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  1. krc473

    Clan chat

    I was of the impression that the Clan MOTD was for that kind of thing. Hence why I assumed it was a way to give chat warnings. The Herald permission can be granted to people that need to use it.
  2. krc473

    Mastery rank stopped advancing

    The most likely cause is "failure to use gear that has not been maxed". If something has hit rank 30 before, you get no mastery for it. No, you cannot Forma stuff to get mastery. Have a look at your equipment page in your profile, if it is rank 30, you cannot get any mastery.
  3. krc473

    Question regarding Sortie and Rivens

    Yep. I have not had an experience that supports that theory though. But hey, that does not mean it’s incorrect.
  4. krc473

    Question regarding Sortie and Rivens

    You cannot do sorties if you are unable to hold any more rivens. You are allowed your cap + one rivens, then sorties are disabled.
  5. krc473

    How do you grind with a controller?

    It should be the crouch button.
  6. krc473

    Playing with a PS4 controller on PC.

    That folder should exist. Make sure you have enabled hidden items (should have said that earlier, sorry). By default, that App Data folder is hidden.
  7. krc473

    Boss battle idea

    This is unlikely to work. Stalker appears far too infrequently for this. I have not encountered a Stalker for myself in months. Had I been fighting the same boss hundreds of times, the level would not be impossible to complete in a timely fashion. Stalker would also be far too strong. How would you buff Stalker's spawn chance to prevent this from occurring? Aside from that, it sounds like a good idea.
  8. krc473

    Playing with a PS4 controller on PC.

    I use a controller too (XB1). I encountered issues when I tried to change the bindings. I had to restore default bindings then rebind every single option to make it work properly. One thing I could suggest though: try removing the EE.cfg file. Just move it to your desktop, and open the game. See if that will fix it. The EE.cfg file stores this kind of thing in it, so removing it would let you start fresh. If it does not help, you can just copy the old one back in. EE.cfg path: C:\Users\[Local User]\AppData\Local\Warframe
  9. krc473

    Playing with a PS4 controller on PC.

    Have you got any software downloaded for the controller yet? You might need to customise the controls using third-party software. there is something about Windows not supporting PS4 controllers that well. An XB1 controller is far better.
  10. krc473

    Clan chat

    You could just do the same thing I suggested, but in clan chat. I figured if you are warning someone that only they need to know. Maybe I have missed the point here.
  11. krc473

    When will support reply ?

    Ah, that is a pain. It could be up to a month for a reply. DE support will be somewhat busy with the recent Fortuna release.
  12. krc473

    When will support reply ?

    Fairly normal. Are you not able to change it yourself? Account Settings Overview Email Address -> Change
  13. What riven? Explain the challenge and someone might be able to help. Try: Unequip the riven. Reload the game. Re-equip the riven.
  14. krc473

    Results may vary

    You really need to specify what is wrong. It all looks okay to me.
  15. krc473

    Clan chat

    Why not just message them in game? That way you can tell them what the issue was. A tagging system may not do this. if the warning message said what the issue was, I would be all for it. I.e. @krc473 you have been warned for spamming. You will be removed (etc) If you continue.