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  1. I always do the three prongs on the outer ring first. Then everything else just falls into place.
  2. It does cost energy. It's just not much of an issue with good efficiency and the number of energy orb drops from enemies. You do know that I melee quite a bit as Ivara, and do it quite well too with my Venka Primes. 😛😀 Edit: It's only wrong if you fail or suck at it. 😁
  3. I just want her to stop alerting the Capture Target to my presence so I can freaking stealth kill them like I use to be able to do.
  4. You're just so freaking cute. If you look back at my long history, you will see that all of my build focus on efficient use of energy. Again, you shouldn't make statements on something you know nothing about (me). At least do some freaking research first before talking out the side of your neck. I still have faith that one day you might give someone advice that is well researched.
  5. Lua Spy was only cancer if you did it in a random pug. Which is about the same for all spy missions. I would much rather have Lua Spy back in sorties than Lua Rescue any day.
  6. As someone who uses and specializes in Bows since starting the game over three years ago, I might know a thing or two about this one. All bows have innate punchthru on charged shots. And given that Speed Trigger gives the bigger speed boost than Primed Shred, I usually only use Speed Trigger on my Bows. Having more punchthru than what's innately there isn't noticeable at all when you realize how bows work anyway. Meaning that whatever is in the flight path is usually dead regardless of how big or small the punchthru is. I don't even bother with speed mods on the Rakta Cernos because it's already very fast. Especially after the speed boost all bows received with the Primaries Rework. As for Vile Acceleration, I don't like the idea of having my damage lessened on a single shot weapon that I generally want to kill stuff in one hit. Short Version: Speed Trigger is the overall best bang for your mod points in regards to Bows.
  7. I like the way you described this. Kudos Tenno.
  8. Seems to me that the main issue is the same in both cases. The problem is between the KB and chair.
  9. I think this very thing might be what Steve has in mind within the next year. Well if going by that interview he did with Mogamu is any indication.
  10. It tells us that the general public is STUPID, and getting dumber each decade.
  11. Yep. I never took the wall latch/shooting path. I take the one with all the lasers and open cavern. Dashwire baby!! 😀
  12. Gears is cool. Never heard of Killing Floor. Metal Gear Rising was fun. Fuq Half Life, all of them. 😀
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