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  1. Can you swap polarities between the Aura slot and normal slots? If not, the same would apply to the Exilus slot. They are a “unique” type of slot so they keep their polarity as unique to that slot type. I would just like an Aura Forma for the Exilus slot. That would defeat the need to juggle the polarities.
  2. I believe that vertical arrows have bonus damage on headshots. The difference could just be charged vs. uncharged shots. A charged shot has about double the damage. It could also rely on procs. I would suggest testing it again. Use something like a Butcher and hit two different enemies. I have previously had unexpected things happen with the AI disabled as well.
  3. I believe they have done it once in the past. I could be wrong about that though. I too would like them to sync the achievements. I have 20% of the achievements on Steam, but all but about five in game.
  4. You seem to be ignoring the reasons why they were so popular. Prior to the operation, how popular was Limbo? You cannot just say "it was too popular" and leave it at that. Limbo was breaking the intended mechanics, so it become the best choice. Bramma was given a few reasons, but they do mention it being overwhelmingly popular. It was reasonably high damage and an AoE weapon that was easy to use. That's what I meant. I couldn't understand why you would be upset/bothered that others were. I still don't*, but your explanation at least shows what you mean by it. *I don't need you to
  5. Why do DE nerf things that are super popular? DE doesn’t usually nerf stuff because it’s the meta. It gets nerfed when it’s obviously functioning in an unintentional way, making it the meta. Look at Link Trinity. It got nerfed because it was doing something unintentional. But it became quite popular when it worked. I don’t remember DE ever merging things exclusively because they were the meta (it’s probably happened, but I don’t remember) I am not upset by them not doing it. It really doesn’t bother me. I have no idea why you are upset about people being upset. To me, it seems lik
  6. To post your image, open the link, and right click the image. 'Copy Image' and paste here.
  7. This is so obviously not suitable. Why would DE want to give every frame a perma-spectre? This would be used to often. The issue with this one would be people's reaction. People don't like Volt's Speed. I agree that we need more abilities to subsume from each frame. I'd probably cap it at two though.
  8. Not sure this is a great reason, you don’t have to solo Hydrolysts. But making them tradeable would be useful. You can always just sell some rivens. Depending on how far over your cap you are you can get platinum for them. You can easily trade prime parts for platinum, you don’t need many to get riven slots. It seems like you are trying to come up with excuses. This detracts from your point because of all the unnecessary filler text. A simpler way to put your post: stop with the annoying messages about riven slots.
  9. How does the game determine what is a premade squad, and what is a public squad? This isn’t going to work. If I group with a bunch of MR1 people and take them to Pluto to farm a resource, do they fight my Lich that lives there? Your whole idea seems pretty flawed. I often hunt my Lich with just one other person. Your system would mean I never find it. That’s the biggest con, and you missed it. Two player squads are being excluded from Lich hunting. For absolutely no reason. No part of your idea is good. You are solving something that’s not really an issue with a complete
  10. You are correct. But evidence of your point does help in non-scientific scenarios too. You could just say that you don't have evidence, or are too lazy to find any (laziness is an acceptable excuse). But don't derail the thread over it. You seem to be against OP's suggestion, but are trying to come up with pointless excuses. That was more about the simulation of Simulacrum. It seems more that we simulate enemies while just using our normal stuff. Imagine a VR world where you play as yourself, but can change external factors. I wont pretend like your not correct w
  11. You also could have said that you don't have any evidence. I get it, you are trying to mislead people (its a common swindler's trick). I haven't heard of even one person that followed that progression. Not that I care enough about content creators to follow it. But anyone of importance would have been mentioned somewhere I could have seen.
  12. You came up with something about simulations that has no evidence to support it. You stated that people must use YouTube for builds - I mean, come on, YouTube isn't even the only source of builds. At least try and make your argument logical. I make my own builds. I don't copy others. Making a sensible build is pretty easy. Copying a friend's build to give them feedback on it really isn't the same as copying a build to use for general mission use. The problem with copying builds from others is that you then rely on others to do the thinking for you. And lets be honest, there are fairly
  13. Pretty sure this type of thing belongs in Fan Zone. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/17-fan-zone/
  14. We are simulating enemies. We are using our standard frame. Nobody is forced to check YouTube for ideal builds. I haven't ever copied a build from YouTube (excluding from friends). New players are better off trying builds for themselves, rather than blindly following random people. Yes, I accept that this is where your suggestion comes in. Your logic is completely flawed, but DE should remove mod capacity in Simulacrum so we can actually test builds we might want to use. Edit: You forgot to include links of your evidence.
  15. You keep saying that is "highly technological" yet haven't explained how that is any different to any other sentinel. It sounds like you want a gear item. We cannot have "randomly lets you control your sentinel/drone every X minutes". That really is a terrible idea. You must have a trigger for this "special ability", a gear wheel item would work the best. And then there really is little point in using it. That's my issue, you are proposing something that is exclusively a gimmick, there is no reason to use the sentinel. It would be fun for five minutes, then people would realise how useless it
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