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  1. Kinda rude to call 5 Wave Heroes "5 Minute noobs", those players honed their skill to survive only 5 Waves. They are so powerful, you can't grasp how strong they are, because they leave from politeness, so you won't be embarrassed when they steal the show.
  2. He is MR 26.. Maybe there is no normal weapon for him left to do.
  3. Doesn't it give master only when going from 0 to 40?
  4. Maybe we should link @[DE]Rebecca for this, just to be sure. I hope this thing is small enough to be hotfixed.
  5. Try the Support, maybe there is something on your Account, which doesn't work well.
  6. Try a new Kubrow or Kavat, if you didn't do those.
  7. I have a saying: "Good Weapons level quicker, bad ones take ages even on Hydron"
  8. Wierd, so you could do a Mastery Test and you would appear to have negative mastery EXP?
  9. Eh.. Are you using some windows zoom or wierd DPI-settings to make everything bigger? I maxed your picture and put my launcher over yours... There where the scrollbars are, the edge of them marks the edges of the original launcher size. Maybe you should go back to your 100% windows scale, zoom thingy...
  10. They probably didn't get the memo about the lich not instakilling you anymore.
  11. This tabbing interface interferes with the chats, should get rid of it by coloring vaulted ones differently.
  12. I would be glad, If I could fly LOOPINGS IN ARCHWING again, instead of getting stuck at an 180° angle Up or down. For some reason, the Railjack is not affected by this and move freely in every 360° angle.. even be able to fly Loopings, which makes this "axis lock" kinda odd. But for now, if you want to fly a bit faster, hold W+Space while looking at the floor at an angle (not just DOWN).
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