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  1. You don't need more than two forma if you want to keep Artemis flexible. Depending on your needs(mods), one more V and one more - should give you a total of 3 V and 2-. Leaving the others blank will give you flexibility. Using anymore forma than that would start locking you into a specific. I myself only used one forma to add another V. I might add another dash only if I decide to use 90% elemental mods for my combo instead of the 60/60
  2. They all aren't like that. Artemis had 2 V and 1-. I just used one forma to add another dash and I was good. Titania was fairly similar on the Vs also, but I'm still gonna add two more.
  3. DatDarkOne

    there aren't enough archwing missions

    All of this^^^^.
  4. DatDarkOne

    Do you think there will be others umbra warframe?

    Ivara would make an excellent Umbra. Especially after reading her profile of the wiki and her trailer.
  5. DatDarkOne

    Do you think there will be others umbra warframe?

    I recommend this only because I want to see more DE designed Mag. Hopefully with a prettier helmet than their usual fair.
  6. Now that's an interesting question. Thank you for bringing this to light.
  7. DatDarkOne

    Dual Stat Punch Through

    Interesting idea. It has promise.
  8. DatDarkOne

    What’s the fastest way to get Ivara

    Because of the above, you need to have a good bit of the Star Chart already unlocked to farm all of Ivara's parts. That's not even counting the RNG of the drops. Most people seem to forget that important part when telling others to just farm her. It really is much faster to farm Prime parts to sell and buy her. If you don't have the Star Chart unlocked.
  9. DatDarkOne

    Impossible Riven Challenge?

    Here's the easy way to do this. Get Ember and then select Akkad on Eris. Pop energy pad and start mission. Get on the platform where the two doorways are. Turn on WoF and just keep walljumping on the wall by that platform. Profit.
  10. Because it's doesn't have the coolness factor of the Venka Prime. Mwuhahahahahahaha Style Above All!!!!
  11. DatDarkOne


    Two or three forma. And that's if you are min/maxing to the extreme or using Titania. All the others only need one or two if that much. Stop overreacting and making crazy demands. Neither will help you.
  12. DatDarkOne

    Exalted Weapons: How do you feel about these changes?

    This is about how I feel about the change as well. I view it as a positive overall.
  13. Maybe the problem is that you're thinking of Warframe as an MMO when it really isn't. Thinking of it as such is kinda setting yourself up for disappointment. It has a few MMO elements, but it's still not a true MMO.
  14. Which is all most of this is about. Chasing meta. I only added one forma to Artemis Bow and only did that because I needed one point to have all maxed rank mods in it. Two would have been needed if I was using 90% mods instead of 60/60. Hell, I just noticed that I can now have a completely different elemental combo on Artemis than on my primary. Titania's Dex Pixia will need two maybe three forma because of my two Primed Mods. Diwata might only need one. Two depending on how I incorporate Healing Return in the build. That's 3 to 4 forma for both of Titania's weapons. These folks screaming about needing massive amounts of forma on their exalteds are just overreacting. Because tons of forma per frame just isn't needed.
  15. There's a very easy way to see if that mod is working or not. Just shoot Artemis Bow while you have the mod equipped, but no other multishot mods. If you only see 7 arrows, then the mod isn't working. If you see more than 7 arrows in the spread, then it is working.