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  1. Nova players

    Same. I know of a few others who are waiting to see also.
  2. one shotting stalker?

    I've fought and beat Shadow Stalker as Ivara multiple times solo and in groups. The one thing I haven't tried in a very long time is using Sleep Arrow against him. I can't remember if Sleep works on him or not.
  3. Nova players

    Hmmmmmm, wasn't this very thing said in all the other "Nerf Ember" topics before the change? It was said that nerfing Ember wouldn't solve anything and that another frame or frames would take her place repeating the process until everything is eventually nerfed. Funny just how freaking short sighted people can be when complaining and requesting nerfs. Not directed at you BWTeeth. Just making note of something I saw coming a long time back.
  4. I can't take this topic seriously at all. Not in any form or fashion.
  5. Covert Lethality needs to go, or get reworked.

    The mod does kinda say it. It say's "Lethal Damage on Finishers". It just doesn't explain in full detail on the Mod's description. The wiki actually gives more detail. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Covert_Lethality Notice the Bugs section at the bottom of the wiki article. :D When you've being playing, reading experiences of other players in forums, and checking the Wiki for over 2 years, you tend to learn interesting things about the game that just aren't written in descriptions in the game. For example: the game doesn't tell you exactly what Prowl's headshot bonus is or how it's applied.
  6. Covert Lethality needs to go, or get reworked.

    Actually, Covert Lethality does the exact amount of damage needed to kill the enemy and not more than that. This is regardless of all other stats and mods on the weapon. So, it is a good way to see the max health of enemies.
  7. ash is still on a wheelchair

    One Tenno in another Ash topic suggested for BladeStorm to be completely replaced with something very similar to one of the special attacks that 2B has in Nier: Automata. I forget the name of the skill at the moment, but it very nicely fits the BS idea and theme. Edit: just looked it up. It's the Pod Program called R020: Mirage there's another called Blade that might be interesting also.
  8. ash is still on a wheelchair

    I use a controller on PC. I generally just toggle BS on the whole time just so I can whip it out at a moments notice. Also, depending on how you have your controller's analog and/or in-game look/aim sensitivity, it's really not much harder to mark targets using a controller. I would like to say that it's more a familiarity thing in most cases. I will admit that Controllers on PC have a few more configuration options than those same controllers on console. Which is kinda strange in a few ways. Edit: just offering advice and info to help fellow Tenno.
  9. Advice For Those Who Cant Chat(Learn From ME)

    I wish I could upvote you more for this. So I'm posting also as a means to bump the topic for visibility.
  10. Covert Lethality needs to go, or get reworked.

    See you didn't say that earlier. You said the max possible lvl was 5000. Which is much different than saying the max enemy stats is lvl 5000 even though the lvl limit is higher. It's a very important detail to leave out.
  11. Covert Lethality needs to go, or get reworked.

    Sorry man, but there has only been one enemy that I haven't been able to kill in one shot with any CL dagger. That was the Juggernaut during the times when it was immune to finishers. Also, Enemies do go higher than lvl 5000. The max is actually lvl 9999. I myself have killed lvl 9999 enemies in one hit with CL dagger during the Lotus event that spawned nothing but lvl 9999. I will admit that I don't like using CL because it's somewhat boring to use for long periods of time.
  12. Ivara pickpocket change.

    There's quite a bit of misinformation out there regarding Ivara. So it's not really that hard to imagine that most don't realize she even has the ability until the changes in the Update notes.
  13. Unfair Update

    I completely forgot about that. Oh well. Sux to be him.
  14. Unfair Update

    Then build the AkMagnus. You'll be much better off with it than the AkLex Prime. This will also give you mastery to help get your MR higher to craft the AkLex Prime. Just don't sell the AkMagnus before you try out the AkLex Prime. You can thank me later.
  15. Covert Lethality needs to go, or get reworked.

    Why, why, why did you nekro this topic? It was nicely dead and forgotten. But noooooo, you had to do this........ DAMMIT!!!!!