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  1. It is working fine for me. I can view the Warframe stream just fine. Perhaps refresh the page or follow the instructions it gives if you haven’t already.
  2. Pretty much. My suggestion would be to just sell whatever you have been getting instead and buy the bit you want. Or drop it and come back to it later. Do other stuff in-game or out and you may find you feel like it drops quicker. Edit: I couldn’t see anyone answering, so this place is fine OP. If you are convinced it is a bug you would post it in the bug forums. But if it’s just a RNG thing here is suitable. That sounds more like a brag to me. I got the part on my first run (sorry OP!) and a second before I had run five total. Does that help you gauge much?
  3. RNG, plain and simple. Technically, you could open one million relics and never get the bit you want. There does not seem to be an issue on PC - I have gotten a few of these myself and many others are selling the part or full set. I imagine if there was an issue many more people would have mentioned it already - even if it was PS exclusive.
  4. I guess it does sound like that. I would just like a useful non-aerial transport option. Mechs are fairly slow, and K-drives are a little pointless. I would just like something decent that we can play around with - there is no reason at all that it has to be a motorcycle, maybe we can get a car/ATV etc. Even if we could convert one of the Corpus Coil Drives, or a spider. We have the Dargyns we can steal, what about a Corpus equivalent? Someone has made a bike concept previously:
  5. I guess they could just make the motorcycle useful? Give it armour and mounted guns, make it fast etc. K-drives feel like they were added because someone wanted the Vent Kids as they are now. Not because DE intended to give them some actual uses. I would be all for a motorcycle if it had some open world uses.
  6. How much of that is down to what DE does with the recording though? They apply filters and possibly more to the recording.
  7. Why would you want to convert them anyway? Elite contracts from Ticker are just better. I am completely ignoring that you have to level the Sister/Lich to level 5 as well. I am not sure that the voice actors are the issue. Some of the lines they have are really strange.
  8. I think you are just unlucky. Most of mine have been around 30-50%.
  9. It wouldn’t be hard to get all the part BP’s in a single 40 minute run. How many have you actually done? That is quite important. I have done five or six runs with no luck. But the wiki suggests 40 runs may be required. **Note: runs means rotation C.
  10. Windows 7 has not been supported for quite a while now. You may find that this is causing the problems for you.
  11. I would say that the best thing for this is mods. If you can increase your air-time, grind-magnetics and point multipliers it is easier. I know people like to suggest the “Pearl” (I hate it), but I found that the pipes just behind the Fortuna building were perfectly fine. Just grind the pipes and throw in a few jumps with spins. Alternatively, get as high as you can (mountains?) and jump off, doing all the tricks you can manage - this may not work for the higher point requirements, I never tried with them.
  12. Perhaps not previously. But when someone gives the details on a potential exploit why wouldn’t DE at least look into it?
  13. Try rescues if you have a lot of patience - they can spawn as guards there. The better option is to do the mobile defence. The alarms get triggered all the time there. Just make sure you don’t have anyone turning them off.
  14. I don’t know, it all seemed fairly straightforward to me. Aside from the obvious issue of the tool tips giving incorrect information about how to do some things. I am not a K-drive expert, I got one to try it and maxed it, then never really used it again until the quest came out. What part are you having trouble with? People might be able to give you some tips.
  15. This depends on how long it takes you to get stuff done. I find the Exploiter toroid to be the fastest way.
  16. It certainly doesn’t sound intended. Just take a frame that makes getting out easy. Realistically, how much time is saved by doing this? Do you really want to risk a ban over it? Host has to do it, yes. But it gives the waypoint to everyone.
  17. Where exactly did you get this information? The steamhunters link says someone got it less than two weeks ago. You have to remember that there is no sync button for those who may occasionally use the standalone version as well. So 100 people could have got that achievement today, but it won’t show up on Steam. Achievements are pretty hit or miss in this game. Some don’t work particularly well, and anything steam related is going to be incredibly unreliable.
  18. Have you been accounting for their Resistances/Immunities/Weaknesses? Just using the correct (weak to) elements may help out a bit if not.
  19. What answer are you looking for here? It is the amount of credits you/someone has earned. People should have different results - not everyone cares to farm credits.
  20. That would depend on the point of the thread. If it was one that invited suggestions/feedback/etc then it would be best practice for them to make a couple comments on closing. If the thread is simply a post by DE exclusively saying “this is what we are doing” then I don’t think a comment is required. It may simply come down to time constraints. How popular would it be to just say “we will get to it eventually”? DE has a lot of other stuff to deal with instead of the frame they just buffed a little. You could find some of what you think are the best suggestions and post them in a Devstream thread that is looking for questions. Don’t go overboard, only the best ones. Note: by “you” I mean anyone who cares, not just you.
  21. I use AW, but I don’t typically take the toxin. My friend tends to use void dash - he carries the toxin.
  22. Both should be fine. It seems fairly easy to do. There is leniency on “the spot” - I have found that just having the squad roughly there is suitable.
  23. This seems unlikely. There is no reason for people to care how many missions you fail/quit unless it is absurdly high - say over 50% of your wins. Many bugs happen after host migrations. This can probably just be added to the pile.
  24. That shouldn’t be surprising. The only reason for them to provide comments on it would be those things that have to be fixed/changed now. Who knows, maybe they intend to release another workshop around the suggestions people make?
  25. I haven’t been farming Protea, but I have been maxing out the voids. Ditch Mesa, she is a terrible choice. Use the Xoris exclusively. That is all you need. Just throw and explode it on everything, when charged save a Solaris guy if you need to. What I recommend: run solo, use your favourite frame, and only use Xoris. Your score caps out at 75 if you run solo.
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