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  1. A link to the website you use? A list of your specs? It really does help if you provide adequate ⎌information. That way people know what you have tried and what your system is. It probably also wouldn’t hurt to state what the error code was (I.e. Error code 1, or 2 or 3 etc). So, one person asking you for some information is enough to put you off? You seem to be overreacting a little here.
  2. I was more hoping for an image of your build. You could list names and ranks of the mods, with the stats you have. But that seems like a lot of trouble. It is important to provide builds when saying that you like yours.
  3. Was it fixed quickly after that with a note from DE about your thread? If not, someone else probably posted it in the correct place and DE saw it. I also cannot find the thread you mention - I was curious what the bug was.
  4. You should probably provide your build as well. Just so people have some idea of what you did to make you like him. I don’t think your opinion is worth much at all. But that is totally irrelevant. It is still a fine suggestion. It what sense?
  5. Wouldn’t this mean you could complete the requiems in just three missions though? Tha t is assuming you stay long enough. You might also notice issues with the Lich’s rage bar. Does it grow per thrall kill or per mission? edit: just a side note - DE doesn’t use this sub-forum. GD is for players to chat. Post you suggestions in the appropriate Feedback section.
  6. I never said it was a bad idea. I just question how useful it would be. This seems like something that never should have happened anyway. Why isn’t there just a simple option for “use only as a controller”? I have noticed this with a damaged controller though - it was exhibiting stick drift and confusing what was happening.
  7. I would be okay with this. We get our back broken, then a squad-mate can revive us like normal. I do think this is fairly unimportant though - there are so many other issues with Lichs.
  8. They do. Just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they don’t read it. Click this link and see. It would be a total waste of DE’s time to respond to the majority of posts, it also would be if they explored all the suggestions people give. Keep in mind, DE has a vision for what they want with their game. Many suggestions (the vast majority) do not seem to consider balance, how viable something is, or if it is even sensible. I imagine bug reports get ignored when people fail to give adequate information. Example: “my game constantly crashes. Fix it now DE!” This is a useless bug report as it provides far too little information
  9. Customisable controls was a very early thing. Archwing came years after that. So, maybe DE forgot to add it? What are you talking about? I use an XB1 controller on PC. I may have misunderstood your statement here. Yes, my wrist is fine. But is it really DE’s job to cater for the injured though? There are others ways around it without them doing anything. Technically, you could use a third party software to re-allocate what the buttons do on a controller. Perhaps that would achieve what you are after? I am not sure as I have never bothered. I do think your request is perfectly reasonable, but I am not sure how beneficial it would be for most people.
  10. That’s really just up to you. Personally, I would reroll it a few times and see what happens. If it were me, I would want at least two of the following: +CD +CC +DAMAGE +MULTISHOT My ideal negatives: punch through, magazine size or (+)recoil. For that, I would probably estimate 500 - 1000 plat. Note: I cannot buy one as I already have one I like for Daikyu. People will sometimes want to pay less for higher roll counts, within the 0 - 10 rolls range. Once you hit roll 10 the Kuva cost is constant. Roll count will only impact the price IF the riven realistically does need to be rerolled.
  11. What about other frames like Banshee? Perhaps being able to use both is the mistake?
  12. This feature was removed for a reason. I figured you were changing it to make it more viable/less hated. The second bullet point really doesn’t add anything at all. You can figure out the order fairly easily while you are obtaining the other requiems. You put the first one revealed in slot one, see if it works. If it does, leave it, if it doesn’t try the second revealed there. That tells you what is in slot one, then it is 50:50 as to what is slot two/three. Your brilliant suggestion means we have to fight the Lich one less time (worst case scenario). This most definitely does not compensate for adding insta-kills back. You need to rethink how you are balancing bring back the Insta-kills people didn’t like. I would recommend something that means we significantly cut down the number of missions we need to do to finish the Lich (from thrall farming to Lich killing/converting).
  13. What do you mean here? Once per encounter, once per Lich etc. Does the Lich stay after killing you?
  14. You might want to have a look at one of the third party resources on Rivens for the price estimates. Semlar has quite a good site for this, it has a nice graph and stat rankings. https://semlar.com/rivenprices/daikyu Personally, I would probably be looking to pay around 50 - 100 plat for a riven like this. Likely on the lower end of that range. The only stat I want on the riven is CC, the others detract from its value to me (I don’t like slow reloading bows).
  15. I second the "just use the search feature" suggestion. It works perfectly fine. There is very little need to have the option to filter sigils. I am not against it, but it doesn't seem necessary.
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