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  1. you actually spent the 3 damn hours of de selected time and got a victory bonus? what's it like, vast majority of playerbase would like to know?
  2. No it is not a real thing in that it has no actual use. it's only real function is marketing nonsense, and no rational person trusts a marketer.
  3. why would i play an event bound to DE's schedule and not mine? get rid of the 100/100 crap. the point rewards are a joke, there is no reason to play this event, hiding arcanes behind this garbage after the huge nerf is just nasty.
  4. atm they have forgone matchmaking for RJ...no one knows why they would break the event on this, unless they want the event to fail.
  5. I ate my tasty rations, so i am a goner anyways..........currently recovering from the real flu, a week of just being sick as all out...and now another one hunting us....LOL sometimes there is no winning.
  6. squad link is a failure, not even you can point to anything it does....it is patch note oddity that serves no purpose or has a use.
  7. yet oddly enough p2p matchmaking works flawlessly in every other aspect of the the game.....strange that ain't it?
  8. lazy and bad coding, i mentioned that. even ground runs you only get a mate or two to play on every 3rd of 4th round. Either no one is playing or matchmaking is bad. OR no one is playing since matchmaking makes the event dead in the water....either way it could be fixed, but DE is unlikely to put the effort in or they would have done so before release.
  9. why the heck would anyone want to solo when pub group mechanics exist, but DE is to lazy to implement the code in the event?
  10. if DE had decent management threads about the utter poor quality of new content would not be so common.
  11. from the little we know it is a broken operation already.....the RJ part is going to be beastly while the ground game will be a bit of fun. My RJ is veil worthy, but i not use it in this apparent garbage fest
  12. bought the game back in the day, it was mildly interesting for a few days, to cash intensive for a gameplay that was not good enough. Found it to be a very EA like experience.
  13. sortie 3 bosses are medium level, i am surprised you can get one to stand still long enough for a 1hit heavy attack kill, or for the attack to actually land, presumably you are solo for this feat so the mob is not distracted?
  14. was a bit on the dark side, but every wave even the end they all die to rhino stomp, splurge and use those new 100 button bp's
  15. at least we can now control heavy attacks, not just get paralyzed for a few seconds randomly every few minutes. Shame they could not go back to the old code there, where holding melee could reliably trigger a charged attack, but to much effort for that it appears. on my weapons they are still way to slow to actually use though.
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