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  1. I love this explanation. When you play frames with channeled abilities often, you really notice the importance of having a high energy pool. It was also noticeable when Mag got hers increased.
  2. I will just prove how good I am by not going to reddit at all. 😛
  3. DatDarkOne


    Ok. I see 3 mods that you can drop for almost anything else. Crash Course, Rupture, and Sawtooth Clip are doing nothing for your damage output. In their place you can slot in Split Chamber and Speed Trigger. Split Chamber for the multishot and Speed Trigger for faster charging. The last slot you can use for a riven and/or Point Strike for more crit chance. edit: Here is my build for the Daikyu that I use currently. I'm posting it only as an example and not as a "must do". Speed Trigger is the mod hidden by the riven.
  4. The bold part might be your problem right there. It's almost impossible to get Stealth kills when you have others in the mission aggro'ing the enemies. Regardless of how stealthy or invisible you are, if the someone on the team isn't also playing stealthy then you will not get any stealth bonuses or affinity. Because of this, most who use stealth to affinity farm do it solo.
  5. DatDarkOne


    It would be easier if you posted the build you have. Then we can see which mods need to be replaced. edit: Also, don't expect the Daikyu to crit often as it's a status bow. It can crit often with either a adarza kavat or riven.
  6. Forget Dark Soul type play. Everything in DS boils down to roll and try to get a backstab. I would much prefer methods like in Nier:Automata and Bayonetta type interactions myself. 😁
  7. This is very true. I use this very method to rank up all my gear extremely fast. OP, once you get Ivara or use her more you will notice how those Stealth Multipliers and Stealth Affinity gains stack.
  8. Uhhh, Dark Souls isn't hard. true you will die a lot but it's not really hard. Ninja Gaiden on the other hand is a hard game. 😛
  9. WHAT!!! I didn't know this. That actually explains a LOT.
  10. Hehe, I would love this. 😄
  11. DatDarkOne


    More than likely the problem is with your build. I can one-shot level 100 Heavy Gunners with my Daikyu on Headshots. This is either from getting a crit and/or causing massive bleed damage.
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