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  1. It’s not going to happen. People have asked before, and I believe DE may have answered saying no. Buy a better computer, that’ll solve the issue. Skyrim doesn’t require much to run.
  2. This doesn't work as it is meant to be Helios throwing his body, not an actual weapon. The other sentinels are not set up for this. As for the other suggestions: sure, they sound good.
  3. My feeling would be that the multiplier is now capped at 12X and is quite easy to achieve. The mods are just not particularly useful with the current system. I could be wrong of course, but I haven't used them since that change was made.
  4. I have no idea what you are talking about with the trade issue. Its not mentioned anywhere else in the thread. There have been issues since DE made some server upgrades, which were mentioned around when the OP posted (link). They did not seem fully resolved yet (I certainly still had some issues after 20 April). Maybe you have just been trade banned? I don't know, that isn't part of this thread.
  5. I am not saying OP's idea is bad. More that they should just join/make a clan. Because what happens next, do DE have to put clan research stuff in other places so people not wanting a clan can get them? If DE wants people to fully enjoy RJ without a clan they would have implemented it into the relay thing. They may be trying to give people a taste of it and encouraging them to join a clan to do more. I am not sure what the intention was.
  6. If you don’t want to join someone else’s clan just make your own. There are a large number of clan exclusive things. I believe the intention in having the dock in relays is to allow people to participate before then unlock it in a clan.
  7. Just because it isn’t fun doesn’t mean people won’t do it. I’d certainly prefer not to get a companion riven from sorties. Many people don’t even use companion weapons, so getting the riven does feel pretty pointless. They could be added to a cache drop in Railjack, that would work for me. Ignis Wtaith is a drop there, so there it is possible to have things like that implemented.
  8. You don't have to use the forums if you don't want to. If its annoying you it is probably better not to. Your damage could be higher if someone is buffing you. Your post doesn't give any information.
  9. Well, if the issue is DE’s matchmaking servers there is no solution. Except for waiting for a fix. You can try verifying the download cache or setting up port forwarding.
  10. I think I must have had fairly good luck with it (or run too few missions). I only encountered this kind of thing a couple of times, then we found a solution/got really lucky. It would be quite nice if we could get it sorted though.
  11. Oh, you are meant to do it manually, don’t buy the thing. The site was just one that has the information you need.
  12. What I found with this is that you have to accept the mission, then cancel your vote, and then accept again to pick a relic. Something I found is that if you get your ship/crew ships linked to the storms they have more fissures spawn in them. This allows reactant drops. After a couple of missions not getting many/any reactant we tried this and it worked well. Yes, it could be just RNG. RJ is a lot more fun as host, try and run solo or actually host. It seems to be the best solution until DE fixes stuff.
  13. Someone with only 20p probably wouldn't be looking to buy a booster anyway. There are more important things to spend that plat on. Forcing you to buy a three day booster when you only need one for a day is better for DE. It will make you more inclined to come and play the next two days as well. Having people stay longer means they have more opportunities to spend money. I don't think we need a one day booster. Perhaps as a syndicate reward - 100k standing for a 24 hour booster.
  14. But what about those people that want to offer plat and items in one trade? It happens a fair amount. Do they get forced into the normal trade chat? Well, if people are wanting to trade items for items they tend to use WTT/WTTF, so you can do not WTB, not WTS etc.
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