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  1. If you get a chat ban it’s for everywhere. Otherwise you’d just say silly things in other chats. Did you try reloading the game in that period? Sometimes you get kicked instead of banned. And you just reload the game to fix that (usually).
  2. Syndicate missions

    Are you all at the same level in that particular syndicate? If not, only some people will get the stuff.
  3. Well, your frame has the buffs, not the operator... No, it does not pause the buffs. You can bug some if you let them run out while in operator mode (Loki's Invisibility worked for a while).
  4. Helios Augment from Simaris

    I mean, the mod description answers most of this. You complete the codex entry on an enemy, then any subsequent scan gives a damage multiplier spot. It lasts for about 10 seconds according to the wiki. So, the mod will ONLY trigger on fully scanned enemies. To function it scans them. It has a reasonable duration (most enemies would be dead in that time anyway).
  5. Dojo planter decorations

    I know. But I prefer them to the current options in dojo. So just putting it out there.
  6. Dojo planter decorations

    You did it wrong. You need to get the image address. If you want better planters, buy them for platinum from the market. You can stick them in the dojo and use them there. They cost 20 platinum each.
  7. The Grustrag Three need a unnurf

    Gear used to be much worse back then. DE keeps giving us better stuff, but do not change the enemies. First time I found G3 I ran away, because I had no chance. Now they might as well be three level 1 butchers. Even in LoR they were barely a problem.
  8. The Grustrag Three need a unnurf

    I think (hope) the next quest is the Sacrifice quest*. Who wouldn't like Umbra styled G3? After that quest, you get Umbra G3. The only way it could be quest based is if they use a new quest. *Any quest after this could have it. But that would take months/years. The way I figure it: if people with decent gear find it "trivial" it needs a buff/rework. But if they will still find it trivial, leave it as is. That is the problem with the idea. DE will not make G3 strong enough. So they should just leave them as is, so as not to waste their time. Personally, I would like an upgraded version of each assassin. Something that when it shows up, there is a possibility of failing.
  9. Warframe worth to spend some platinum

    From what you said, it sounds like you would prefer to buy Harrow. But if all you need is one single part, maybe try farm it first? "I do not like the mission" is a poor excuse, you might only need to spend 20 - 30 mins there. If you want a frame for Eidolons, Harrow is quite good. My suggestion is to think about which type appeals to you the most? Nidus> Tank, CC, damage, AoE heal, buffs. Octavia> High AoE damage, CC (enemies target the ball), buffs. Squishy, has invisibility. Harrow> Crit buffs, CC, AoE damage immunity. I managed to get Octavia and Harrow really quickly (under an hour each, excluding quest). I did buy Nidus, because I wanted him. He is a pain to farm though.
  10. The Grustrag Three need a unnurf

    Honestly, this would have only a small effect. Shadow Stalker is incredibly weak if you are prepared. Stronger than normal Stalker, yes. But not a challenge. Something like this would be a good idea though, if DE would actually take it far enough. But like the Shadow Stalker, they wont. Because lower level players (with worse gear) still have to have a chance to win. Maybe we could get "Umbra G3" as part of/leading on from Sacrifice.
  11. I purchased a similar riven to yours a while back: I paid 75 plat for it. You have priced yours around 10x too high, hence no one will buy it. If you try for 100-150 plats you might find a buyer.
  12. Why DE, why

    It may not have shown up as a Sabotage if it had an alert or something on it. If a node has a secondary mission (i.e. an alert) click it to find out what the normal mission is.
  13. If you search for "Hunhow" in the market it shows up. Or if you link it in chat...
  14. The Grustrag Three need a unnurf

    Not really. Because if they are hard on Meta gear, then new players will not stand a chance. Not a lot in this game is designed to be hard for meta gear.
  15. Why DE, why

    Why do you need an alert for this? There is already a sabotage mission on Uranus (Dessemona).