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  1. (PS4)JA-Start

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    Thank you!!!!
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  3. (PS4)JA-Start

    Able to change the polarized slot after forma

    I am just glad that others understand the inconvenience. And thats an understatement because when the roster of warframes keep getting larger its getting that much harder to keep up. When the umbral mods were released I knew what had just happened. All my builds were outdated. I like to have the best builds so something like Umbral intensify really matters.
  4. Hello DE Staff, Problem/Question Will we ever be able to change the ploarity of a slot without using another forma on a slot that has already been polarized. To simplify this question if I perform 2 forma's on a warframe, could it be possible to change the polarity of the two slots again without leveling up again? The fast changing environment makes it hard for me to finish build. I personally ran into this problem a lot. I had several of my warframes forma'd multiple times. But over the course of time new mods are introduced that could be better and your prior work becomes worthless because you have to do everything all over again. Solution: Excluding aura and elixus slot could a person max forma a warframe 8 times and tailor their builds to what they prefer if a new mod set comes we can change the polarity on something that has already been forma'd. I hope this made any sense as I am sure this has come to you guys before but, I can't seem to find the answer for this question. Thank you in advance.
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    I think it would be around 10 GB+ because Danielle has mentioned us to make space in HD. Just my guess.
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    Thank you DE!
  7. Hi i just returned to warframe after a year and dont have a clan. I have a mic and i like joining parties on psn and play together. im mastery 20.
  8. (PS4)JA-Start

    Ps4 Update Submitted To Cert

    well thats great news so possibly next week hopefully they dont reject it. Or thats an another week