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  1. krc473

    Primed Chamber

    I was more looking for DE saying "we wont be releasing it again". The dual stat elemental mods were left event exclusive for a long time. So, it is possible the same could happen with this. Unless DE has specified it someone. Whether or not it will come back is not that important.
  2. krc473

    Primed Chamber

    Can you provide evidence of this?
  3. I dislike this song. I just find it annoying. Maybe it’s the whistling, maybe it’s something else, I am not sure. I have no problem with more. But I would prefer them to be better.
  4. krc473

    QOL Suggestion: PM Block List

    How would this be better than the “Ignore” player functionality?
  5. krc473

    Does Warframe keep a chat log somewhere?

    Support should have a log of what got you suspended. Anything about Nezha and gender tends to result in a suspension. So, you are most likely correct with the assumption it was this: I wouldn't waste Support's time with this.
  6. krc473

    whats upp with support

    That’s fairly normal. Make sure you account for support’s hours (they are not 24/7). It generally seems to take 2 - 4 weeks for a reply. DE might have to figure out why it happened. You could still be to blame, not that it was compromised.
  7. This forum has a fancy feature: a search button. Perhaps try that? You are more likely to get an answer that way. If it persists, just try and reboot the game or verify the download cache.
  8. krc473

    Kitgun riven wont unveil

    The only other thing I can suggest is to verify the download cache. I doubt it would help (and it could take ages).
  9. krc473

    Kitgun riven wont unveil

    Are there any other requirements? Dragon keys, Archwing, Solo etc. last time I tried it, open world rivens had to be done solo regardless of what they said.
  10. krc473

    My color pallets are off

    Make sure “Legacy Colour Palettes” is off.
  11. krc473

    Huge camera glitch

    I would suggest that you verify the download cache from the launcher (not Steam!) and see what happens.
  12. krc473


    Your direct x has no issues? If that was corrupted you might find it won’t run.
  13. That these topics are pointless unless you specify what specs you have? "Low end" is a large amount. My low end PC runs Fortuna/OV perfectly fine. (I typically use a high end one though)
  14. krc473

    Eros Arrow Skin

    But that one is a permanent cosmetic item. Not a single use gear item. Why should that be permanent, and the arrow skin be single use?
  15. There is no bug here. This is totally user error. Well, DE error too, in thinking this was a better idea than a cosmetic skin... This is not a cosmetic skin. This is a single use GEAR item. You activate it from the gear wheel in the mission.