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  1. The Sigma Series is one wonky looking Syandana. Is it supposed to stick 4 feet off the back of your Warframe like that?
  2. Anyone know how much the Dendra Leg Guards are in the Market?
  3. Guess I need to finish Nihil - fought him once and failed pretty badly - so I guess I try , try again until the 24th.
  4. Deimos Arcana dropped yesterday. Veiled kitgun rivens are still going for 10p and less. Unveiled Decent Infested Kitgun Rivens are going for less than a hundred.
  5. I've not made it a priority to even get the first "mech" - at first it was simply because it has an awful, awful design - seriously, who chose corn cob R2-D2? Then after I watched it in action on a few missions it cemented my decision to just put it on the backburner - it rarely made any sort of difference to the successful completion of a mission and a few times actually hindered it as we waited for the mech-user to slowly trudge over to the next objective. This new one seems, somehow, even less impressive than the first... (Also, Bonewidow is a dumb name.)
  6. What is going on with the Fomorian lighting??? Every object is abnormally bright: https://ibb.co/pnxbt2k (Not my pic as I neglected to take a screenshot but this is exactly what it looks like.) Many other people I am speaking to are having this same issue on PS4. It may be why not many are playing this Fomorian event and we may lose a relay.
  7. You can buy the Receiver from another player. That's pretty much your only avenue at this point. On PS4 at least you can get one for less than 15 plat.
  8. This....1000 times this. What is the deal? Lots of people reporting it on my Facebook group too. Sending them to this thread.
  9. So I have been able to duplicate this bug now 4 times. I enter Eidolon Hunting Bounty, normal stuff, then when the Eidolon is about to "Energy Spike" I hop on my K-Drive to avoid the Magnetic Status and BAM - I am instantly falling through the map. I was able to recover from this once - I have no idea how as /unstuck did not work any time this happened - I simply waited and it respawned? me with my team though my ability to switch to my Operator was non-functional after. On the last instance I was able to hop onto my Archwing and fly upward through the ground and back onto the P
  10. They are re-running Tuesday drop due to Twitch problems with the drop. Wasn't on DE this time, but we get another shot at the Braton Vandal Receiver next Tuesday.
  11. No drop, very disappointing - this seems to be a recurring problem.
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