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  1. I am not suggesting no one has given ways to improve these things. I am stating that when you write a complaint thread and give no suggestions, you are just complaining. The OP made mention of how people would view it as someone complaining, like they thought it was anything more than that.
  2. Why? I have no trouble with it, so I struggle to see what the issue is.
  3. I imagine that they do take sensible suggestions seriously. But so many people give terrible suggestions the good ones get lost. When people make statements like this I can understand why DE would ignore them: You absolutely do not know more than DE about what is best for the game. The fact this even has to be stated is pretty bad. I think most of your suggestions would not improve the game. Take Arbitrations for example: Remove Ayatans. No, people like to farm them for Endo. Add Rivens. No, because then people will get locked out when they exceed the cap. It is also not a valuable reward to many people - I would not be happy to spend 60 minutes on a mission and get one Riven mod. That is terrible.
  4. Keep in mind that there was already some very early Tennogen that was sold for plat. Your observation is not even worth noting if these are the same items. If it is items that do actually cost money (not plat) then it’s interesting.
  5. It is pretty easy to just say “this is another complainer complaining”. Do you know why? Because you provide no way to improve it. You are just complaining. I certainly don’t disagree with your statements, but you are just complaining. If you actually provided some proper, well thought out suggestions people might see your post differently. Many games suffer from the same issue. Fancy new content is released -> People play it, enjoy it and then get bored -> The content is abandoned -> More fancy new content is released and the cycle repeats. How does a developer make the content enjoyable and long lasting?
  6. This usually happens when you accidentally pick the wrong reward. Or forget to bring a relic. If neither of you got it that might be different. But you don't specify. It could have been a bug where it showed the wrong part. Do you know if you got something else? The mission summary would have told you (which I assume is lost now).
  7. I would assume they will release some numbers again. It might be in five years time though, who knows? It is not something they seem to make a habit of doing. Watch the streams, sometimes they have usage stats on those.
  8. The best way to do this is with people. The spawns a re pretty terrible, but they are improved when you have a group - bring loot manipulation frames. If you need to switch between locations, make sure one person stays with an alert beacon until another is placed at the new location. Edit: not sure if this still exists but I used to get large amounts of random Toroids in the OV-Deck 12 cave area/transition room(s).
  9. Previously you were required to own the requirements to upgrade the rank(s). You were not charged if you had done it before. I am not sure if this has changed - I don’t think it has. If you haven’t been able to scan him how do you know this? I cannot see any location for Clem to be under scanned things. He would be within the red box (see spoiler). I have never encountered this. Make sure the scan is being completed and you actually know what was scanned.
  10. I made my clan roughly when I started playing. My friend and I had no resources to build the clan, but we still made one. Over time we got it built up and everything done. Having limited resources isn’t a great factor for not making your own clan. Being lazy and wanting it all done for you certainly is. Let’s be honest, this isn’t a bad thing - if everyone made their own clans who would join them? The easiest way to get like-minded people is to make your own clan. Get people to join and help you build it; I do suggest you find some friends that want to do this first though. Do you genuinely want like-minded people, or do you just want research? That is the question people should ask themselves. You give resources to help build the clan. If someone isn’t willing to contribute to building stuff why should they benefit from it? No, I don’t agree with this statement, but a lot of clans seem to have that rule. We won’t let you have research unless you contribute in some way (resources, helping new people, recruiting etc). My clan lets everyone take research regardless. I see no value in restricting it - I am not sure why we got the option to.
  11. I think it is reasonable to expect them to get more fleshed out. Did you see the Duviri Paradox trailer? It looks like they might be getting more fleshed out. They do mount something (not sure what to call it) but it isn’t a K-Drive. Operators have stayed pretty much the same for a while now, I am just hoping this will improve them. Maybe there will be no need for them to ride K-Drives once that releases?
  12. I tend to agree with you. This just seems like one of those things that could have been done at release. There is no reason (that I can see) for us not to have this option. Slightly off-topic: I would quite like to see a skatepark added somewhere too. K-Drives are just not the most useful thing for travel. And a small area just to play with them might be nice. What would apply? We can still use our operators for missions. It absolutely doesn’t mean they are the optimal choice. But sometimes it is fun to just use your operator. Get some friends, do an ‘operator extermination’ mission.
  13. There did seem to be a similar one (with damage) that was listed at 10k, I am not sure that is sensible. But yeah, I am biased. That is also where my bias comes in. I am not sure if any riven is worth over 1k, but that seemed to be the pricing for decent rivens. If you assume “god roll” is better, you increase the price a little. Has that bot been updated? Last I checked it was grossly overpricing things. Stuff that people were buying for 500 - 1000 were stated to be upwards of 3000. Unless there is evidence that the pricing has been updated since disposition changes I would not trust that bot. But, list it high OP. If you try and get more than it is worth it allows negotiations. Say 3000 plat, then someone can offer 2500 or something (example).
  14. For fun? Because we can? To show off our great operator fashion? Why would you want to use the Operator for K-Drive? What benefit will it provide? You do have to consider that this would be extra effort to achieve something that could already be done just fine. I have no issues with it being implemented. It just seems strange that you are trying to argue that 'operators are pointless most of the time' then also saying 'give them another totally pointless use'.
  15. Is this anything more than spam?
  16. You should probably have a look at some Riven pricing sites then. Semlar says 1k is optimistic for a good Grinlok riven; riven.market doesn't seem to have anything comparable and priced sensibly. Perhaps this would sell for over 1k, but I really think "a few thousand" is not sensible. Don't people tend to prefer +Damage instead of one of CC/CD? On a proper 'God Roll' it shouldn't. But you need to convince the potential buyer(s) it is a god roll. You can call it whatever you like, if I [buyer] do not agree I wont pay those prices. If you want to lookup prices semlar.com and riven.market are popular sites. I cannot suggest you try and sell your riven for more than 1000 plat. I simply do not believe it is worth more than that (even 1k is pushing it). I would probably offer around 200 - 400 plat, if I was interested in buying it. Note: these prices are guides only. Someone might be quite happy to pay 10k for it. It is totally up to the buyer.
  17. I have had one in six months (roughly). One a week is a lot. Do you meet the minimum system requirements? You might need to update some hardware/software, and/or Verify the Download Cache through the launcher.
  18. Will it though? That is not a sufficient incentive to encourage me to stay with the group. It is boring if one person kills everything, so people can spread out a little. This just seems like a way to encourage people to camp in one room.
  19. Step one is to ensure that this has not been changed in a recent update. Sometimes settings get changed by mistake. Disallow this, then re-allow it. Also check how your friend is inviting you. I assume it is the same as on PC. When you invite through Chat/Friends list it may not work, using the [+] button lets you bypass this. It could be a connection issue. It could be that your XBlive has run out. XB1 players require a subscription to play online (unlike PS4 and PC).
  20. krc473

    Nightwave index

    I haven't had any issues with them at all. I did them during the week(s) they were active, not as recovered ones. So, it is probably an issue with them being recovered.
  21. Probably: He can make a new account and submit a ticket. I have no idea what he has tried. Maybe the support site lets him login? When DE tells you how to get something fixed, do it. That is probably going to be the only way to get it fixed.
  22. This is not really specific enough. It may be irrelevant though. You have not mentioned what happens. Who is host, who gets disconnected? Does it make any difference if you swap host? You say that you keep getting migrated. Do your friends get to stay together? If they do, it might be your stuff that is the problem. The problem (when it is consistent) is normally internet speed or PC hardware related. These are not going to be free to fix. Ensuring port forwarding is done correctly is the only free suggestion I can offer. You could make sure you are running the game all in the same MM region (i.e. NA). This shouldn't do anything, but who knows?
  23. That depends on what the problem is. Do you all have a decent speed internet? At least 100 mbps. Do you all have decent PCs? If your PC is too slow you will drop connection. Does everyone live in the same MM region. i.e. all in SA, not 1xSA, 2xEuro, 1xOce/SEA. Has everyone got Port Forwarding setup correctly? This is not necessarily required, but might help.
  24. krc473

    My zaw idea

    Take a daggers for example, what is better? A well made Zaw dagger, or a standard one? If DE gives us more Zaw types it may negatively impact new melee weapons. I doubt a riven market crash would be the result. There will be new rivens added that people will pay high amounts for. One good reason to consistently reject this idea is because now is not a good time’. DE is working on updating and rebalancing(?) Melee. Do you really think adding more Zaws now is a good idea?
  25. Yes, they won’t glow unless you do the challenges. I believe doing weeklies makes them light up for a week. Dailies they light up until the next reset.
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