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  1. ^^ This is a very important and relevant question to the topic.
  2. Reads clickbait title. Clicks on it anyway as I know something funny will be posted. Sees OP opening post.
  3. I always use dual stat elemental mods in my builds. Mostly because I go the hybrid crit/status route. I found out a long time ago that status procs scale from Crit Damage, Stealth and Headshot bonuses. That's something the 90% mods just didn't give as they didn't/don't boost status proc chance.
  4. This must be why I haven't really noticed a decrease in performance of my preferred weapon the Daikyu. Because I'm pretty much always going for headshots. What did happen was that it got a buff in utility with lingering AoE cloud while losing the ability to go through shields like it previously did.
  5. This is why I loved the original release of the Nox before they got nerfed. They were hard to kill even using Stealth Finishers, They could punish you with their toxic sludge thrower guns, and even kill you with the poison clouds when they died. So even when I managed to Stealth melee kill them, they were still a threat because the cloud could kill my Ivara from being too close. All that changed when they got nerfed. *sadface*
  6. And almost every time DE has done this or created an enemy that doesn't die instantly, the community hops on the forums and screams "THIS IS TOO HARD!" "DE NERF X ENEMY" or "X ENEMY IS NO FUN. REMOVE IT!" I have seen it so many times in the last 4+ years I've been playing the game and reading the forums.
  7. I know it's a joke. Just stating that at one time it was a real possibility that could have happened. Check the history of how Steve Jobs came back to Apple. You might be surprised at what you find out. 😄
  8. Won't ever happen. Might have been a possibility if Jobs was still around, but not now with the current squad at Apple.
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