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  1. Oh, I remember this. I thought, it was fixed years ago.😅 Had that happen 5 years on "Sinai-Jupiter", this is usually fixed to "Defense", but look:
  2. Plz don't fix. This rare occurance of two teams clashing into the same mission is epic.
  3. That's wierd. I have been playing with 2 other people in pseudo-LAN with no problems - until i changed the ports Warframe uses to my unique ones. Your router probably thinks, your buddy is you, because both of you may use the same ports.
  4. Stop. Did you complete the story on the Plains, yet? Unless this initiating quest is done, you are not allowed to play public, a group with others is disbanded until you complete the quest.
  5. I think that is a reserved name. Just get creative.
  6. Fun Fact: This may be related to a bug, where lootables are hidden in walls. It's as if the whole map shifted by some units, but left some manuals spawns at the same location.
  7. Wow... All textures are black, even the light. What's your graphics card?
  8. This bug is old. It's caused by opeing a mail at the same time a Lotus cut-in appears. Sometimes it's annoying Ordis in a mail.
  9. Sure, it was a player and not one of the copycat corpus enemies? Afaik, there is no PvP enabled in SIMULACRUM.
  10. Momentan passiert es, daß zerstörbare Boxen in den Wänden landen. Hier geschehen während einer Corpus Sabotage: -
  11. When I read "Emergence", I get numbers in my head: 177013.
  12. I wanted to say something, but I guess I'll refrain.
  13. How do I disable this again or use a proper Authenticator like this or this? Makes no sense to use OTP on the SAME device you try to login.
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