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  1. First: stop overreacting. You can technically farm Nitain Extracts now, they come from Caches and Ghoul Bounties (when available). DE also gives Nitain Extract alerts in the weekends when Nightwave is not running. Not every weekend, but some.
  2. Yes, I got that. But there is a difference between Archwing and the Archweapon Deployer. We could stand on the ground and shoot the Archgun at it, or fly in our Archwings and use the gun or melee. I am unsure which option you mean. Using lanes would suggest it is the Archweapon only, but if the ships fly why can't we? I still think you should be using Unranked instead of level 1 so it is in keeping with everything else. When you build a frame/weapon/companion etc they do not start at level 1, they start out as Unranked. I don't think it would make balancing it easier - if people bring better stuff they will be more likely to win. These people could level their stuff faster and kill the competition. This happens in MOBAs already, so I don't have an issue with it. But you shouldn't pretend it has anything to do with balance - this is how most MOBAs work, why not do the same here? Personally, I quite liked that it was easy to be killed. I did like the Solar Rail Conflicts, sure there were issues, but that never bothered me. I think it worked better that way. I do think it is hard to say PvE mods were the problem when virtually no one plays Conclave now. Giving PvP its own mods and balancing hasn't made it significantly more popular than it was while using PvE mods. Besides, what is the harm in just giving us two different modes for OP's idea? One that uses PvP balancing and another that just uses PvE stuff. People could then pick which they wanted to do.
  3. So, a mode where we get to use our overpowered gear to one hit kill each other? Do you mean a Gravimag equipped heavy weapon? Or do we actually have to use our Archwing? A badly modded good weapon is still strong enough to efficiently kill enemies that lack health and armour. I am not sure why we need our stuff to start at level 0. I don’t know why you want stuff to start at level 1, instead of 0 (unranked).
  4. I was using Steel Fibre (110%) and Armoured Agility (45%). So, 155% extra armour (600x2.55 = 1530). So, I was adding an extra mod. The frame has ‘unspecified’ sprint speed, so I figured the extra could possibly be useful. The reduction seems to be 5 points different when adding the passive. Less if you compare the two setups. I think it is probably fine as is. It was more that you could limit the benefit from the armour increase with mods, if desired. Having an extra 600 armour built into the frame means you may not need as many mods to boost it.
  5. How do we use these? You don’t specify it anywhere that I could see. I am assuming it is done the same way as Garuda. I am not sure about the passive. The extra armour would be relatively pointless if you add any armour mods. Assume you put them all, you would be at roughly 1,500 armour, the extra 600 won’t do much. I guess it means you don’t need the mods, but it would make more sense to just use them and ignore the passive. I think the concept sounds interesting. I would certainly try this if it got implemented. I do wonder about the name though - I feel like Horus is more if an ‘attack bird’ name. Something like Zephyr, but solely damage based. You could change my mind based on the frame’s appearance though (an infested bird with claws?).
  6. Why do you call it a weird choice? Do you have any actual evidence of this statement? I know many games that have sustainable and enjoyable content that lack User Generation. This seems like it would be something primarily aimed at Content Creators.
  7. Does it really? It sounds like a waste of time to me. I have not really tried it in other games though.
  8. krc473

    No rewards

    Can you prove anything? You need to have a battle report and/or the names of people you did the mission with. If you have this, contact Support. They can give one item back to you. If you don’t have this, there is nothing you can do. The rewards are gone.
  9. DE has stated elsewhere that console updates take about 3 - 6 weeks from PC release.
  10. If it isn't sustainable why has it worked for this long? It isn't like the game is suddenly failing. The game is going fine, why worry? Here is a strange idea: DE do actually know what they are doing.
  11. What about for someone that just started playing the game now? It’s hardly factual when it only really applies to some people. I don’t deny that there is one, nor does DE. Why does the content ‘draught’ matter though? DE is still making money, and people can go play other games just fine (hey, D2 is free now).
  12. You might be able to recover it through DE Support. You would have to know your email, alias and any other information they requested. For example, purchases made through their store (with evidence). If you cannot do this, you probably wont regain access to the account. I would say that it seems unlikely you will get the account back.
  13. Go to their site: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us You will need to make a new request under what you think is the best option (inventory/arsenal probably). Make sure you provide as much information as possible. DE should be able to tell you when it was started, or if it was rushed etc. If it is unused, you could ask about getting the platinum back (assuming it was rushed). It is also important to be polite. (That isn’t to say you aren’t already)
  14. Your best option would be to contact Support. They can tell you if it got rushed or what happened. But if you have used the frame at all they cannot refund any spent platinum. Is it possible that you just started it earlier than you thought? I have certainly done that one too.
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