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  1. The entrati are way, way, way to far gone for the cure to be even remotely effective. Besides, we're dealing with the grey strain here, the cure might not even work on it.
  2. Idea: Make this Revenant's signature archgun instead of his 4th ability, and whip up a wicked-cool archwing to go along with it.
  3. They already have. It's called an Archwing.
  4. This idea is cool, but it could use a little refinement. So, why not replace this with something a little more grounded in the lore and a whole lot cooler. Fury of the Void This is 'unlocked' after you complete the Chains of Harrow quest. When you take damage that drops your Operator's health below a certain threshhold, the edges of your vision begins to repeatedly flash red. When this happens, you must press the Void rage button within a second or two, and hold it until the edges of your vision stop flashing red to avoid triggering Fury of the Void. The less health you have left, the longer you have to hold it before the edges of your vision stop flashing. If you fail to either press the button or hold it for long enough, you momentarily hear the Man in the Wall voice his approval, then Fury of the Void will trigger. Upon activation, the operator will scream in rage, and begin levitating as tendrils of void energy extend from their back. Fury of the Void lasts about a minute, and while it is active, the operator has shields equal to 10 times their maximum health, movement speed is massively increased, the operator's amp/void beam is replaced with a devastating death ray of void energy, and the operator's melee attacks are replaced with the void tendrils mentioned earlier, which do a metric sh*tton of void damage. However, there is a downside. Firstly, friendly fire is ENABELED while Fury of the Void is active, and all your attacks while it is active have utterly huge AoEs. One must be very careful to not hit any allies or destructible objectives (ie warframe cryopods or fomorian reactors) while Fury of the Void is active. Secondly, you cannot use transference to enter your warframe during Fury of the Void and for about 60 seconds after it wears off, and also cannot re-activate Fury of the Void for those 60 seconds. If you die during that period, you either fail the mission or are shunted into spectator mode, depending on whether you're in singleplayer or multiplayer. No bleed-out time, no self-revives. Basically, the overarching principle here is that the Man in the Wall can turn your operator into a relentless death-machine for a minute, but once that minute is up, you're going to have to pay for it.
  5. When I mentioned thousands of tenno, I was referrencing the thousands of lotus flowers we see in the background near the beginning of the Erra cinematic cutscene. Plus, if there were thousands of kids on board the Zariman, then that raises a question as to how over a thousand tenno kids managed to smuggle themselves aboard without anyone noticing.
  6. Well, surely the orokin would have tried to figure out what went wrong on the Zariman Ten-Zero, right? If they did, then all it would take is to replicate the Zariman incident, albiet on a smaller scale, and they'd have a new Tenno. Well, the tenno are being birthed and raised by the queen. Why wouldn't they do what she says and attack us on sight? Well, there are thousands of tenno in the in-game lore, right? Way more than what could be crammed onto the Zariman alone. So that implies that the orokin were creating additional tenno. And for the record, these tenno are not rogue because they never were on our side to begin with. I'm not saying that the Liches are identical to Tenno, just that they can do similar things and that tenno grown and trained by enemy factions can easily replace them. I'm not referring to tenno who've become Kuva Liches when I say 'tenno liches'. I'm simply referring to tenno who work for the Grineer.
  7. Firstly, I'm proposing that we cut the Kuva out of the system entirely. The queen may be using it to transfer tenno between cloned bodies in order to keep them alive and allow them to continue to serve their queen despite genetic defects in each clone, but it isn't the main thing that makes the Tenno liches powerful in this instance. It's that they can fight and combat other tenno in a way no other enemy units can by challenging them in an area in which they're normally dominant. The spectres are just warframes on their own. With Tenno Liches, we're actually fighting another warframe being directed by another operator. Sure, an operator grown in a grineer cloning vat and These new Tenno Liches should feature a AI that is smarter and more complex than the Spectre's AI. Yeah, some of the more conservative grineer generals would DEFINITELY raise a stink about all this, so why don't we let the worm queen answer this very complaint. Worm Queen: "Some of you have been raising complaints about how we're consorting with the Dreamers and their nasty little metal puppets. As I have explained to the generals and will explain to you, we aren't consorting with the dreamers. We're just making our own! After all, the best way to fight your enemy is to become them!" *malevolent giggles* I'm not saying that the Tenno are Liches, just that they are kinda lich-y and that all it would take is a separate group of tenno, in opposition to the lotus's children, with a bigger focus on their lich-like traits to get Tenno Liches that could replace the Kuva Liches. Besides, the title of Lich would be far more appropriate with these Tenno Liches, since they have a physical phylactery of sorts in the form of their operators, unlike the current Kuva Liches
  8. Yes, yes, I can here you guys shouting that the Tenno are space ninjas, not space liches, and you're right in that the tenno are space ninjas. But they're also kinda space-liches as well. Think about it. The tenno are able to basically be killed over and over and over again, and still come back at you. Kinda undead lich-y, right? Also, every tenno has a 'phylactery' of sorts; their operator. Take away the operator's warframe and void powers, and they become pretty damn vulnerable. But how would you end up fighting other tenno? Well, it's not that hard to get a tenno. You just subject a kid to void energy, get a few helminth spores, infect some unfortunate sap with them, and you have a tenno. Granted, it's a tenno with only 1 warframe, no training, and no weapons, but it's a tenno none-the-less. So it stands to reason that the other factions would eventually figure out how to make warframes and tenno of their own, right? Now that I've justified all this, lets get into the system itself. Grineer Kuva Lich Trailer: Children of the Queen New System Tutorial Page:
  9. Octavia's moveset could use a rework. Why? Let me explain. Octavia is probably the most customizable warframe in the game, because she can have a completely custom soundtrack. However, this is undermined by the way her abilities are set up. Basically, the mechanics of her abilities encourage players to set up songs in a specific fashion and discourages creativity; you can't set your song up the way YOU want without compromising octavia's functionality. Now, onto the rework. Abilities:
  10. Are you joking? Doom: 2016 and Doom Eternal are INCREDIBLY fast-paced, incredibly more so than warframe, and those two games work fine in first person.
  11. Nice twist on the 'flaming room: this is fine' comic! It's a frozen room instead of a flaming one.
  12. All I can say is, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give out the gunblade and prime frame to everyone like you did with Tennocon 2020.
  13. Three issues with the warframe Tennocon are really bugging me right now. 1) I've been watching for 30 minutes and had Warframe up during that time, and I haven't gotten the gunblade yet, even though my Twitch and Warframe accounts were linked very recently. 2) Warframe site is down, so I cannot check if I'm still linked or not. 3) Got logged out of the game and can't log back in, because the network periodically gets overwhelmed and stops responding. All I can say is, I REALLY, REALLY hope that they do with the Tennocon 2021 drops what they did with the Tennocon 2020 drops.
  14. Not necessarily. They could have decided to Prime her solely because she volunteered. It's very possible Gara prime could have been the first warframe of the 'gara' make.
  15. By Excalibur, I think they mean Excalibur Umbra. And besides, it could be that, for Gara and Ivara, the orokin started with the normal versions and created the improved prime versions later.
  16. The idea is... interesting. It would be nice to get a view of the world from the warframe's eyes.
  17. I think it's the other way arround: basic warframes are the stripped down, mass production models, and primes are the original sets of warframes. Hence why your orbiter can produce basic warframes relatively easily, but needs components from the void to produce primes.
  18. With all due respect, could you please repost this in feedback?
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