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  1. this bug. it's been here since i started playing again a year ago and it still persists to this day. when will they fix operator bugs that locks out some skills, all skills, melee, shooting, jumping, etc. it's always due to transferance, i believe. in other parts of the game it is not noticable, but in others it really is. eidolon/spider/eso come to mind where operator use is much higher than usual. the only way to fix is either restart mission or die completely then res. it can happen in any mission, not just eidolons. if you swap to operator <-> warframe lots, you will encounter this bug at some point. and it's annoying. so when will this bug(s) be addressed at i wonder?
  2. thank you for getting the skip cut scene option out quickly. <3
  3. it would be nice if kavats could cloak with the operator like ivara/loki. also it would be nice if revenant's danse macabre didn't damage OV corpus alert poles.
  4. uh i thought part 2 was this week, I guess not.
  5. can you pretty please make it so revenant's danse macbre doesn't damage alert pylons in OV? unlike the rest of the frames, his 4 kills pylons instantly which makes it very hard to get to alert level 4.
  6. Been checking ticker every day and even just now: zero med bonds available.
  7. Can you please make the med bonds not so rare. They must be set to rare b/c the actual rares in the loot pool are way way way more common than med bonds. 26+ runs now and I have...2 total. :(
  8. Volt fix when? I can't focus farm because he is broken in eso: three days of booster time wasted so far. :( edit. and I just found out the hard way that mesa's shatter shield is also broken with this recent update.
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