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  1. Try turning off Bloom and Color correction in the display settings, that should reduce overbright on colors.
  2. What? Normal Alad V can drop up to 2 neural sensor per run. I doubt that drop rate is higher on nightmare mode.
  3. If you mean is that watercooler compatible with your processor, well than answer is yes. But the issues might be will the radiator fit on top of your case and there are couple of things to consider: Motherboard clearance - Get a ruler and measure how much free space do you have in there, since most of recent motherboards have a heat sink at the top that can be bulky and can make mounting radiator a pain. Choosing a right motherboard for a right case can make installing new coolers and other stuff in future a bit easier. If you can't mount it on top, try it in front IF your case have a nice f
  4. 2 am here, i think ill get some rest and hope that update will arrive in the morning.
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