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  1. Remove guass he has the distinction of being only frame without a useful ability.
  2. sounds bad, DE has less then impressed me in this
  3. Kyronz

    Gauss toughts

    albeit my gauss only has potato and 1 forma... but DULL, DULL as hell the frame excels at nothing has not even a nominal purpose.......just crap.
  4. PLAT? oh geeze they bribing people already, this does not look good for future updates 😛
  5. ropalolyst the ever broken was not as fun as many of us as you would think.
  6. can't say i like acolytes, an event focused entirely sitting on yout tushy awaiting an appearance by an acolyte is wicked dull even for DE
  7. heh i found new NW operator suit to be ugly as sin, well worth the price 😛
  8. is still tradeable, but just not able to be linked. ah well i have a few left, but being able to link it would be nice.
  9. but are they they still tradable? This random crap needs to be in patch notes or somewhere.
  10. lol been a few years since i reached MR 24, ain't no reason to go beyond that. loadouts suck hard care, so that is barely a reason. now if we could lock loadouts to contain only what we place there, that might be a reason to go further.
  11. lol pretend i did not spend hours using the reddit map or youtube videos, the truth is you cannot spawn a race "you are aware you have to spawn them" with default board.....do you fanbois get paid by the word or somethjing? want races to spawn? buy a custom board there is no other choice.
  12. you have to have buy a custom k-drive...that was very nasty but likely why they put the races in Night wave in the first place.
  13. i will pretend you do not understand where things stand atm but you are a liar.
  14. not an option unless you buy a custom k-drive....if you do then you can get races to spawn to grind out a custom k-drive...many find this crap annoying as al hell. access to k-drive races is behind a paywall atm, scum thing to do.
  15. you have to buy a custom k-drive for race events to spawn, DE cash grabbing again.
  16. I am not great at the event but it takes very litlle too kill 2 of 'em for every death.
  17. i've wasted hours searching for at least one of these mythical k-drive races which do not exist in game, i say we slit these kids throats and call the faction failed as all hell.
  18. Worse part of mining is the @W#$@#$%^% auidibles, not everyone hears, why not make it a visual queue. there are a hell of a lot more hearing impaired people playing then blind people. Sometimes the arrogance of the dev's is just annoying.
  19. The weapon is hard core suck, but the farm is doable. But it is really a bleh weapon, the farm is nasty because DE gets off on that kind of punishment to it's registered losers.
  20. There is no reason to go past 3rd wave in ESO. much like arbitration there are no useful rewards for that gameplay mode.
  21. he appears more then he used to but is a huge waste of time, he never drops anything. most groups will ignore him, since that is the intelligent thing to do.
  22. our teammate who died after the change just aborted mission, i will probably do the same thing on death in arbitration.....new system is to mickey mouse to bother with.
  23. it would be petty move by devs who are so removed from the game as be moronic enough to try it/
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