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  1. This is the only frame you will ever need for any and all spectors.
  2. This is correct cases. The main thing is that the weapon needs to be silent or pretty far away. It also MUST kill in one hit. I do it with snipers and the Arca Plasmor. The Arca Plasmor has the extra benefit of destroying the bodies. On a side note, I was able to get a stealth kill using the Cyngas in an AW mission a couple of times. This was due to the extreme range at reach I shot the enemy who never detected me because of the long distance. 😄 We can still do it with bows with the exception of the Lenz. This is without using sleep and using multishot.
  3. You get an upvote from me just for this statement alone.
  4. I want you to seriously look at that 0.6 sec reload stat you posted. I say this because realistically just fast can you press the button or pull the trigger without using macro or something similar. I actually tested both with and without fasthands using the Dread for the test and each time I was able to fire about as fast as I could pull the trigger. Anything faster than that and it wouldn't be a bow but a semi-auto or auto. edit: I'm not trying to be an arse. Just speaking of practicality.
  5. You have to be joking with this one. The reload on bows is virtually instant. Enough to the point that using Fast Hands mod or similar practically has no effect. There is one exception to this and that is Artemis Bow (which is a unique case all by itself).
  6. You are correct. I was thinking AoE and confused it with CC. My bad. Proof that I haven't had enough coffee yet. 😄
  7. Then Steam is your problem then. Goto Steam Library and right click on Warframe. Then select properties. In the Steam Input per Game section, select "Forced Off". This will allow Warframe's in-game settings to controller how your controller works directly instead of Steam. Doing this will allow your controller o behave in the same manner as it would using the DE Stand-Alone Client. I have the XBox One Elite Controller on PC. I had to do this for the times when I run the Steam version just so my controller would behave the correct way.
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