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  1. Octavia's moveset could use a rework. Why? Let me explain. Octavia is probably the most customizable warframe in the game, because she can have a completely custom soundtrack. However, this is undermined by the way her abilities are set up. Basically, the mechanics of her abilities encourage players to set up songs in a specific fashion and discourages creativity; you can't set your song up the way YOU want without compromising octavia's functionality. Now, onto the rework. Abilities:
  2. Are you joking? Doom: 2016 and Doom Eternal are INCREDIBLY fast-paced, incredibly more so than warframe, and those two games work fine in first person.
  3. Nice twist on the 'flaming room: this is fine' comic! It's a frozen room instead of a flaming one.
  4. All I can say is, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give out the gunblade and prime frame to everyone like you did with Tennocon 2020.
  5. Three issues with the warframe Tennocon are really bugging me right now. 1) I've been watching for 30 minutes and had Warframe up during that time, and I haven't gotten the gunblade yet, even though my Twitch and Warframe accounts were linked very recently. 2) Warframe site is down, so I cannot check if I'm still linked or not. 3) Got logged out of the game and can't log back in, because the network periodically gets overwhelmed and stops responding. All I can say is, I REALLY, REALLY hope that they do with the Tennocon 2021 drops what they did with the Tennocon 2020 drops.
  6. Not necessarily. They could have decided to Prime her solely because she volunteered. It's very possible Gara prime could have been the first warframe of the 'gara' make.
  7. By Excalibur, I think they mean Excalibur Umbra. And besides, it could be that, for Gara and Ivara, the orokin started with the normal versions and created the improved prime versions later.
  8. The idea is... interesting. It would be nice to get a view of the world from the warframe's eyes.
  9. I think it's the other way arround: basic warframes are the stripped down, mass production models, and primes are the original sets of warframes. Hence why your orbiter can produce basic warframes relatively easily, but needs components from the void to produce primes.
  10. With all due respect, could you please repost this in feedback?
  11. Do you know what would be interesting? If the mouth had a Damage-over-Time effect where it would 'chew' enemies. And swallow them if they were killed by the DoT effect. That's roughly accurate, except when I imagine the Chasm, I imagine a 3D space where the greatest focus is on the space above the seafloor. You know how Deimos had caves, but they were less of a focus than the surface? The same thing would be true of the seafloor of the Chasm. Yeah, we could use FAR more infested variety. How about a animate, Mutualist Javlock that uses it's thrusters to turn itself into a missile sound? Yeah, but make them smarter and less inclined to serve their masters. A group of part-amphibian grineer defectors, unable to link up with Steel Meridian because they breathe water instead of air, instead trying to carve out a life in the abyss would make for an interesting Syndicate for the Chasm. Yeah, having certain abilities change when underwater might work. Not sure about the gear item, since it would, in effect, temporarily give the player a second set of abilities while active. I think a better option would be to give the player the ability to change whether it uses Archwing or Warframe abilities in the Arsenal menu.
  12. This is going to be difficult to put in practice. Many warframe abilities are designed wih land combat in mind. For example, Hydroid's ultimate would be nearly useless in some of the more open archwing maps merely because of a lack of surfaces for the tentacles to spawn. Well, the AMH is meant to be exactly that: a means to allow tenno to more easily navigate aquatic regions. One other thing this update copuld include is a variant of operator form for archwing. As for the necramechs, I think that they'd have limited use in the chasm, as they have no ability to easily navigate water and would likely sink like a stone. Maybe old orokin experiments in making sentient and sapient aquatic life? Seems like a nice start of an idea. The idea that grineer are trying to wipe them out is also a good one, though I don't know why Tyl Regor would want water-breathing troops, as they already have Draga troops that can operate underwater. That being said, a group of genetically altered grineer who breathe water instead of air is a good contender for the Chasm's Syndicate. The Grineer are meant to be the dominant faction in this open world, but a Plague Star-esque event could introduce infested into the Chasm. Imagine what the infested could do if it infected a Leviathan... Yeah, sounds good! We're told that the grineer facilities have the potential to pollute the enviornment, but we haven't seen the consequences of that pollution yet. Fish mutated by grineer chemicals and species driven to the brink of extinction by the grineer presence in the Chasm would be a nice way to show that. Nice concept! I haven't thought of a Warframe for this open world; I was considering reworking Hydroid and moving the means to acquire him from the Vay Hekk boss fight to the Chasm, but the above idea could work. Maybe have the above warframe borrow elements from both Ivara and Grendel?
  13. This is a idea for a MASSIVE update to Uranus and any other location with an excess of water. It adds all sorts of things: new mechanics, new enemies, and a new open world. It's WAY past time DE expanded the Warframe universe to the Deep Blue. Part 1: SWIMMING! Part 2: The Chasm of Beasts
  14. Passive Concept: Enhanced Agility. Loki's parkour speed recieves a significant increase, and loki's aim latch and wall glide time are boosted along with it. It's basically an expanded version of his current passive.
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