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  1. Pff, Containers. let's talk about your tasty balance of 37 Million Credits ❤️
  2. Sometimes it can happen that missions - or rather quests - "bleed" into standard missions. Years ago, during a mission on uranus, you could locate texts, which belonged to the "Chain of Harrow"-Quest without it being active or actually played. so, I don't doubt the possibility of a rogue Revenant NPC running crazy on PoE.
  3. Unless all platforms have the same version, it will work. But thanks to Sony and Nintendo reviewing code, it lags behind the PC version. I guess that's why main updates on the PC are delayed, until Sony and Nintendo give a green light, so they all sync on the same day. A single hotfix can break the client versions across all platforms, if a hotfix changes an important game mechanic.
  4. How about a vault you have to open using Ayatan Stars? As those are rare to begin with, the content should be even more scarce.
  5. Cy: "Tenno, there is another Tenno stranded in space. Guess who needs a taxi now?" There is a reason why only 3 people can start railjack, so there is room to pick up a 4th one?
  6. What.. so if I start exploiter in the open, only one person needs Thermia, but if I start it as a bounty, everyone needs Thermia?
  7. I agree. had to build another nova for another 3 sets of colors. When it comes to mod configs.. I gladly have 2 more to switch between.
  8. But, but that's what Level 400 Enemies are for.
  9. NoSpax

    Wisp for Conclave?

    Removing the passive is an idea I had initially, but i didn't want to strip it completely.
  10. Because Peculiar Growth would make Headshots after the first hit easier.
  11. A couple warframe and weapon slots and the 2 orokin potatos. If you want, get a weapon from the store, but better read the wiki about them, before you buy subpar stuff with Plat. Same for frames. DO NOT BUY THINGS RANDOMLY.
  12. Can we have a way to equip (owned) sigils as emblems to equip on our shoulders?
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