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  1. The reason why I use Mods to lower the Weapon Recoil. I get really sick on the Larkspur, because the screen moves in a wierd way.
  2. Things which made me mad: The story in the last part (where you follow the clues) takes longer to unfold then you have time to listen before you get dropped. The timelimit in the weave is too short. Cheap one hit KO on the Boss. The fight was.. kinda ok... but it felt boring and made me disappointed. The map looked nice, though.
  3. Crashes on PC as well. Did crash 3 times today.
  4. Still waiting for Rampart nerfs in Steel Path, because they shred through Warframes like there is no tomorrow.
  5. Oh.. Now that makes sense why we took so long to even beat the first one. Vomvalysts are sometimes so scarce, I have to charge lures during battle at the Teralysts feet by killing the Voms there, which isn't efficient at all. I am lucky if I can find a lure with 3 Voms around.
  6. I wouldn't do that. Considering Clans can give out Endo as a level up reward, it could count as boosting to a certain extent. Main account: yes Alt: no.
  7. I hate how that screen hides my mouse pointer until I am back in the Orbiter.
  8. I think, the messy pet is not the only problem, if you had to censor it's name.
  9. You reached the cap of 90 (30 normal+60 prestige).
  10. You mean "Sleeve" Auxiliary? Something like Garuda or Equinox have, when I understand that correctly?
  11. I wonder when we can read this in the patch notes: Enemies now can drop hats. If you find one, press X to wear. But be aware, enemies can shoot them off.
  12. When selecting a Skin and not choosing to "accept" it, the Texture will remain on the Model.
  13. I only do Fashion Frame on Warframes I actually play the most. It started with Nova (base skin, Visage) back then and then I got stuck with Trinity Prime and her Strega Skin (which should be the default, tbh). Maybe I should try to replicate Neith of Zone of the Enders on Trinity, one of her helmets look 100% like.
  14. I guess these are my entire life savings.
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