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  1. Lost riven mod.

    I have never heard of riven mods being deleted automatically. If you get 1 extra, it asks you what you want to remove.
  2. same zaw components but lower states?

    Have you used the weapon? If you have, you cannot refund the parts as far as I know. You can message support and ask, but I’m not sure how much luck you’ll have.
  3. same zaw components but lower states?

    Does he have mods? Can you get screenshots of your Zaw? Perhaps screenshots from the video too? Edit, chuck your zaw composition in this and see what stats it says:
  4. The most hilarious bug yet

    Its coming in the next update (hopefully).
  5. Melee Riven Mod bug

    Any chance you can record yourself doing the challenge? As far as I can see, it should be working. But its not. So, either you are doing it wrong, or the thing is bugged.
  6. Melee Riven Mod bug

    Strange. Do you jump into operator at all during the riven challenge? I had to do that riven a day or two ago, I used the operator during the combo and it did not work. It did not say failed, but it just did not open. As soon as I tried it without using the operator it worked first try.
  7. Suggestions for Orbiter Music

    What, every single song on the jukebox? I must have missed that bit. My suggestion was wait until we know all the songs on it. So people do not suggest ones they have already. My only suggestion would be an option to play music in game from a third party site/app. Like YouTube or Spotify.
  8. Melee Riven Mod bug

    Okay, I still would like a picture of the riven (I see people miss bits too often). Does it show at the bottom of the screen each mission?
  9. Melee Riven Mod bug

    Are you equipping the riven mod? Are you able to achieve a 3x multiplier? Are you using mods like Drifting Contact?
  10. Melee Riven Mod bug

    What is the mod? (post image?) No one can help you if you don't tell us the challenge.
  11. Random loss of max shields after operator mode

    That would do it. The effect does not get removed until you die. It will probably get fixed in the next update.
  12. Neptune Glowing?

    Graphical issue on your end. Looks normal to me. Looks better like that though. For me:
  13. how many Zaw/Amp weapons gives MR points?

    All 8 Zaw Strikes give MR exp. All 4 Amp Prisms give MR exp. (Even Mote) You have to gild them first.
  14. Random loss of max shields after operator mode

    Do you get magnetized? I have been finding that the 25% shield capacity is not repaired when the proc ends. 480 -> 120 is a 75% reduction in shields, so a magnetic proc could be to blame.
  15. Having an issue with a pistol riven mod.

    Unlikely. You have always needed to equip the riven to unlock it. This would have been a bug. When you load into the mission, make sure you get a little box at the bottom of the screen telling you the riven challenge.