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  1. krc473

    Sortie with stupid levels of BS...

    Because this would be absolutely terrible? If it was exclusively following an in-mission host migration, it might be okay. I assume the reason we do not have this is that DE do not know how to do it without inconveniencing too many people.
  2. krc473

    Can't Change my Alias

    It means the filter has deemed it to be offensive (unless you tell us what you plan to change it to, no one can explain). You could message support and see if they can manually change it for you.
  3. krc473

    Riven price check

    I mean. You asked for opinions. That is what I would pay. The average list price I found is 70 plat. I think that is far too much. You need what people would pay. Keep in mind: the suggested bot is also list price, it is not sale price (I.e. no garuntee someone got that range).
  4. krc473

    Riven price check

    Honestly, it is not worth much. Even with good stats, the weapon is not one I would use. I would not pay more than 20 plat. Less if it is rolled.
  5. krc473

    Did they remove user email change?

    I go: WF Forums. [User] top right. Account Settings. Overview. Then you can change the email.
  6. krc473

    Gift of lotus

    It is just the name of an alert. You do the alert mission and get the gift.
  7. krc473

    Price check: Quanta Riven

    There is a site with rough guide prices for rivens. It tells you what people have been asking in trade chat, and the most common stats on said rivens etc: I would probably pay 50 - 100 plat for that riven. It has no negative, and a "useless" positive (reload speed).
  8. Have you tried AoE abilities? Ember and WoF, or Equinox and Maim etc. Have you tried slowing abilities? Limbo and Stasis etc.
  9. krc473

    Petition: 24 Hour Ban For Host Migrations On Cetus

    Provide the code then? Perhaps if you do DE might consider it.
  10. krc473


    It is not even a term where I live. Virtually no one where I live would even know what it means. DE uses the chatbot to "educate" people on what words mean. Because so many things you get banned for are not commonplace everywhere. So people Google the words. As to why it is bannable. People would spam it now if DE removed it. It would have died out long ago, but its bannable, so...
  11. krc473

    Petition: 24 Hour Ban For Host Migrations On Cetus

    And you have been leaving matches every two minutes. So you would be banned by now. And you are okay with that? Warframe uses P2P hosting. So if the host crashed, the three clients may all get marked as "disconnected" so everyone gets banned. This system could not work.
  12. krc473

    Petition: 24 Hour Ban For Host Migrations On Cetus

    Have you thought that perhaps your internet/hardware is the problem? It may not be anyone but your own fault, but you want to ban people? Would you be happy with receiving a ban for this? Try recruiting a squad, so you can host - no migrations then.
  13. krc473

    Account sharing

    Short answer is no. But I have not seen anywhere that specifically states you wont be able to transfer to the switch (this far). It is not up to DE to allow account transfers and such. Sony and Microsoft do not want to allow it.
  14. krc473


    Did you spell trapezoid correctly or as above? I assume it is close enough... Just in that, you have a fairly well established “ban phrase”.
  15. krc473


    It does give cold. The percentage on the mod is based on weapon damage.