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  1. Please HELP!!!!!!!!

    It is integrated with the CPU. Has a max clock of 896 MHz. This is no good, a GPU does over 1000 MHz (1753 MHz for the one I looked at).
  2. Please HELP!!!!!!!!

    Minimum system requirements: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+ (~2.2Ghz dual core CPU) Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600. I would not use your CPU in Cetus, it will not function (low end CPUs in full instances will lag masses). Your processor is essentially equivalent to the minimum CPU requirements from when warframe released.
  3. Mastery Rank, stuck in Level 2

    You need to rank up additional frames and weapons to get mastery affinity. Each new item to level 30 gives 3000 (weapons) or 6000 (frames) points on your mastery. So, just rank some new stuff, and you should reach the next level. EDIT: to see how much mastery affinity you need, view your profile. Look for this bit - top right.
  4. Please HELP!!!!!!!!

    These are useless for games. You need a (GPU) dedicated graphics card (eg. nvidia). Your CPU might also be a little on the low end (out dated, not that good when new).
  5. Hok's Gilded Melee Stance Bug

    Zaw’s cannot Have stances (bug). Search the bug forums before you post. It has been reported many times.
  6. Taken from wikia A gilded crafted Amp gains +10% Critical Chance, +0.5x Critical Multiplier, and +10% Status Chance. The default Mote Amp does not gain any stat increase You can also equip a lens.
  7. bug with eidolon shard flowless

    You are looking at a flawless sentient core. But you search for eidolon. Unless you mean brilliant shard. I assume it is the core because the pointer is on that.
  8. So, I can't hunt for Ayatan?

    There was a bug which resulted in anyone using Maroo being banned. So, could be down for a couple of days.
  9. Well, you need to craft the ankyros first. You go to the market, buy the ankyros blueprint. Build it, then make your weapon.
  10. I am unable to speak for the hek series. But I use the Tigris series frequently. I have recently taken punch through off of my Tigris series weapons. I do not notice much difference - you can utilise the fact it is a shotgun to hit multiple enemies anyway. In my opinion, punch through does not make much difference. But try it for yourself and see what you think. It is ultimately what you like that is most important.
  11. Twitch prime account lend

    Yes, someone could technically do that. If you have any friends/relatives that could make an account/already have one, perhaps ask them. I do not think anyone on here can/will do that.
  12. Leecher on plains

    I do not object to this at all. I have not bothered with public plains. But I am lead to believe that people have been able to join in progress bounties when enter plains before. Why penalise the player(s) that want to fish/mine because the matchmaking system does not work as well as it could? Question: why does the leecher matter? I assume based on your post you had an issue with one. Provided they do not prevent extraction, I see no problems.
  13. Snatch & Grab (My Glyph, PC ONLY, Currently)

    1663-2195-674E-2DBE Redeemed, Thanks!
  14. Murkray fish - where and how

    The wikia seemed to suggest dawn and dusk. I have been getting large schools of them at those times. With only 1 or 2 at night/day.
  15. Warframe crashes after 1 minute into the mission.

    I would have a look at WF's system usage. Is it using a significant amount of CPU/RAM, force GPU usage if you have not done so? If it is, try lowering your graphics settings.