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  1. I just double checked the Daikyu on PC just to be sure. It's working as it's suppose to. I'm thinking that it might be a random glitch that you're having. As to how you can correct this on PS4, I'm not exactly sure. On PC you could do Optimize Download Cache to sometimes resolve these issues.
  2. I agree with this also. Your thermals shouldn't be spiking like that. I would highly recommending check your case fans for dust build up, etc. Also as Taiiat suggested, check the airflow.
  3. Well Ivara and maybe Excal are the only ones who can really benefit from it like that. I'm not really sure about Excal though as I really don't like playing him. I want to say Valkyr too, but that one doesn't seem like she would be able to switch.
  4. You are correct. Artemis does have some weird inconsistencies in regards to energy restrictions. In most cases it doesn't block energy regen, but in a few cases it does. It's not as much of an issue that it use to be thanks to being able to switch instantly to melee now.
  5. Same for having Artemis out. Thankfully they can be used with Cloak Arrow. 😄
  6. Ivara and my usage with her says otherwise. 😛
  7. Sorry, I forgot about Streamline as it's pretty much a no-brainer to have it there. Honestly, I consider building for the Steal function to be an overall waste (In time per energy used) up until you get to enemies that aren't easily killed in one or two shots. If you're doing a survival, you might as well just kill multiple enemies for the drops in the same time of waiting for Prowl to steal from one enemy. That dynamic does change once the enemies get high enough level where you can no longer one-shot them.
  8. I've used it and still using it now. I find it to be decently accurate, but that might be because I'm used to using bows and determining the flight trajectory. I even put Terminal Velocity on it to give it more range and flatten the flight curve a bit more. It's not accurate enough to try headshots from long distance, but considering it's pretty much a flying grenade I can live with that.
  9. i foudn out something interesting about the Bramma in regards to this. While controlling a Bramma arrow with Navigator it was behaving as if I had a punchthru mod on for some things. So it seems that the Bramma has innate punchthru in a somewhat limited fashion. That or it's a glitch. 😄
  10. I like both of these ideas a lot. Not only nice but would make sense as well. Something like completing a spy mission in a Lich controlled area without being detected would give bonus murmurs. As you have just hacked there system before they have a chance to know or remove the murmur data.
  11. Sorry Tenno but I can't agree that a game glitch is 200% under his control. Also X is the same command to do a Stealth Finsher as it is to merc a larvling.
  12. Thank you for updating him on that. I see so many recommend both duration and Efficiency for Prowl as if they are building for Loki. This is the wrong way to go about it. You really need on one corrupted mod which is Fleeting Expertise at rank 4. This way you can better control the overall build as you only have to account for one corrupted mod instead of multiple. @OP My Ivara Prime's prowl currently has .25 Prowl Drain using only rank 4 Fleeting Expertise to give me 175% Eff. I used Primed Continuity to put Duration back up to 84%. There is really only one or two mission types where a longer duration would be needed. Those are Sortie Defense (Cloak Arrow on the NPC Target) and Sleep Arrow for Solo Interception missions. Both of which can still be done with lower duration. 😄 Corrosive Projection if you are playing with groups or Enemy Radar if playing solo.
  13. What? I literally showed you screenshots with different skins and the effect stayed the same. It was only changed when the Distortions toggle was disabled. Which was independent of the skin used. Even in the last picture I showed with the galaxy effect I was using the deluxe skin. The only other time the effect changes is while walking in which it will fade overall. That's for all versions of Prowl regardless Prime, Regular, Distortion or not.
  14. You said. Which isn't the same as a toggle in the settings. You might have meant that, but you didn't say that.
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