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  1. Are you trying to put it on the Amp, or in Arcane slot 2? Number two is for operator ones only. It looks like that is what you are trying to do.
  2. Well, I am now aware of your bug. I cannot fix it though. Probably don’t post bugs in general discussion. If someone decides it counts as spam your actual bug report may get deleted too.
  3. I believe PC has this in both the codex and the chat link. I don’t think it is there for relic selection/upgrading. I am not 100% though. It does seem a little weird that console doesn’t have it. Any chance you can post an image of a relics information in the codex? I am curious as to how different it is. (I will get a PC one later when I am on to show you what I see) I am not really a fan of the UI updates. DE has this thing about hiding the useful stuff lately. Take Wukong’s passive effects for example, they are hidden on the final page of ‘tips’ when you view the abilities. This is not a logical location.
  4. I guess you are missing what is actually happening. Many people are not just one riven over. Having 91 rivens does not stop you from getting more from alerts and gifts from DE. So, people can have 110 rivens for example. Would you delete 20 of your rivens to do Sorties? Yes, you can argue that people do not need that many rivens. But realistically, that is just an excuse. Do you need 1000 Ammo Drum mods? I have more than that, and I have no intention of deleting any even though I have no use at all for that many. The same could be applied to many things. You are really oversimplifying this aspect. Yes, but this is to allow them to do Sorties without getting rid of their rivens or DE increasing the cap. You are correct of course, people would say it was unfair, or too few of whatever the thing was. But I do think DE needs to do something that will allow people to do Sorties when they exceed the riven cap. The players can then just accept it or complain. Why even attempt to do something that everyone will be happy with? It is an unrealistic goal.
  5. Well, you will need to look for 'weird' stuff in your user account. Warframe's path is C:\Users\[Account Name]\AppData\Local\Warframe (you can type %appdata% in the search to find it). Have a look at what is in this folder. You might want to just delete the whole folder. It sounds like something is probably corrupted.
  6. In series one, you needed around 60% of the available points assuming you never found any Fugitives. Not being able to do the Sorties then wasn't an issue either. As far as I am aware, DE never intends to make it so you need every single Nightwave mission done to reach max rank. I agree that locking people out of Sorties due to rivens is a poor choice. Why not just give people something instead of the riven they were going to get. It could be a small amount Endo, Kuva or Credits. Your point is perfectly valid, your argument is not. Not doing Sorties will not cost you Nightwave rewards - it might effect your prestige rank, but if all you are getting is NW Creds, does that really matter?
  7. It hasn't. It has been like this for under two years. It was increased from 60 to 90 on August 30, 2017. I just think DE needs to remove the restriction altogether. Completely irrespective of Nightwave. Make it so you get given Endo instead of the riven if you are over capacity. I do have to ask: are you aware that you still have another week of challenges for this? It finishes July 5th at 11:59 PM ET. You not being able to do the Sorties challenge should not prevent you from getting to rank 15. I am currently 5k points away from rank 15 - I have not done two of the weeklies for this week, or the remainder of the dailies. Next week's challenges are completely irrelevant for me.
  8. I would try a fresh account first. If that solves it you just need to fix your local appdata stuff.
  9. Well, it sounds like your specs are not the reason. The CPU seems to be on the lower end, but that shouldn't matter. If creating a new account does not work, you might need to look at using Regedit (don't do that without a guide if you are unsure of what to do).
  10. What is the OS bit though? Warframe does not support a 32-bit OS, only 64-bit. I don't know what you have done. So it is hard to say. The link just suggested you search for 'Warframe' on your PC and delete everything that comes up. Do make sure you have Hidden Folders enabled though. What I would perhaps suggest is making a fresh Local User on the machine. Then, download Warframe from here (the official site). See if it will run then. If you have data left in your local user account it might be causing issues (Warframe stuff is stored per user) - a new PC account would solve this. So as to avoid confusion, I do NOT mean a new Warframe account.
  11. Perhaps you could provide the specs - CPU, RAM, GPU and OS+bit. That way at least people have something to work with. Are all of your drivers updated? Did you try and copy the files from the other laptop? Apparently people were having similar problems years ago. The issue seems to be extra random junk files breaking the launcher. It was reported that if you unistall the game and delete all of Warframe's file you can get it working again. But you have to run the launcher as an Administrator. Here is a link with more information (Steam forums) - >link<
  12. Oh, I never said it was hard to fix. Just that this is what I perceived the issue to be. I was suggesting giving them 500% extra damage (perhaps affected by power strength). Because if they have weak guns, will our gun mods be sufficient? Or, combine the two.
  13. Your picture is broken. It is a blank box with what looks like a path/location/random character sequence.
  14. I agree. Have a look at Titania’s Tribute. You punch the enemy away, leaving a ghostly shape behind. The enemy is weakened afterwards and the ghostly shape gives you a buff. Surely this is what Soul Punch should do, right? Literally punching the soul out of the enemy (or enemy away from its soul). The problem is that enemies just don’t do much damage to start with. The players take far less damage to kill than a level 100 Bombard for example, so the enemies don’t need as much damage as we do. I do agree that they need a buff, not to ‘player strength*’ of course. I don’t know if a better AI would actually help or not though. I am quite happy just using them to tank with. *edit: by player strength I mean “to match us”. Maybe 500% extra strength or something?
  15. Well, my first assumption would be that you are viewing old specs. You haven’t provided a source, and you haven’t provided your specs. DE updated them a while back and third party sites have not been changed to match. Always use the Zendesk Support site for this. The minimum specs are also not really for open world areas, they are for standard missions. No, this isn’t logical, but that is just how it is. If you can provide your specs people might be able to help. Not having a 64 bit OS could cause some issues. Yoru internet speed and ping could cause you to DC. Some missions I have joined lately have been a bit strange (not open world). You load in and cannot skip the video. Then you get stuck on ‘catchup’ with other players. I have had stutters/freezing when this happens (less than 5 seconds). I cannot comment on if this is happening in open worlds. The other option is your hardware. Is any of it failing/faulty? Are your temperatures okay? Are all of your drivers updated? You can Verify the Download Cache from the launcher, this sometimes fixes stuff.
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