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  1. It's called a Dojo. Or you invite players to a Captura.
  2. In 9. months it will fix itself.
  3. Could by fixed, if enemy points would have a Grineer-ish or Corpus-ish enemy type symbol outline, where points captured by Tenno have a lotus-ish symbol outline. In that case, it wouldn't matter if they are colored red or blue (or any derative for colorblind) and having a symbol just bypasses any color requirement. The best way (for me at least) to check, if your game is color-blind friendly without special settings, is to play black/white. So, if you have a circle for enemies and a circle for friendly.. something went wrong, as it's not distinguishable w/o a color. Sure, the settings adapt to that (purple/green) but you would have to know which one is friendly, if were playing without CB filters before. That's why this disruption gamemode is near perfect, as it has different symbols for everything, so you can play in black/white w/o trouble. Aside from the enemies health class being indistiguishable between non-armor and armored...
  4. Nah, after downloading 30GB of data and running the game once - after closing and reboot, it will move all 30GB into the backup folder, so you have to redownload 30 GB again. While the 30GB you got first is locked outside your permissions, so you have to hack your own PC to delete that to release the wasted space. I am not exaggerating, nor joking. This is the Windows Store in a Nutshell. This happened to PSO2NA a few weeks ago, rendering several double-digit GB's of data useless until it was taken care of by the Tweaker.
  5. As soon you hit MR30 and the Mastery Test Result screen fades out, you get the Credits roll. No kidding, I never saw one in the entire game.
  6. No. Well of Life has a range of 100 meters, why cut that down? There is no benefit in that change anyway, as the life stolen is already 45% of the damage dealt to them. Deal high damage = Full heal on you, even if it's just 45%. EV = no changes? Implies you only use her for that. Link - Why cast Link for damage reduction, when you simply can cast Blessing instead? Your increase in duration, only means, your duration is too short, typically on a EV Trinity. Blessing - And this made the final nail in the coffin of your proposal. No damage reduction? Resets duration? lol, no. As a Trinity you hardly cast at all, unless you (have to) spam EV or there is actually feces hitting the fan or just Eidolon stuff going on. I mostly run around with full energy and I am not even an EV Trinity. Your change takes out the Saryn&Trinity Synergy Meta, so a final: No, it's a nerf. Blessing was once giving pure GODMODE, so this 75% DMG reduction is what was left over after her first nerf.
  7. No offense, but when I can access Hard Mode with Enemylevel 100/200+ ascending, I want to spawn Level 9999 Enemies in the simulacrum as compensation/preparation. I am not going to make my "controlled environment" obsolete, it's the only way to finetune a weapon, before going "into the field".
  8. I was once a Penta main, formed the f**k out of that thing, awesome handling, my aim and timing was top. Icould even do ricochet and other style kills. Until one the max Ammo was reduced to garbage levels, contrary to the top ammo efficency it had before. The weapon is now unusable after a couple of shots, which explains why (almost) no one uses it and the 5-star Riven dispo*. You need to carry a strong sidearm, which all of them are crap. I just slap one in, so the secondary slot doesn't feel alone. TL;DR: Riven dispo is a CLEAR indicator how trash a weapon is, the more stars, the less it is used. *= Yes, I know there is ammo conversion, but the way Warframe handles that causes to massively waste dropped ammo packs. So, you get 1 bullet instead of the intended 10, wasting 90%. And with that small buffer, you constantly pickup ammo packs, even if you don't urgently need them. But when you need them, there is no ammo pack anymore. I verified that in the simulacrum, fired 2 shots and i was able to pick it up, giving 2 ammo, even when the same box can give 10. 80% wasted.
  9. Is the bug fixed, where Simaris target traces are missing and you have to comb the whole map on your own to find them?
  10. Just let DE re-introduce suicide again. Self-Stagger can completely be bypassed, Self-Stagger recovery never worked on me at all and it also added a few broken Animations and seconds of self-stun. Risk vs. Reward has completely gone missing, as well as a smooth rough learning curve across all explosives how to handle them properly and shoot if the coast is clear to fire. Now, it turns out like this: Go ignoring Self-Stagger, aim at the floor, happy triggering, walk around as a living explosion. Who is gonna tell you to stop? nothing.
  11. Ordis: "Operator, I was worried being unfunny, so I sent ten of my puns to a contest. Ordis: "Does the Operator wonder, how many won?" Ordis: "No pun in ten did"
  12. Und, was war das Resultat nach dem linken vom zweiten Steam-Acc?
  13. Even if they drop the crown, it seems those little Roomba things seem to be able to suck them up or at least misplace the drop.
  14. Sure, but not everyone likes to play as Titania. A sure way to "cancel" the lasers (at the cost of the Companion) is to go into Operator and go Void a laser wall is about to hit you.
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