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  1. DatDarkOne

    Required Solo Sortie Qualifier

    Actually the easiest Interceptions I've ever done regardless of level were all solo. Interestingly its done with the same frame that's known for being the best at spies and survivals. Just thought I'd put that out there in case you didn't know. Happy Hunting Tenno.
  2. The as build is the same as pictured. I only change High Voltage for Thermite Rounds. Yes. 😁
  3. DatDarkOne

    Bows are outclassed by Snipers

    So basically you want a bow that doesn't charge, 100% crit chance, and to always get a headshot even on grineer with neck armor that blocks headshots from the back? I'm really not sure what to make of this. So to keep from possibly being insulting unintentionally, I will respectfully decline to comment further on this.
  4. DatDarkOne

    Weapons Shooting To The Left Of Crosshair

    You DO NOT want to enable the aim assist on controllers in Warframe. You will miss everytime. I turned it off first chance O got when I noticed it trying to move my aim for the enemies. It was like it was trying to lead the enemy, but doing it too far.
  5. DatDarkOne

    When make mac version

    I loved Steve's statement too. I laughed quite hard when he said it. Anyone who buys a Mac thinking it can be a gaming machine is like buying a Rolls Royce thinking it would be a good track car.
  6. DatDarkOne

    Bows: Channeled shot

    No. That's an opinion. It's only common sense to see that channeling only drains lots of energy due to Life Strike's channeling penalty. It's only Common Sense then to see that once you remove LifeStrike for Healing Return, you can then use channeled attacks without much drain. It only your own dependence on a specific mod that stopping you from taking your game to the next level.
  7. Maybe because they refuse to actually read. Which is an even more amazing feat considering that the forum is text based.
  8. DatDarkOne

    Bows: Channeled shot

    Probably because using channeling requires him to use something other than his Spin2win macro. LOL
  9. DatDarkOne

    Required Solo Sortie Qualifier

    Since the Specters of the Rails update Junctions ARE required to access the quests that give access to Sorties. On my alt account I still can't access sorties because I haven't finished the Second Dream quest or unlocked the Sedna junction needed to access the War Within quest on the account.
  10. DatDarkOne

    Last Post Wins

  11. Finally, some one else noticed this. As a mostly solo player that has played over 2 years, I can say with complete confidence that Ivara is probably the best solo frame in the game. The only mission type that she really has problems with solo is Defection.
  12. DatDarkOne

    Bows are outclassed by Snipers

    Yes they do, but not to the same degree as bows.
  13. DatDarkOne

    Sortie Spy with Infested + energy reduction

    They have hivemind and are actively looking for any disturbances. And I do mean any. Sound, air movement, etc. That's my reasoning of it. Think about this for a bit; have you ever been able to just sneak up on an Infested and stealth kill them without using sleep, etc? I've been able to do it recently, but haven't for almost two years.