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  1. It could always do that. I used it like that when it first came out. The problem the Cernos Prime had and still does is what SortaRandom and I mentioned earlier: It has a spread that is the same width as Artemis Bow but without all the arrows to fill the gaps. Which leads to missed shots with some of the arrows at range. This leads to reduced damage as the total damage of the Bow is split evenly between all the arrows. Which is 1/3 the total applied to three arrows not taking into account the 5 it would have with multishot mods. So at range you are only doing about 1/3 your total damage to a target. Full damage up closer. like a shotgun sadly, but only in one plane instead of a cone shaped blast. If you look back at the video you can see this. When He first shot the Grineer at range only one arrow hit and the damage was small. The damage only went up when he got closer for more of the arrows to hit the target. Anyone who has used Ivara with Artemis Bow enough would recognize how this works. Only the Cernos Prime can't change it's orientation to vertical to compensate for it. Basically one of the few frames that can get the most out of the Cernos Prime also is the main one that doesn't need it at all.
  2. Endless survival four man

    By default it's mostly slash based damage. I modded mine for Gas and Slash so I could get AoE viral and Slash procs on multiple enemies per shot. hehehehe
  3. Endless survival four man

    I really don't like using the Ignus. The Astilla is interesting for a shotgun. It actually has range. It fires slugs that shatter in a glass-like slash damage based AoE. It's a lot like the Arca Plasmor but with a smaller projectile. It's nice.
  4. Same. I got all the parts then saw that I needed to mine (which I don't care for) for what looked like forever. I still have those three BP in my inventory right next to a freshly bought Gara/slot/reactor.
  5. First, I really did smile when seeing your response to that earlier comment. Thank you for that. Now, in truth there are some weapons that you really don't get to see the full effects of in the Simulacrum. Syndicate weapons being a few of those because you don't get the synd procs there. Personally I think the Sim is fine for some testing and getting an Idea of how a weapon works. It's when you actually use the weapon/frame/etc in different missions is when you can truly get what can really happen. Which is why I always take and test new frames/weapons in multiple missions. First solo low level to get a feel for it, then higher level group missions for the potential chaos that can happen. :D
  6. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    This is my honest thought on it as well. I know I've done enough drama avoidance to recognize the signs. :D
  7. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    That's usually how it works in most places and/or has worked over the centuries. The process really hasn't changed that much, but only gotten faster. Of course there are exceptions. :D
  8. I just saw this post. You said this and still told some one they need to "Git Gud"? Ok, yes all the bows can clear rooms of enemies in a line with the exception of the Lenz. The Rakta Cernos can clear a whole room with it's synd proc. Gas Build Daikyu can kill multiple nearby enemies quite often. Same with Mutalyst Cernos, Then there's the Lenz which we don't even need to mention what it can do. Now all of these bows can do this at a much greater range than any of the shotguns except for one bow. Guess which bow that is. Yep, the Cernos Prime due to how it spreads it's arrows it doesn't have the range to damage ratio of the other bows. What the Cernos Prime does do that other bows don't is to be more forgiving to it's user for not being more accurate while using a bow at short to medium ranges. edit: I was willing to work with your topic until you said the above quote and then told another to git gud.
  9. Here are all of my bows. I like them all. Out of all of them, the Cernos Prime is the worst. It's pretty and somewhat fun with Thunderbolt, but it's still at the bottom. And that's even with my Cernos riven on it. Maybe if I wasn't playing Ivara as much, I might think higher of it.
  10. Endless survival four man

    I've recently been doing this with the Astilla (gas/slash build) and Silva & Aegis Prime (gas/slash) with Final Harbringer stance and Avenging Truth for the extra insult. Mwuhahahahaha. It's freaking fun, highly mobile, and FUN!
  11. It's hard to make her look bad. She does have Dat AZZ! :D
  12. Endless survival four man

    Once I read that, I knew you had a Gas build Orvius which would be wrecking shop. The other abilities from the other warframes was just boosting crazy damage to the ludicrious levels. LOL
  13. Catalyst And Reactors: The Ugly Pay to Progress Impression

    This is how I feel about the topic. Another very good point that seems to get forgotten quite a bit on the forums. This one and that cesspool Reddit. Ok, now when you look at this from a perspective of common sense, the two quotes I did above will usually negate that "impression". That said, only someone who is either lacking in common sense, logic, or just feel "entitled to every dang thing" would even come close to getting that impression. As for the argument of the plat has to come from somewhere, I have paid money in support of the game and don't mind doing it as it allows others to play for free. I already feel that I've gotten more than my money's worth with this one game than I have with most games that I have played. And that list of games goes all the way back to the late 70's. :D
  14. You obviously missed the point of my post. I will give you the short version instead now. "People in Hell want ice water.". Basically I really just don't see it happening. If it were to happen, chances are pretty good that the forums would scream "NERF!" so fast that you wouldn't get to enjoy it. Just happens that Crixus044 gave another good answer to this.
  15. So if I'm understanding this correctly, you want Loki to be more like Ivara and/or Octavia without using those frames instead? Hmmmmm, ok. How about you getting that, but I get to sprint in Prowl as compensation. I mean since it wouldn't hurt or effect anyone else. I'm not trying to be an a-hole about this. I'm just saying that if you can get what you want, then I should get something similar for my frame also. :D