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  1. Greetings my name is Calibrijade0206 from The Tenno Consordium and are in need of your service, I am looking for an emblem that has a dragon in it and with our clan name in it Please contact me in game also if need be but this is what I am needing an I need to know how much you are charging for it to be done. Looking forward to hearing from you., Sincerely Cali Consordium Executive Tenno Consordium
  2. Good Evening, I didn't catch the Devstream livestream but I have my opinion upon what is about to take place and mind you I do understand that nothing has been set as of yet but still I need to stress my opinion on it. 1. The nerfing of melee weapon vs guns and there strengths- From what is being told by a lot of different people is that there is a plan in effect to take away the strengths of melee weapons and give strengths to guns. Personally I find it a very bad idea, First and foremost most of your guns are not even strong enough to take down bosses at lvl 108 - 130! you are putt
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