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  1. That would depend on the point of the thread. If it was one that invited suggestions/feedback/etc then it would be best practice for them to make a couple comments on closing. If the thread is simply a post by DE exclusively saying “this is what we are doing” then I don’t think a comment is required. It may simply come down to time constraints. How popular would it be to just say “we will get to it eventually”? DE has a lot of other stuff to deal with instead of the frame they just buffed a little. You could find some of what you think are the best suggestions and post them in a Devstream thread that is looking for questions. Don’t go overboard, only the best ones. Note: by “you” I mean anyone who cares, not just you.
  2. I use AW, but I don’t typically take the toxin. My friend tends to use void dash - he carries the toxin.
  3. Both should be fine. It seems fairly easy to do. There is leniency on “the spot” - I have found that just having the squad roughly there is suitable.
  4. This seems unlikely. There is no reason for people to care how many missions you fail/quit unless it is absurdly high - say over 50% of your wins. Many bugs happen after host migrations. This can probably just be added to the pile.
  5. That shouldn’t be surprising. The only reason for them to provide comments on it would be those things that have to be fixed/changed now. Who knows, maybe they intend to release another workshop around the suggestions people make?
  6. I haven’t been farming Protea, but I have been maxing out the voids. Ditch Mesa, she is a terrible choice. Use the Xoris exclusively. That is all you need. Just throw and explode it on everything, when charged save a Solaris guy if you need to. What I recommend: run solo, use your favourite frame, and only use Xoris. Your score caps out at 75 if you run solo.
  7. You are suggesting punishing many people that don’t behave badly just because a few do. You are better off getting video or screenshot evidence of those behaving badly and sending it to Support to deal with. Let those that actually deserve it be punished, not everyone that enjoys the frame.
  8. That is a problem that tends to occur in F2P games. The company can lose revenue by focusing on fixing bugs rather than getting out new content. People cry “content drought” if DE doesn’t release new things frequently enough. The company has to prioritise what will be best for them and the game, fixing bugs on things that most people don’t care about is probably not a priority. Consider this: how much extra money will you pay if some of the bugs with your favourite frame get fixed? Do you think many others will follow suit? Now is this likely to be anywhere near what a new frame and a couple of weapons would get, or a deluxe skin? Adding more order so people can conveniently file their bug reports is only worthwhile if two conditions can be satisfied: The main one. DE has to be able to allocate the time and resources it takes to fix the bugs. People have to use it properly. Have a look at the forums now, can you honestly say that this is likely? If point one isn’t satisfied then the whole system is pointless.
  9. Why do you think they should do this? Perhaps I am missing something. It just sounds a little pointless. I get that it would have very niche applications, but why should DE spend time on it over other more useful things?
  10. To max? You mean reaching the end of the interesting stuff right (the ephemera). That’ll be where I am in a few hours. That’s pretty much only really playing one or two days a week. But no, it really isn’t too long.
  11. Have you tried solo? Or as host? All the pictures show you as client. You may also want to go into the launcher and verify the download cache.
  12. Only when it is one of my friends that I hadn’t realised was on. But it doesn’t matter what frame they use. I do like joining people that have a decent damage output, but their frame choice tends to be irrelevant. In general, there is no particular frame I like to be paired with. Simply because the choice other people make doesn’t have much impact on the match. My stuff is typically set up for solo play, so there is no reliance on other people. Its not really a frame, but I do like seeing people using a mech. Doesn’t matter which. I don’t have a specific reason, I just like them.
  13. I guess the additive increase is all some people want. I like to stick both on some weapons just for fun. You don’t always want to add elemental damage to your weapon (say if you want high slash chance), that isn’t to say HC is the best choice. Not everyone bothers with bane mods (I never do), so there could end up being an extra slot. I do agree with the above person, we used to have far less choices for damage and just less mods in general. So it wasn’t really an issue to just chuck on something like HC. A refresh could be useful, same with Magnum Force.
  14. I do think this is a good idea (who could possibly disagree?). But it feels like such an obvious thing to do/progression of the system. There has to be a reason DE hasn’t done this already, right? I am assuming that there are technical limitations that make this not possible - similar to how you cannot use both peculiar mods. Regardless, DE has to figure out a way to make this work. Maybe monetise it so there is a return on investment - something like adapters you apply to a specific ephemera to allow them to stack with a different type.
  15. Because your third slot mod is not in the right place. You need to put it in slot one. Your order: Fass-Jahu-X (Oull) When using Oull you must understand how it works. It replicates whatever the correct requiem for that slot is. Swap it to a new slot when you actually know what the correct one is.
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