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  1. I have started missions from the dojo many times, and I have not experienced major lag as a result before. As for more activities in the dojo: sure, why not? The only issue I can imagine is that most people wont care about it and just end up ignoring it.
  2. I would say you could get banned. But because it really isn't a cheat you should be able to get unbanned. If your app takes the screenshot itself the anti-cheat may ban you. DE doesn't usually respond here. You'd have to email Support to get an answer.
  3. If you are very sure it is allowed why are you asking if it is okay? You can be banned for anything. A third party app that interferes with WF's memory usage may get you banned.
  4. It kind of sounds like Warframe is not your active window. Try hitting Alt+Tab to select Warframe. That is usually how I would fix the issue you are describing.
  5. Terrible? It will ruin any sense of balance for normal missions. Sure, it might be required for your suggestion to work, but it doesn’t work with the rest of the game. The next open world is already planned.
  6. It totally depends on what you are using now. If you are using the base on either would be a good choice. This is the one I would pick.
  7. Isolation vaults. The mechs you kill in there drop the parts. You can also trade for them.
  8. So essentially you would just clear rooms quicker? That doesn't seem like a big issue. It could be something fun to play around with. I guess DE had a reason to stop it working though (balance?). Fair enough, I was just unsure why it was used as an example. I don't tend to bother with adapters because they almost always require the slot to have a polarity added/changed. I would like to see the exilus adapter come with a free polarity (you use the adapter, then get asked to pick the polarity).
  9. I think you need to be more clear on what your issue is. If you don't want to put an adapter on Ignis then don't. I am not quite sure where the relevance is. Should projectile speed mods work on beam primaries? No, there is no reason for it. What do you think would happen if you could?
  10. Why would anyone appreciate having limited slots? Especially when the limit is below what is required to build one single frame. This just sounds like a terrible choice. The only reason to implement this would be if DE wanted to encourage people to spend platinum. It could work if crafting times were dropped to under five minutes. But then no one would rush stuff (and buy less things) costing DE money.
  11. I guess the thing you are ignoring is that making it to the Olympics is an achievement in itself. Running a few missions that everyone can do (you want everyone to participate) makes it just a meaningless mission. You can talk about how it was meant to be all you like, but how many people do you actually think would be interested? Yes, if we could get something that was genuinely enjoyable it might be different. The large number of restrictions DE would have to impose would take away a lot of the fun - unless it’s just a free for all. Loki using a decoy and switch teleport is going to cover gr
  12. Would decent rewards actually help here though? It sounds like it something that could be quite tedious. Especially with all the restrictions DE would have to put in place for certain challenges. So, what is the benefit of doing well? What is the benefit of even trying to do well? It just sounds like a fairly pointless event. Why don't we not do this and get a new fish to catch or something?
  13. Depends on what mod you want. Have a look on the wiki to find out. Most of the more useful ones come from Feral Kubrows or Drahks. Some come from OV enemies or index.
  14. Pets and melee seem to be allowed whatever name you want - I’ve seen many of each with names we cannot say in chat. I don’t know about the guns though.
  15. Why? If the game cannot properly utilise your hardware it wont perform well. You don't provide any useful information about when you notice hitching or frame drops, so it is hard to give you an answer. I can run 144 FPS (capped) fairly well sometimes, other times it dips below 60 FPS. But the dip does relate to asset presence [i7-7700, GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM]. If you can sit in your ship and see this issue you might need a new PSU, or to wait for DE to fix their game.
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