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  1. As with the preintermission intermission, why must we have a postintermission intermission? Can't you just start the new battlepass as you remove the old? Not having a viable source of nitain is getting really boring.
  2. I can't speak with 100% certainty on the specific drops, however my experiences would indicate 'not'.
  3. Are you going to be upping the cap, never realised there would be one & now I've no way to get nitain. It's rather frustrating.
  4. Just spent the last hour or so trying to farm the saxum, jugulus & carnis mods from the endless bounty. 3 times in a row the game simply stopped spawning enemies during the 2nd round of excavators. The only enemies that seem capable of spawning are the 'projectile incoming' face-grabber things. Other than that, it's a ghost town. Please fix soon.
  5. Better yet; actually put the information in the game.
  6. 'Selected' implies a decision was made. This is much closer to being arbitrary rifles only.
  7. That skin is a massive waste of time, cannot be applied to any of my rifles.
  8. Any chance of getting a 'hide vaulted' option on the relic select page? My relic list is getting a little out of hand.
  9. Any chance of an arbitration-type mission that drops solely unvaulted relics? Running void missions is not a very worthwhile endeavour and mostly feels like a waste of time, whereas the open worlds feel much more rewarding; but are far too glitchy and prone to losing progress. Not to mention they're often arbitrarily impossible to solo.
  10. Don't think it's new, happened to me about a week ago on PS4. It's as if the game stops recognising the controller midway through a command and the cursor just slowly drifts to one side. Personally, I was able to close the game using the playstation button.
  11. 2 things, there's a Ui bug where the nightwave bounty pop-up at the bottom of the screen becomes frozen and will not disappear. Also Crewmen and pets are not resetting between railjack missions and you have to go back to the dojo for them to come back to life.
  12. Sitting here with parts missing for boar, dakra and nikana; but de unvault chroma. -_-
  13. Any idea on when there'll be a fix for the void rifts 'following' players when you use the warp to ally from archwing? Also I know it's not technically a bug, but cy constantly covers up the temperature metre during volatile missions. It'd be nice to be able to turn off the on-screen portion of transmitions.
  14. Well that's moronic. Thought DE was supposed to be buffing guns not nerfing them. Smh
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