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  1. Imagine complaining about slash damage type, while owning a Panzer Vulpa, which deals massive stacks of Viral, reducing the enemies HP with every DoT anyway.
  2. Come to think of it, the whole quest seems pointless and is incoherent. If you didn't played it yet, skip this post. i'll wrap it in a Spoiler Tag for convenience. I usually don't tear things apart, but I needed to get that off my mind.
  3. The whole segment with the "new" warframe, (which feels like a discount amalgamation of Garuda, Rhino, Nekros and Inaros) is just there for the song. Would have been way cooler, if that segment was an actual playable mission instead of a scripted (boring) tutorial/kiosk mode for the new warframe, whose only unique ability is... well, just look at his body movement and tell me what that represents. I am waiting for a video from Shy pointing this out as well. I actually was excited for some new music, but as soon this new song hit my ears, I set the music to 0% after a couple of seconds. At
  4. This is actually a really old bug. did you put in another cell / hacked the reactor console a second time after the reactor was destroyed?
  5. This wasn't even a one shot. The hit was gated, the slash proc took over. You are not invulnerable when face down on the floor either, does "melee finishers" say something to you? Where are your buffs anyway? The "bad health" inaros videos have full rows of buffs, you only have the focus stuff. The Martyr Symbosis bug triggers differently, you showed this as evidence: https://streamable.com/ylvgi0 this doesn't match up with the health in the first video, fo3nixz posted. For the glitch to trigger, the panzer cat must be alive and you need to die. The panzer cat SHOULD turn into
  6. While we are talking about unfinished Content: Where is "Duviri Paradox"? It was teased TennoCon 2019. I slowly start to believe "Con" doesn't mean "Convention". Where is "A New War"? Scarlet Spear did nudge the thing in the right direction, "A New War" should have picked up from there. The story of Lotus is stuck in limbo and leaves with a cliffhanger in that one cinematic. Instead we got Deimos. I have to admit, a beautiful landscape which fixes some issues Eidolon Plains and Fortuna have. But these two in turn didn't get the same treatment. Hunting in Fortuna is still a chor
  7. And even more textures which become horrible. Once you see the compression artifacts, you can never unsee them - your mind actually looks for them. And not even the fancy filters can hide them. These are most notable on reflective, metallic surfaces. What was once a nice, shiny flat surface, is now a checkerboard mess. You can count the pixels. This "ensmallening" should be called "the great uglyfying" instead. Just calmly walk around the dropship and look at the textures from an angle or up close and you WILL notice them. You can spot them on warframes as well. I'd understand,
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