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  1. Hild is a bit of a snooze fest like most of the recent frames.
  2. yeah play with friend or clan mate means they don't pay attention to the trend of the game.....yeah i could annoy the hell out of someone and waste their time to play with me, but neither of us would enjoy it.
  3. why the hell should i build and gild just to delete something, that is asinine
  4. The new system would be ideal alongside the old alert system. More choices of where and when to play is always good.....as a replacement for alert system I am not all that hot on it, but i have long since mined out all the cosmetics and parts from old alert system.
  5. looks cool is a bit weak, but since the stance is hiding from me, i not using one atm.
  6. she is MR fodder don't put too much effort into a non-serious frame like hildryn. She does nothing very well, even her ult is a downer.
  7. what an asinine statement, of course i used the untiled map...there is nothing at those locations to scan.
  8. ain't nothing to scan, i spent enough time looking.
  9. I flew to a few of the markers did not see anything even after landing and running around. Pretty much a dead event for me since i am not spending 40 hours scouring each marker location.
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