungry builds.
  6. I see that some of my Railjack mods are searchable in the Mods Inventory of the app but not all the mods and there is no "Railjack" mods section. A "Railjack" section would be awesome, but I would love to just be able to see all my Railjack Mods.
  7. I wouldn't if I were you, you'll end up sitting all day waiting for it to drop and then before you have to head to bed it'll be ready. Better to take the next day off. 😉
  8. 2 Flower Decanters and 1 Planter so far... Every grab bag, every time. And...two floofs to round it out. I absolutely hate the grab bag style drops.
  9. Free is free - but I know how this has worked out for me in the past - so I'm already picking out the spots where I'm going to put my 5 flower pots.
  10. Huh? All Cedo Rivens have the same disposition - that's how it works. It's a new weapon so the Riven disposition is 0.5 - that is also, how it works. If you want a full disposition Cedo then you are simply out of luck. You have to wait for disposition changes every 3-4 months for maybe a 0.15 bump up and that is IF the weapon loses popularity. If the weapon maintains popularity then it will remain at a low disposition forever.
  11. I never sell the veiled Kitgun Rivens as they are worth next to nothing, but I routinely sell Vermisplicer, Sporelacer, Tombfinger, Catchmoon, & Gaze Rivens - not for a lot of plat, mind you - but they do sell.
  12. Oh no, this just won't do. Why would DE choose to give these things free knowing that Nitto here wouldn't need or like it? I mean, how absurd, it's almost as if this game has more people playing than just him. Balderdash!
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