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  1. My squad mates and I through multiple sessions noticed this happening regularly in every mission now. The exit is actually at the white waypoint. The green marker never used to function so ambiguously. It would direct us to specific doorways and update as we progressed. Not anymore. We are now typically forced to restart missions due to being unable to find the exit unless one of us is lucky or familiar enough with the map. (Example- sorry idk why it keeps rotating when I upload it) This is on Nintendo switch https://ibb.co/k1WV326
  2. Me too just started getting it on nintendo switch my last few relic runs. No weird internet just regular old FIOS...
  3. I agree with the complaints here that sample section always takes my group 20+ minutes. This could be remedied if they just added some infested spawn pods that trigger during that section that dropped the resource. As it stands right now it takes way too long to complete. Most groups I've been in give up if it happens.
  4. I haven't experienced the first but the second happens to me frequently.
  5. I was doing an isolation Vault and when I got to the memory puzzle all four symbols were fass and it was unable to be completed. Apparently this is still an ongoing issue- I've seen other people report it here but I haven't seen a reply or a fix on the threads I checked. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Same issue- multiple tilesets. Different planets. Occasionally causes a full screen blackout, but its usually exactly as seen in the video here.
  7. I am getting this frequently on various tilesets and planets also ever since the update. My friend and I were in a voice chat/same mission and experienced it simultaneously so I'm sure its not a hardware issue.
  8. Ever since the most recent update on Nintendo switch I have been experiencing an issue that has happened to me in multiple missions, different tilesets, different planets. I will either have flickering boxes of various sizes (sometimes 1/8 to 1/2 the screen) or a full screen blackout. I wasn't able to get an image of the flickering boxes and unfortunately you can't capture video on the switch with Warframe, the boxes are extremely disorienting and usually last through the whole mission with brief pauses. I was able to screenshot the full screen blackout which is more rare but al
  9. I am getting the same issue but mostly on corpus missions, different planets and tilesets. sometimes its flickering boxes. Sometimes its a full black screen.
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