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  1. how? in keybinds, there is only one: melee attack. i can do combos with right click if i use the BOUND melee button. if I do it using the mouse left click + left click, it swaps to my gun: i have tried this over and over, there is no way to do right click combos this way. using the bound melee button for this is cumbersome on keyboard and it's hard to do. and that's my issue. yes pls! make the melee attack key-bind into swap melee/gun instead. if i want to switch between melee and guns, i hit that button. this way i can melee with my mouse like it used to be.
  2. just came back after a long break and this new melee controls are awful for me. i use left click mouse to melee and when i use right click, it goes to my gun. so basically, i can't do right click combos no more. only way is to press the melee button and right click, which is super duper awkward. i want an option to go back to old setup, left click attack and right click to block for combos. almost ready to quit. my bet is, this was done for controllers and not mouse and keyboard? is that it?
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